Tradepexcoins is an online trading platform that allows users to trade apex coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and shares with real-time data access. The world’s most trusted and accurate coins trading platform is ready to trade 100+ cryptocurrencies without taking banking details.


Tradeapexcoins is a one-stop destination to connect investors with a livestock and crypto exchange marketplace. In a competitive era, Tradeapexcoins understood the need for an hour and planned to design a platform where buyers and sellers could trade in top coins. The basic approach for building a platform is to provide users a platform where they can trade securely without using banking information and with limited risk. Users can track various coins, get an update for their current & past performance, and forecast trends on a few taps.


The client approached Suffescom to transform their idea into a solution that can fit into customers’ and industry needs. They were looking for a blockchain technology-powered company that could think beyond expectations. During the development phases, we also go through many challenges. The client was looking for an extensive approach with an array of features and functionalities but within a limited budget. We work together to achieve innovative results.

Our Strategy


We arranged a consultation with the client for a better understanding of their needs. During our conversation, we get to know their business requirements and expectations. The client was looking for 3 apps - investor app, listing company app, and admin dashboard. They were looking for unique features in each app that should be controlled from the admin app.

  • UX

The Solution

Advance Features

We developed an app using advanced search and filter options that can help users to find any result instantly. A cross-platform-based solution is designed from high-scale programming languages to flexible databases. Our expertise pays attention to every functionality that ensures customer ease, such as user-friendly interface, quick functionality, fastest analytics updates in graphical form, and more.

End-To-End Encryption

To build users’ trust in the platform, we developed a platform encrypted with 100% data privacy. Our decentralized platform is powered with Ethereum based blockchain technology where every data is secured in blocks. If the platform updates information, the whole set of blocks gets updated. We also integrated the platform with a crypto wallet. Therefore, users do not have to add banking details on the platform to operate it.

The Result

Our experts created a blockchain technology-based platform embedded with the best in industry features and functionality. We focused on easy-to-navigate functionality, graphical real-time data presentation, users customization features, and more. Users can also find the last 7-days report with a single click.

We have developed and launched the first phase of the Tradeapexcoin platform. The second phase is also ready to launch soon, as there is only a delay from the client-side. They are looking for a marketing team before launching that makes Tradeapexcoin newspapers headlines before launching.

We’re highly impressed with the company’s approach and working style. They delivered us a fully-featured project before time, and we would like to go in the long run with the company.



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