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Metaverse Action Game Development

Suffescom is a leading metaverse game development company. Connect with us to get a cutting-edge metaverse action game solution. Our metaverse action game developers are experienced in creating metaverse action games with AR/VR technology, 360-degree view, 3D avatars, and realistic metaverse game scenes. Get in touch with us today to complete your metaverse action game development journey.

Metaverse Action Game Development Services

Top Metaverse Action Game Development Services

Metaverse action games are the next big thing for those players who wish to be action heroes. As metaverse action games are in trend and people are choosing it widely, there is no doubt investment in metaverse action games is a great choice. We can help you develop your own interactive metaverse action game platform with the latest features and functionalities. We help you thrive on your gaming business to the height of success.

Metaverse Action Games Development Solutions For Mobile Apps

We hold great experience in developing metaverse action games for mobile applications. We ensure that it is compatible across various devices and platforms.

  • Metaverse Action Games for Android

    Metaverse Action Games for Android

    Our metaverse game developers have vast experience in developing interactive metaverse gaming platforms for Android with latest features and functionalities.

  • Metaverse Action Games for iOS

    Metaverse Action Games for iOS

    We build robust and highly scalable action game platforms in the metaverse that is compatible to use in iOS devices.

Level Up Your Gaming Business With Metaverse Action Game Development

At Suffescom, our team of gaming artists can help you take your gaming business to new heights. With our metaverse action game development services, you can give your gamers something new and exciting which will bring high ROIs.

Features Of Metaverse Action Game Development

We build innovative and interactive action game platforms in the metaverse. And for that, we use unique and out-of-the-box features to make your platform stand out from others.

  • Metaverse Action 3D Space Design Game Development icon
    3D Space Design

    Our team of developers works on the latest tech stacks to build a 3D environment for the metaverse action game platform. We add attractive and mind-blowing 3D objects and landscapes to the game.

  • Metaverse Action 3D Avatar Game Development icon
    3D Avatar

    The metaverse action game is incomplete without realistic and customizable avatars. We build avatars for gamers that can be customized according to the user's preferences and personality.

  • Metaverse Action Game Immersive Graphics Development icon
    Immersive Graphics

    We use high-quality and realistic graphics to give gamers a real-life feel. Along with high-quality sounds, the players will have an immersive gaming experience. In this way, we enhance the overall performance of the platform.

  • Metaverse Action Game User Generated Scenes Development icon
    User Generated Scenes

    We give the power to gamers to customize the scenes and environment in the game as they like. With the user-friendly interface, they can add the scenes created by them in the game with ease.

  • Metaverse Action Game NFT Integration Development icon
    NFT Integration

    We integrate the NFTs marketplace with metaverse games so that players can sell, trade, or buy NFTs and other digital assets with other players within the games. They can earn cryptocurrency by selling their rewards and other assets to gamers.

  • Metaverse Action Social Gaming Development icon
    Social Gaming

    We integrate social media platforms with your metaverse action game platform, where users can interact and play with other players just by logging in anywhere, anytime.

Build A Robust And Highly Scalable Metaverse Action Game Platform

Build A Robust And Highly Scalable Metaverse Action Game Platform With Us

Our team of developers has extensive experience in developing immersive and highly scalable action gaming platforms in the metaverse for game lovers. Get in touch with us today.

Metaverse Action Game Development Process

We are highly experienced in creating metaverse action game development with interactive visuals, high-quality sound, and high 3D visual spaces. Our metaverse action game development process includes:

  • 01

    Virtual Space Design

    Our team of expert developers builds 3D space in the game, which matches the game requirement and script concept. With 3D virtual space, your gaming platform will be capable of attracting more gamers.

  • 02

    3D Characters

    At Suffescom, the skilled game development team has the ability to develop life-like 3D avatars and immersive visual graphics, sparking the interest of gamers for your metaverse action game platform.

  • 03

    Other Gaming Assets

    Metaverse gaming assets involve adding artistic gaming elements like buildings, objects, environments, atmospheres, stadiums, houses, and other sceneries. Our expert team can develop these items with highly real graphics.

  • 04

    Game Development

    Now after making all the design and conceptual decisions for the game, our team starts the development phase of the game. It includes programming, design of characters, audio embedding, graphic integration, and many more.

  • 05

    Game Launch In Metaverse

    After completing the roleplay of development, we test your game and ensure that it is working as intended or not. Then, we launch your game in the metaverse. We also confirm that your game is working on iOS and Android.

  • 06

    Support And Maintenance

    We are always ready to provide you with any kind of game-related support, game maintenance, software update, changes, etc. Our dedicated team is available to connect with you to help solve your queries anytime.

Metaverse Action Game: Revenue Models

Metaverse action games hold great potential for revenue generation. Here are some of the most famous revenue streams of metaverse action games development:

  • Metaverse Action Game Subscription icon

    Offer players a premium version of the game by offering them access to new digital assets, avatar customizations, weapons, and environments.

