Blockchain-powered Logistics App

SHIPPERSBIZ is a well-established tech-based logistics company in the food supply chain approached Suffescom to develop logistics app powered by blockchain technology. The motive of the company is to end the complexities while delivering food to various outlets.


Located in Florida, ShippersBiz is the fastest growing logistics company offering food supply chain services around various corners of the world. The client had an idea of building a blockchain-powered system to enhance the traceability of the food products. They wanted to introduce innovation in their operations and end the real-time complexities.


For the client’s biggest challenge, our team at Suffescom became a quick fix. Right from food traceability, tracking, food safety to ensure compliance, we addressed all the issues. Since the client was facing real-time complexities while delivering food to various outlets, we suggested the solution to bring transparency in their system, Blockchain is involved in it.

Our Strategy


To build the blockchain-powered logistics app for food supply, we bought a strategic requirement gathering process in place. We deeply documented the app ideas and other important aspects in the client meeting. We also kept the client engaged throughout the process so that he could achieve the expected outcome.

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The Solution

Distinctive Blockchain Features

The addition of the most distinctive features of blockchain inside the logistics app makes it highly usable for the supply chain managers. The app ensures faster and transparent settlements and is highly visible to authorized participants. Because of the distributed nature of the app, there is no single point of failure and all the transactions processed are immutable, further eliminating the risks of fraud.

Traceability Monitoring System

Inside the app, a traceability monitoring system helps track each asset’s origin, its properties, and movements in real-time. From payment conducting to tracking inventory, the overall solution facilitates greater efficiency in the Supply Chain. We also implemented smart contracts to automate the operations with blockchain technologies like Ethereum, EOS, Multichain, enabling the business with enhanced security.

The Result

Finally, our outcome impressed the client, especially the tracking functionality that we added. It greatly helped the food vendors in tracking their orders and making massive revenue. Also, our solution brought great enhancement in shipment efficiency, visibility to processes, and improved customer services.

Just after the launch of Logistics app in less than 3 months, the client saw measurable results. The company has started to save 15% of their expenses using the app. They have experienced significant growth in their business via our newly designed app and great ROI every year is a proof for that.

What impressed me about Suffescom is its capability of handling my project's requirements. Their prompt turnaround time, flexibility, and careful attention to detail were remarkable. Thanks!



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