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Tokenolds, an NFT marketplace, is embedded using blockchain technology to give creators, artists, gamers a platform to represent their art in the form of digital assets. A decentralized marketplace allows trading through cryptocurrencies, tokens, or smart contracts. It is building up relations with the authenticity of securing transactions and credits of the user on the marketplace.


Our client was inspired by the Opensea NFT platform , so he also wanted us to create a NFT platform where the artist and the industrialist could meet together to bid or sell their asset. Since NFT is a new technology , it needs to be more flexible , scalable and reliable than any other marketplace. Hence we aimed at developing the NFT marketplace as per the clients requirements and with a framework incorporated in it.


The client was looking for a one-stop destination where they can get high-quality projects, meeting all industry security norms and at an affordable price. Most importantly, the client wants that he can list countless collectibles without harming speed and facing server challenges. Besides, all these clients did not have the time and budget to invest in app building from the ground. All these things provide us an opportunity to think something out of the box and come up with ready-made solutions.

Our Strategy


Our Finance and technology experts understand the client's requirements. We go through platform requirements such as types of blockchain networking suitable, secured crypto wallet, and which token standard can work with your platform requirement. Further, we guide our customers with ready-made and building from ground solutions in detail.

  • UX

The Solution

Wireframe development

Before developing the platform, we approached clients with a wireframe solution that defined their project layout before investing. We also spent time and effort to show a hypothetical app that customers will get. If the client gets impressed with their Wireframe layout. Later we forward a list of features among them the client needs to choose according to their marketplace needs and customer base that will be scrolling for the first time.

Latest Technology Integration

As the client was seeking modern technology in solutions such as blockchain networking, customized Smart contract integration, token standards, and the fastest minting process. We provide everything in one place. Our professionals recommended clients for best in industry solutions and at affordable prices. Now creators at a new platform can avail high profits by paying less minting and transaction fee.

The Result

The Sufffescom Solution team has successfully launched a decentralized NFT marketplace like OpenSea with thin time frameworks. At this platform, both creators and users can register to obtain rare tokenolds. Rather than building a website from scratch, we suggested going with the white-label solution that fit my business needs and budget.

The decentralized NFT marketplace ensures secure transactions and keeps track of current and past bidding options. The multi-crypto currency platform helps customers to sign up with existing crypto wallets. Bespoke smart contract integration works as icing on the cake to build customer trust.

I am grateful to the Suffecom team for providing me with an ultimate solution at an affordable cost. I highly recommend budding entrepreneurs like me to choose Suffescom Solution for developing NFT marketplace projects



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