Snapchat Clone App Development With Snapchat Clone App Script

Snapchat Clone

Build a real-time social sharing platform with our app like Snapchat, and have wholly revamped conversational interaction and promotions, helping your inherent audience create and establish an online identity via your own clone of the Snapchat app. Develop an app like Snapchat for instant sharing moments via pictures and messaging with your loving ones.

Snapchat Clone

Gain The Insight Of Snapchat Success Rate

Our Snapchat clone app solution is free for most users; it still generates revenue and becomes popular.

  • 203M

    Monthly active users

  • 234K

    Verified Celebrities

  • 30,000+

    Cities Served Globally

  • 20B

    Revenue Generated

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What Is Snapchat & Why To Clone App Like Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media apps worldwide. This great social networking app has been trending in the global market with professional capabilities like snap maps, song identification, finding content, and more. That’s why every business today is making use of the Snapchat clone solution to promote their business and gather like-minded users for their brand.

  • Better Engagement

    Better Engagement

    Get to know your users online in an effective and personalized manner with our Snapchat clone app and bring more engagement.

  • In-Trend App

    In-Trend App

    Keep current on ongoing trends with the interactive tools present in our app with filters like Snapchat without any extra costs and hassle.

  • 100% ROI

    100% ROI

    Our Snapchat clone app assures an enormous customer base for your app and gets vast returns on your investments in less time.

  • Revolutionary Model

    Revolutionary Model

    Step into the world of digital user experience and get more for your business with the smart features of the Snapchat clone app.

Services Included In Our App With Filters Like Snapchat?

Our Snapchat like app for iOS and Android allows you to boost customer engagement to a new level in the market.

Upload Photos/Videos

Upload Photos/Videos

Flauntlessly capture images using the custom camera of our Snapchat clone app script and can record even a 10-second video.

Set Timer For Uploads

Set Timer For Uploads

Users can set a timer with the fleeting image concept to make their photo disappear from their streak partner after a fixed time.



One can seamlessly edit the photos one wishes to upload via our crisp editing feature built-in in our Snapchat clone app.

Snap & Invite

Snap & Invite

With our clone Snapchat, users can quickly add new people to their list by scanning their snap code in seconds and inviting them.

Share Securely

Share Securely

Our Snapchat clone app lets users keep posted on what you have been doing by sending out snaps to their favs only.



The choices that users make are weird sometimes! This functionality will let all the users switch between web and mobile apps.

What Does Suffescom Offer In An App Like Snapchat?

Get all the tools you need to build your own app with filters like Snapchat in one place.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admin Dashboard

    Complete control of your sites and mobile applications is easily accessible in your administrator dashboard.

  • Scalable Product

    Scalable Product

    We've got you covered! Get your hands on the most scalable, robust, and sturdy products for each category.

  • Send Media

    Send Media

    Users can share media like photos and recordings with their friends or other family members via an app.

  • View messages

    View messages

    Watch the instant message till it vanishes on the Snapchat clone app and can be replayed only once.

  • Add/find nearby users

    Add/find nearby users

    Users can add friends from their contact list on the Snapchat Clone app and discover new ones.

  • Block Users

    Block Users

    Users don't have to live by a grudge. On need, they can block particular profiles from following them.

Reinvent Snapchat Clone App With Suffescom

We focus on creating an app for mobile with the unique feature of ephemeral messaging, a hallmark of Snapchat. Let your users embrace this distinctive aspect by launching your Snapchat clone app for the greatest opportunity to improve how people live and communicate.

Most Advanced Features Of Our App Like Snapchat

Discover some of the unique and advanced features of a Snapchat clone app that make your social media app development a hit in the market.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    Users can smoothly sign up for your Snapchat clone app via their social media accounts instead of filling out all the details.

  • Edit Profile

    Edit Profile

    In an app like Snapchat, users can easily edit their profile by including details such as name, gender, favorite movies, and more.

  • Settings Page

    Settings Page

    With our Snapchat Clone app, woo your users by customizing the settings as per their convenience and privacy concerns.

  • Image/Video Sharing

    Image/Video Sharing

    Users can upload photos and videos with just some clicks directly from the camera. The image/video can also be saved.

  • Geo Filters

    Geo Filters

    Our Snapchat Clone app also includes geo-filters for users to use different filters in accordance with their location.

  • Message & Calls

    Message & Calls

    Snapchat Clone thinks beyond an ordinary message and offers video/audio calls for better interaction with one another.

  • God’s Eye View

    God’s Eye View

    Admins can track the provider’s last login locations via an app. This helps in understanding market needs better.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Our Snapchat clone app also provides real-time push notifications using Firebase to keep users updated on every activity.

  • Search Module

    Search Module

    Users can enter their name or number in the search tab to instantly contact the people they wish instead of scrolling.

Add On Features Of Our Snapchat Clone App

  • Responsive Snapchat Clone

    Our Snapchat clone website/app should be designed responsively to better view experience and interaction with easy reading and navigation across the broadest range of devices.

  • Low Battery Consumption

    Remember, in the age of mobility, a mobile app should be designed considering its usage. Our solution makes sure to consume less battery, delivering the best consumer experience.

  • App Compatibility

    Our app with filters like Snapchat can match as many different device configurations as possible using a single APK. This assists in getting the unique user-base profile for your app.

