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E-Scooter App Development

Enter the emerging market with your own scooter sharing system like LimeBike, beat the traffic frustration, and ensure improved E-vehicle services to your customers.

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Turn To E-Scooter App Development For
Eco-Friendly Transportation

Launching an e-scooter app like Limebike is a wise move for entrepreneurs looking to start a new electric scooter riding service. The E-scooter app development we offer allows you to include multiple e-vehicles under a single app – e-cycles, e-bikes, etc. Let you and your business contribute to the betterment of the environment with a powerful bike rental software .

With an advanced list of features, our Limebike Clone App Development Solution help you attract the hearts of many customers. So let’s turn your dream into reality!

E-Vehicle Options You Can Include Into Bike Rental Software

In the E-scooter app, you can add plenty of E-vehicle options to enable customers to pick the vehicle of their choice.

Working of Scooter Sharing app development Process

The E-scooter app like LimeBike is designed with ease of use in mind. Our developers strive to build bike rental software that looks not only eye-catching but also ensures smooth usage.

  • Get You Registered
    Get You Registered

    Download the app either from Play Store or App Store and get you registered.

  • Locate Nearby Scooter
    Locate Nearby Scooter

    Locate the E-scooter closest to the location just by turning on the live location.

  • QR Code Scanning
    QR Code Scanning

    Pick the specific electric scooter from the app by scanning a unique QR code.

  • Unlock the Scooter
    Unlock the Scooter

    On the successful code scanning, users can unlock the scooter for the ride.

  • Begin A Ride
    Begin A Ride

    Go anywhere within the city's limits. The live tracker will track the scooter's location.

  • End The Ride
    End The Ride

    Use QR code to complete the ride and select the ‘End Ride’. Payments via the app.

What Makes An Limebike Clone App Development
To Stand Out?

The demand for electric scooters is more than ever before. Explore some of the reasons that make electric scooter app development popular.

  • Ease of Access

    To hire the E-scooter for a ride, users have to access the app on their smart devices and scan QR code to unlock the scooter. It is now increasingly easier to avail of E-scooters from anywhere.

  • Convenience

    E-scooters nowadays have become the most convenient mode of transportation. It eliminates users from buying their own vehicle and allows them to avail rides whenever you want and end the ride using an app.

  • Affordable

    Unlike other transportation modes, Electric scooters are much affordable to hire for rides. By selecting the specific E-scooter of choice via an app, a user can go from one location to another at the lowest price.

  • Green Revolution

    People are looking for alternatives that help lower the global carbon footprint. The shift is towards bike rental software like LimeBike App like LimeBike to deliver a greener environment and enhanced services on demand.

Noteworthy Features of Limebike Clone
App Development Features

Easy Login Process

Let the end-users use a hassle-free sign-up facility and register with the app using either social media account or relevant details in a few clicks.

Google Map Integration

E-scooter app development like LimeBike comes with powerful Google Maps integration that allows users to navigate unfamiliar routes easily.

Real-time GPS Tracking

With the feature of real-time GPS tracking, you can keep an eye on the E-scooters and know precisely where each scooter is riding for security.

QR Code Scanner

QR code scanner feature ensures one accesses the app with much ease. Also one can use a scooter at any time by scanning the code.

Unique Identifier

The fantastic thing is that each scooter is equipped with a unique identification tag that keeps track of all the relevant information of the scooter.

App store
Smart Locking

The smart locking ensures the e-scooter is only unlocked with a QR code. On scanning the code, the scooter will be automatically unlocked.

App store
Multiple Payment Options

With so many payment options available, the bike rental software allows users to pay in any preferred ways that are more comfortable to them

App store
Ride Statistics

Using Ride Statistics, users can quickly learn about the progress of the current ride along with all other specific parameters ruling the market.

App store
Scheduled Booking

There is also an option within the app to schedule the electronic scooter ride in advance and less worry about future busy schedules.

Bike Rental software Like LimeBike Get Started

What Our E-Scooter App Development Covers

Launch your own LimeBike clone app with our electric scooter app development services to reach new heights with help of advanced features.

Customer App

Customers with a feature-rich app like LimeBike can book quick rides, have a pleasant experience, and reach the desired destination on time.

Provider App

All the registered providers within the e-scooter app development solution can manage everything easily, from their documents to earnings.

Admin Panel

Business owners or admins can handle all the tasks efficiently using an interactive dashboard equipped with all necessary features.

Bike Rental software Like LimeBike
Get Branded E-Scooter App With Exclusive Features For Separate Panels

The absolute powerful E-scooter ride app will get ready for you with all needed features for customers, providers, and admin.

Customer App

  • Schedule a Ride

    Customers can book their rides for later, and riders will get notification about scheduled rides automatically.

  • Cancel a Trip

    Just by stating the appropriate reason, passengers have the right to cancel their scheduled trips.

  • Customer Support

    In-app customer support allows the customers to communicate with the chat support team for their queries.

  • Review & Rating

    On completing the E-vehicle ride, customers can further share their valuable feedback or rate the rider.


Provider App

  • Upload Documents

    Providers need to upload their documents within the app for verification and to proceed further with serving customers.

  • Track Earnings

    With the help of the E-scooter app, providers can view the exact earnings on the basis of successfully completed rides.

  • Auto Offline

    Providers can set their availability according to the bookings. If they find no booking, they have the authority to go offline.

  • Provider Chat

    Using the customized E-scooter app, providers can chat with the customers and make calls as per the need.

Admin Dashboard

  • Manage E-vehicles

    Admins can have an overview of the fleet of E-scooters all from the dashboard. They can sustainably track the fleet.

  • Send Notifications

    Using the admin panel, one can send notifications to all the registered users and remain in touch all the time.

  • Offers & Discounts

    Admins with this feature can send exciting offers and discounts to keep the users engaged with the app.

  • Analytical Reports

    Analytical reports help admins to have deep insights into business operations and treding market to plan for better.


Launch Scooter Sharing System Like LimeBike With A Complete Tech Suite & High End Features

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Launch Scooter Sharing System Like LimeBike With A Complete Tech Suite & High End Features

How LimeBike Like Electric scooter app development Benefits

There are countless benefits of launching a LimeBike Clone app for both passengers and entrepreneurs.


Such a solution comes with cheaper rides for customers, and entrepreneurs can start business with minimal investment.


All the stations are easy to access for commuters, and they can quickly grasp the E-scooter to reach their desired destination.


With several stations available, e-scooters can save you a lot of time by allowing you to search the nearest one and reach on time.

Low maintenance

Unlike traditional transport services, the fleet of E-scooters is easy to manage, and the maintenance is much easier and low.

Easy to park

E-scooters are easy to park and are the best traveling options for the areas with the most traffic and minimal parking facility.

Less Noise

E-scooters are pretty beneficial in terms of controlling noise pollution. Its use can help increase the life quality of many.

Why Us?
Industry Experience
Industry Experience

We utilize extensive experience to assist clients in developing a successful E-scooter app.

Open Source Code
Open Source Code

In our package, we provide clients with open-source code, allowing them to modify the app at any time.


Deliver seamless experience to your customers by launching an E-scooter app compatible with all platforms.

Scalable Solution
Scalable Solution

Take your E-scooter services business to the next level with our solutions offering unmatched scalability.

Super-Quick Launch
Super-Quick Launch

Just feel free to share your unique ideas with us. We will evaluate them and put them to work for a faster launch.

Dependable Support
Dependable Support

Get in touch with our technical support team for issues you have with your app and get them resolved timely.

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