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Turo Clone: Taxi Booking App Development Like Turo

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is best at creating modern Turo like taxi app that make use of the newest technologies to develop smooth and reliable transport experiences. For instance, if you have in mind a peer-to-peer car rental model such as Turo or a traditional taxi app with managed vehicles, we can help build it for you because we know how to do that.

Turo Like Taxi App Development
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What Is Special Inside Our White Label App Like Turo?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. understands the enormous power of the ridesharing business. That’s why we don’t provide a simple white label application but a full-fledged solution that will make your business grow faster than ever before.

No one-size fits all here. With our white label application, you can always craft it in your brand colors and styles, creating beautiful brand experiences for users.

Categorized Features In Our P2P Car Rental App

For every segment, we research and embed top-tier features like riders, drivers, admin, etc.

Easy Login & Signup

Easy Login & Signup

With easy login and signup, users can log in using OTP and incorporate their social media accounts for hassle-free app entry.

Filter Options

Filter Options

Riders can filter their rides by preferring the number of seats, size of vehicle, car brand, distance to cover, petrol/diesel car, etc.

Check Availability

Check Availability

While booking a ride, commuters can check the availability of a car to be rented. This also shows the future availability of the same car.

Secure Payment Options

Secure Payment Options

Riders can pay using credit/debit cards, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, eWallet, PayPal, Stripe, etc., to confirm booking and generate receipts.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

It incorporates GPS to show the car's live status even during the ride, along with information like the distance and ETA to the destination.

Rating & Reviews

Rating & Reviews

The rating and review feature helps riders report in-app issues, file a grievance about the payment, and complain about the driver.

Easy Registration

Easy Registration

To get started, Drivers can easily register into the application using their name, vehicle number, fleet type, and license number.

Toggle Availability

Toggle Availability

Drivers can work conveniently with this feature because it lets drivers turn on/off their availability on behalf of their convenience.

Accept/decline Incoming Request

Accept/decline Incoming Request

To manage rides, drivers can easily accept and decline an incoming ride request from the admin and the user with a single click.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

When the app receives a ride request, it shows a notification and an alarm bell that informs drivers about the income request with rider information.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Drivers can collect payment using platforms like inside eWallet and app-generated QR codes and collect their commission after logging off.

Ride History

Ride History

A driver can check their past ride history with a single click. This includes the rider’s details, pickup/drop location, payment info, and many more.

Professional Dashboard

Professional Dashboard

A professional dashboard is implemented for admins, which helps them monitor their business through stats, infographics, charts, and more.

Payment/Refund Management

Payment/Refund Management

Admins can analyze payment disputes a rider raises and initiate refunds easily after verifying the details in our Turo-like taxi app.

Generate Invoice

Generate Invoice

Admins can generate invoices for overall activity, active drivers, generated revenue, initiated refunds, turnover, and net worth with a single click.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Admins can easily create loyalty programs for frequently active riders in the app that consists of coupons, discounts, cashbacks, etc.

User Management

User Management

With this feature, admins can easily add/remove existing riders and drivers inside the app, giving them full authority over the application.



Admins can connect with both the driver and rider anytime they wish via call & chat. This improves communication and transparency.

Customized Features In Our Turo Like Taxi App: Fuel Your Business With Us Now

  • Multi-Category Vehicle Selection

    Get the car that suits your style, a budget sedan or a luxurious SUV.

  • Peer-To-Peer Insurance Integration

    Use different types of insurance offered by vehicle owners themselves.

  • Geolocation Support

    With this equipment, you can acquire added assurance during your trip as you track where your hired car is at any given time.

  • In-App Chat Feature

    Chat directly with owners to get clarification on renting aspects, like pricing.

  • Reviews And Ratings

    Find out what other people think about cars before making decisions.

  • Real-Time Hailing

    Users tap on their smartphone and request a taxi from where they are sooner.

  • Estimated Cab Fares

    Users get an estimate upfront before booking and starting their trip. It helps them plan their expenses.

  • Driver Tracking & Feedback

    This provides accurate driver tracking with the help of a map and provides info about ETA, distance, etc.

Upgrade Your Car Hailing Business Like Turo With Our Turo Clone

Our seasoned developers conduct deep market research and dig out exceptional ideas to provide you with a Turo-like app that helps you boost reach and generate income.

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Our Turo Clone App With Next-Generation AI Features

Regularly updated technology has brought various next-level features. These features have been helpful in automating several business operations.

