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Ambulance dispatch software incorporates a unified EMS administration package that includes CAD(Computer-Aided Dispatch), billing, scheduling, and ePCR software, among other things. Suffescom Solutions aims to provide management solutions that small and mid-sized enterprises require. Our mission is to assist business owners in laying a solid foundation for future success. We are dedicated to anticipating our users' needs and changing business situations.

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What We Offer

Computer-Aided Ambulance Dispatch Software

Suffescom's cutting-edge grid view EMS computer-assisted dispatch (CAD) system optimizes resource utilization and on-time delivery. Dispatchers can manage planned and unscheduled calls with our dynamic, visual, drag-and-drop grid application. ePCR software helps to shift patients from one location to another with ease. Our EMS dispatch software provides a simple solution that utilizes less time and money spent on dispatcher training, allowing you to focus on what matters most: providing good service to your community!

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EMS Dispatch Software Features

What We Provide In Medical Transportation Dispatch Software

User App

Our user app is built to allow your users to order ambulance services in seconds. The user solution has been thoroughly tested to ensure no reliability or general quality sacrifices after launch.

  • Instant booking
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Choose a medical emergency center
  • Vehicle Type Selection
  • Payment Options
  • Assured Passenger Safety
  • Route Optimization
medical transportation dispatch software
Driver App

Allow your drivers to arrive on time at the patient's location and drop them off safely and quickly at their destination. You can pick and choose from various features to suit your needs.

  • Instant notification on request
  • GPS Navigation
  • Shorter Pickup
  • Availability Status
  • Fare Display
  • Confirm Payment
medical transportation dispatch software
Web Admin Panel

Our comprehensive admin dashboard gives you complete control over your organization. Request a demo to learn more about what automation can achieve for your company.

  • Emergency Medical Centre Management
  • Driver Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Feedback Mechanism
  • Hospital Categorization
  • Commission Splitting
medical transportation dispatch software
ambulance dispatch software
Real-time Incident Management

Air Medical Management Software

The air medical management software from Suffescom Solutions puts all of your critical resources in one place. Our array of solutions can handle daily activities such as credential management, safety notifications, risk assessments, and many more. Air medical management software is beneficial in the case of any natural incidents like floods, avalanches, and more. Our tools automate a considerable amount of paperwork, manual recording, and time-consuming procedures into a simple-to-launch and-operate system.

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EMS Dispatch Software

Our Ambulance Dispatch Software Has Next-Generation Incident Management Capabilities

Get The Most Efficient Ambulance Dispatch Software To Boost Your Business Revenue

Modernize Your Ambulance Business With our Fully Customizable ePCR Software to Generate a Continued Revenue Stream.

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Daily Operations Made Simple

Benefits Of Ambulance Dispatch Software In Terms Of Functionality

  • Easy to use
  • Reduced time and cost
  • Emergency response
  • Virtual backup center
  • Real-time Crew Info
  • Business Development tools
  • Graphical view
  • Real-Time MDT
  • Active UHU percentage
ambulance booking service
  • Shift/Vehicle editing
  • Shift swapping/radio
  • Vehicle capacity
  • Facility/Patient alerting
  • Closet vehicle identification
  • Dispatch chat
  • Collision detecting to next trip
  • Call Type/LOS hierarchy
  • Auto-dialer ETA’s
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Ambulance Booking Service Provides

Get Faster Response With Our Top Notch EMS Software

EMS dispatch software provides timely, competent, and cutting-edge critical care transport treatment and services that are "better in quality" than what is currently offered in the ground transportation sector. This ensures that patients receive consistent care and, if necessary, intervenes to bring them up to a recognized "standard of care" for their disease.

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Smarter Solutions

ePCR Software Allocates Right Resource At Right Place & Time In Emergencies

Users can simply manage, monitor, and document problems and resources using our Dispatch solutions. The right people are in the right place at the right time with the emergency medical services software. Suffescom's dispatch interacts with ePCR software, allowing medics to focus more fully on patient care by expediting onsite entry of medical history, insurance, and demographic data.

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ePCR Software
Transport Scheduling
Bringing Healthcare Facilities and Transportation Agencies Together
  • Air Medical Management Software
    Transport Scheduling

    Our best medical transportation dispatch software helps healthcare staff to schedule transports in seconds.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Easy Access

    The ambulance dispatch system let you access the scheduling application from any web-enabled device with ease.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Transport Monitoring

    ePCR software provides real-time monitoring of fleet conditions, including geolocation, geofencing, and reefer unit.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Secure Patient Record

    Ensuring accurate patient identification helps protect records in several ways. It prevents medical record mix-ups.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    More Efficiency

    Things like responding to customer service in ePCR software are much more efficient than phone calls and faxing.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Less Communication Error

    ePCR software provides more formal, organizational communication efforts to minimize communication errors.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Eliminate Ambiguity

    Ambulance dispatch software eliminates ambiguity between agencies and facilities to handle any uncertainty.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Patient Experience

    We provide a valuable approach to improving the sum of all interactions that influence patient perceptions.

  • Air Medical Management Software
    Road Clearance

    Separate and direct access to the emergency department from a major thoroughfare with a clear road view.

Saving Your Time & Money

Get Your Hands On Our Readymade Ambulance Booking Service Software

  • emergency medical services software
    Air Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

    With Air medical management software, you can rest easy knowing that we ensure that all your customers’ needs are met and expectations exceeded. You will appreciate that we provide cutting-edge features to proudly stand out in the market.

  • emergency medical services software
    Water Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

    Our water ambulance dispatch software is impeccable and ready-to-use software to kickstart your ambulance dispatch system business. The main objective of this software is to respond to emergency calls and transport for the severely ill or injured people.

  • emergency medical services software
    Ground Ambulance Dispatch Management Software

    Depending on the nature of the situation, the system selects and dispatches only the most relevant response resources to the ground site, ensuring that the medical staff on board has all the information they need to do their job.

Why Suffescom Solutions?

Why Us For Ambulance Management App Development?

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Separate Apps for All

Our solution has separate apps for customers/service providers and one admin panel.

medical transportation dispatch software
24/7 Support

Provide 24/7 technical support, can avail any time if you get issues related to the app.

medical transportation dispatch software

Get cost-effective and all the latest features in built-in ambulance dispatch software.

medical transportation dispatch software

Shine among your competitors by customizing the application based on your requirements.

medical transportation dispatch software
Your App, Your Brand

Launch ambulance booking service software and create your own brand name and logo.

medical transportation dispatch software
Smart Job Allocation

Manage emergency medical services software through a single admin dashboard.

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