  • Metaverse Action Game eSports Tournaments icon
    eSports Tournaments

    Organize and host action game tournaments in the metaverse, generating revenue from ticket sales, sponsorship, and participation fees.

  • Metaverse Action Game Gas Fees icon
    Gas Fees

    Charge a specific percentage of total earnings whenever players trade, sell, or buy NFTs or digital assets on the metaverse action game platform.

  • Metaverse Action Game In-App Purchases icon
    In-App Purchases

    Metaverse action game platforms offer players digital assets such as avatars, weapons and costume upgrades to enhance gaming experience.

  • Metaverse Action Game Advertisements icon

    Earn revenue by displaying other brands’ ads on the metaverse action game. Earn a share whenever a player clicks on the ad and buys the product.

  • Metaverse Action Game Play To Earn icon
    Play To Earn

    Players can earn rewards in crypto in the metaverse action game. You can earn a share of the revenue from those rewards and also enhance your customer base.

Metaverse Action Games Tech Stack

Our metaverse action games solutions are built using the most advanced and latest tech stack. With our expertise in the next gen tools and technologies, we deliver games that are at par with ones leading the market.

  • html 5 icon


  • css3 icon


  • Reactjs icon


  • Websocket icon


  • Web3js icon


  • Solidity icon


  • Rust icon


  • Node.js icon


  • React Native icon

    React Native

  • DocumentDB icon


  • MongoDB icon


  • Ethereum icon


  • Solana icon


  • ARToolKit icon


  • Unreal Engine icon

    Unreal Engine

  • Unity icon


  • Google ARcore icon

    Google ARcore

  • MQTT icon


  • Azure IoT Hub icon

    Azure IoT Hub

  • Lorawan icon


  • AWS Sage Maker icon

    AWS Sage Maker

  • TensorFlow icon


  • Maxst AR icon

    Maxst AR

  • Apple ARkit icon

    Apple ARkit

Hire The Best Metaverse Action Game Development Company

Suffescom is a leading metaverse game development company with experience in developing out-of-the-box gaming platforms with mind blowing features. Contact us today and start your metaverse action game development journey.

Top Action Games In Metaverse

Here we are listing the top action games in the metaverse. You can take ideas from one of these games that will give you a vision of how your game will look like, and you can also determine features and graphics:

  • Phantom Galaxies Metaverse Action Game
    Phantom Galaxies
  • Big Time Metaverse Action Game
    Big Time
  • Elden Ring Metaverse Action Game
    Elden Ring
  • Illuvium Metaverse Action Game
  • Fortnite Metaverse Action Game
  • Splinterlands Metaverse Action Game
  • DeFi kingdom Metaverse Action Game
    DeFi kingdom
  • Roblox Metaverse Action Game

Why Choose Suffescom For Metaverse Action Game Development?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your metaverse action game development project:

  • Modern Technology

    Our team of experts is up-to-date with the latest technology, which helps us deliver top-graded metaverse action game development solutions for you. We always keep an eye on insights of blockchain networks, metaverse, AR/VR, AI, and many more to implement them successfully for your game business.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We believe in 100% transparent pricing. We don’t charge anything extra that has been discussed already. Whether it is related to development or any sort of pricing model, our discussed charge will be fixed until you ask us to implement additional characteristics into the development.

  • Vast Experience

    At Suffescom, our team of 750+ experienced developers who are qualified to create any type of metaverse game solution can help you deliver a top-quality gaming platform that can set your business to another height of success. With us, you can avail high graphic and capitative sound games to drive the audience.

  • 24/7 Support

    Here at Suffescom, our development team is not bound to any clock or any continental time zone. It is our work ethic to complete the task with success and satisfaction, but if you still find something which is not adjusting to your needs, feel free to connect with us at any time for support.

  • Social Media Integration

    We consider social media integration as a parameter of metaverse game development because it is a way where gamers can call for a match, invite their friends and create a squad for gameplay. It is like indirect promotion of your game, and your gaming business can reach a high number of audience.

  • Realistic Approach

    Our team of game developers understands how to connect human psychology with machines. We create realistic in-game graphic elements like trees, weapons, vehicles, buildings, and expressions that look exactly real. This way, your game can connect to the emotion of players and retain user engagement.

FAQs Related to Metaverse Action Games Development

Answering the most common question about metaverse action game development.

  • How much does metaverse action game development cost?

    Metaverse action game development cost ranges from $50,000 to $400k. The cost varies depending on the project requirements. Talk to our experts to get a cost estimation for your project.

    How long does it take to develop a metaverse action game?

    Metaverse action game development can take 3 months to 9 months or more. The duration is completely dependent on the specifications of the project, demands of the client and manpower involved, among other factors.

  • What types of metaverse action game can you create?

    The genres of our metaverse action games include, fighting, racing, shooting, battle arenas, RPG and more.

    How do I begin the development process of metaverse action game?

    You can reach out to our experts and have your first free consultation. Discuss your idea with the team and begin your journey.

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