AI-Powered Suggestion

AI is helpful in analyzing business patterns and trip planning for users. This identifies business gaps and shortcomings and allows travelers to depart for trips smartly.

VR Test Drives

This lets users experience the car's view, exterior, and interior with proper gears. VR test drive headsets also let businesses select cars that accurately resemble their preferences.

Personalized Route Planning

It is an exceptional feature that lets travelers personalize their trips by planning the route, adding more stops, adding more travelers, calculating distance and time, etc.

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SOS Button

This button is provided for both drivers and travelers in case of an emergency, such as a car wreck, malfunction, medical issues, or need for roadside assistance.

Automatic Fare Splitting

The fare-splitting feature allows travelers to split the rental fee with others by associating their accounts while booking the ride.

Cabin Environment Control

Cabin Environment Control gives authority to the travelers to control the temperature inside the car. It helps them enjoy a smooth and comfortable trip.

Reasons To Invest In A P2P Car Rental App Like Turo

The car renting market is en route to growth. From high revenue to effective user penetration, it is growing rapidly.

  • Profitability

    The car rental industry will have a billion-dollar scope in the future. While travelers find it convenient to explore, having an app similar to Turo can be beneficial. Thus, adhering to such a solution comes with vast profits.

  • Less Operational Cost

    Unlike traditional companies, now businesses don’t have to manage a large number of cars. The peer-to-peer model of such a business shrinks the overhead cost, which allows you admins to focus on other operations and user acquisition.

  • Increase Vehicle Utilization

    Our Turo clone app connects car owners to renters. That helps make money for the car owners and your business, making it a win-win situation for both. This approach increases business efficiency and provides satisfactory customer service.

  • Revenue Streams

    We provide white label apps like Turo, which let businesses generate income from different sources. Also, businesses can implement dynamic pricing strategies based on demand, vehicle type, location, distance, and number of travelers.

  • Decision-Making Ability

    Our professional developers have programmed the application to gain insight into user’s behavior, most rented cars, peak hours, vehicle types, etc. These data can be helpful in creating effective business strategies to boost sales.

  • Build Community

    Adhering to our Turo clone app can foster a strong traveler base. By utilizing a seamless UI/UX experience, modern features, and a robust review and rating system, businesses can retain maximum customers to the app.

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Provide A Perfect Car to Take On The Great Outdoors

Launch your branded Turo clone app for an outdoor lifestyle and scheduling, dispatching, tracking & monitoring your p2p car rental business.

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Comprehensive Process Of Turo Like Taxi App Development

Our professional development staff follows the accurate and symmetric process to build a Turo clone app. The right development approach helps build applications bug-free and helps in maintaining further changes:

  • Planning

    We plan, research, analyze, and design before executing the development process to build the Turo clone app.

  • Development

    Developers create strategies and use theri technical knowledge to program front end and back end parts.

  • Testing

    Our QA & testing deeply check the functioning of the Turo-like app and ensure the working of features, UI/UX, animations, bookings, payments, etc

  • Launch

    Finally, we deploy the application on global hosting servers like Google Play Store and Apple Store to make the app accessible for users.

Online Taxi App Development Services

Why Choose Suffescom For Turo Like Taxi App Development?

  • Experienced Workforce

    We have a team of over 150 experienced app developers with the necessary skills to satisfy clients and provide outstanding services.

  • Timely Delivery

    Our team of skilled developers is capable of creating an excellent clone app that meets your specific requirements and delivers it before the deadline.

  • Post-Deployment Support

    Suffescom Solution Inc. provides post-project delivery maintenance and support services to clients even after the project has been launched in the market.

  • Personalized Clone Services

    Our company specializes in developing clone apps that are accurate replicas of the original apps and offer customization options.

  • Always Online

    Our clients can reach us anytime, as we offer 24*7 availability. Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    We commit to maintaining the project's privacy. We provide NDA to our clients before starting the project.


  • What Is The Cost Of Turo Like Taxi App Development?

    The complete cost of Turo-like app development depends on numerous factors, such as the app’s complexity, screen size, custom features, paid integrations, etc. Businesses can contact us to share their thoughts and discuss their budget.

    How Much Time Does It Take To Get A White Label Turo-Like App?

    The time is also affected by many elements like availability of source, development location, 3rd party integration, complexity of the app, and many more. Connect with our consultants to solve your queries.

  • Is It Secure To Invest In P2P Car Rental Apps?

    Yes, the future of P2P car rental apps like Turo is quite lucrative.

    Which Platform Does Your Turo Clone App Support?

    Our application can be rendered both on Android and iOS.

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