  • User-Friendly Solutions

    Our Snapchat-like app gives an interface that allows the user to get the app up and running. Keeping this as straightforward as possible will provide a better user experience.

Perks Of Our Snapchat Like App For iOS & Android

Our Snapchat clone app helps users connect with the world, post the best pictures, and make themselves visible among their peers.

  • Monetization Potential

    Monetization Potential

    Our app provides users with both free and paid unique filters to run highly targeted ad campaigns for the targeted audience within the platform.

  • High Engagement Level

    High Engagement Level

    Adding the auto-delete feature pushes Snapchat-like app users to open it again and again, to find out new content that is about to disappear.

  • Reach Millennials

    Reach Millennials

    With a young audience aged 16-34, our app with filters like Snapchat has become a powerful marketing tool for a rising consumer group.

Phenomenal Deliverables Of Our Snapchat Clone App

wazirX clone app development

Customer Panel

Add Friends
Add Friends

Facilitate social connections between your users by offering Add Friends and Contact Synching functionality.

Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging

Offer quick and easy chat functionality to help your users with effective and emotionful chats with their friends.

Snap Chats
Snap Chats

An interactive feature through which the users can share the snaps of activities or themselves with their friends.

Snap Lenses
Snap Lenses

Engage your users effectively by offering them goofy animations to try on while Snapchatting.

Admin Panel

User Management
User Management

Manage the activities of all your users and add new ones to your app by validating their personal information.

Snapcash Management
Snapcash Management

Keep a check of all the transactions and alert the users for any failed or fraudulent transactions.

Report Management
Report Management

Take immediate action on the profiles reported in real time and make your app more secure and user-friendly.

Sponsored Filters
Sponsored Filters

Offer your subscribed customers various filters and premium lenses and make more money through your app.

wazirX clone app

Integrating The Latest Snapchat "My AI" Feature

We ensure that your app with filters like Snapchat is in line with the latest developments. Our experts will integrate the new ‘My AI’ feature of Snapchat to make your app fit into today’s space of technological advancements.

  • Uses generative AI in UI
  • Integrates Chat GPT
  • Customizable name
  • Get customized answers to questions
  • Provides gifts, recipes, and other recommendations
  • Changed wallpaper on command

Inventive Tools In Our Snapchat Clone App

Make your users gaga over your Snapchat clone app with highly interactive tools.

  • Community Filters

    Community Filters

    Users can create and use filters without any cost of a specific location or special moment.

  • Filters


    Users can share their snaps with their friends on the list by adding different frames and artwork.

  • Lenses


    Our Snapchat clone app helps bring the magic lenses to live streams and AR experiences.

  • Advertise


    Advertisers can place a branded tile in the Discover section of our Snapchat Clone application.

How To Create An App Like Snapchat?

We help you create an app like Snapchat and begin the journey as the most renowned Snapchat clone app, witnessing the highest record price. Collaborate with our developers to learn how to develop an app like Snapchat.



Snapchat-like apps are designed for instant image messaging to deliver a compelling user experience. Our design team can produce an excellent user interface that is both intuitive and flawless. You can be confident that an app like this will appeal to your target audience.


Our team uses the WebSocket Protocol to prevent an app like Snapchat from crashing. This dependable technology is credited with providing flawless performance on all platforms and major browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera.



Protecting private data is the most valuable characteristic of instant image messaging apps like Snapchat. Users will feel protected and secure if you implement end-to-end encryption, auto-delete viewed communications and screenshot protection.

Still Not Sure About How To Clone Snapchat On Android Or iOS?

We provide you with a unique service, and our expert will give marketing research, development advice, and competitor analysis at absolutely no cost! Feel free to share your thoughts! We guarantee the total confidentiality of your ideas with NDA.

Why Choose Us For Snapchat Clone App Development?

  • Cost-effective

    Get cost-effective solutions and all the latest features built into your application.

  • Leading Technology

    We use the technology tools while building an application to make it futuristic.

  • 24/7 Support

    Get practical solutions for technical issues by availing of our 24/7 support anytime.

  • Customization

    Shine among your competitors by customizing the app based on your requirements.

  • Your App, Your Brand

    Launch your Snapchat Clone app and create your brand name with your brand logo.

  • Smart Job Allocation

    Manage your entire software through a single admin dashboard.


Frequently asked questions about how to develop an app like snapchat.

  • How much does it cost to develop a Snapchat clone app?

    The cost to develop a chat app depends on various factors. For instance, the type of chat app you choose, tech-stack behind it, the number of developers you will be needing, testing method, features, customizations, and so on – there are many things that one has to consider before predicting the exact price of chat app development.

    What is the revenue model of the Snapchat Clone app?

    Our Snapchat clone solution makes money primarily through in-app advertising. Snap Ads lets advertisers tell their stories, using full-screen videos with sound. Moreover, Snapchat integrates the user’s experiences and actions directly within these ad units, including watching a long-form video, visiting a website, or installing an app.

  • Is it legal to build a Snapchat clone?

    No, we do not own any of the materials of the Snapchat app. However, we have expertise in developing a similar custom social media Snapchat clone app catering to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts has successfully delivered a custom Snapchat clone app to many of the businesses in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you.

    How do we ensure quality development?

    By offering agile development methodology and agile testing services, our certified and experienced developers always keep you in loop at every stage of your social media app development. That means, right from idea evaluation, and MVP creation to development, design finalization, and testing, everything is approved by you.

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