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Being a crew of dedicated web and mobile app designers and developers, we aim at taking over the digital world by utilizing our knowledge and talent. We use the advanced technologies (For Mobile: React Native, Node.js/Express.js, MongoDB, Sockets.io, React.js, Redux, Material UI and For Web: PHP, Angular, Nodejs, HTML 5, Wordpress, Magento etc.) to create highly functional platforms.



Once you hire us for your project, we will delve deeper and analyse your business requirements for a website or a mobile application. We listen to you to know the features you want as must-haves.

It is much important to understand the core responsibilities of a business before designing its website. We at Suffescom Solutions, analyze different things about your business; we compare it with your competitors and determine what different features you are offering. After analyzing you main business goals, we determine the requirements for your website that will make it represent your business to the best.



In the planning stage, a mockup for an app or a website is created on the basis of the information collected in the previous section to make you imagine how an application or a website will look like once properly developed.

Having a clear understanding of your business goals and the target audience, our professionals will do the research while determining how an application or a website will be used. Whether it is a user-interface or the inner structure of the website, everything is planned in this phase. Though the layout will let you understand the website's functionality but our designers will create the mockup for the website in the case you want its visual representation.



During the communication phase, we will explain you in detail about the design and functionality of a website or a mobile application. We will tell you the strategy we would be following and will ask you for your approval.

Communication is an important phase of the process in which we provide you the mockup and explain all about the design and functionality of the website. You can check the mockup and can make us know if any change is required. Whether it is your suggestions or queries, all are welcomed during this phase. We recommend you best technology for your website along with informing you about all the possible options.



Once we feel that all the required information is gathered, we start with the designing process. It is the phase when your website or an application takes shape through graphics and the visual content that includes images, videos, text etc.

During the design phase, ideas are implemented while incorporating the best designing technologies to create a stunning page. Special attention is given to design business logos, finalizing color schemes and creating an interactive user interface that would offer easy and direct navigation options. Making your application responsive is also an important task included in the designing phase.



The development phase brings life to your mobile application or a website that has been shaped during the design phase. Coding for the finalized design is done and implemented to add desired functionality.

All the tasks are identified and verification for the concepts is done by the development team before starting with the actual coding. It is from the starting of the development process that the unit functional tests are conducted to ensure that the features are performing as desired. Everything in the development process is tested, analyzed and refined until it is fully developed, to make certain that the website offers the desired functionality.



Though the testing is done side by side in the development phase but testing of different elements is done after the development to determine the errors and fix them before the website or an application is made live.

Each and every component is tested across the multiple browsers to make sure that the navigation options and the interface are optimal to ensure best user experience and for representing your business to the best. The main purpose of the testing phase is to fix all the errors and to make sure that an application fulfils the purpose it is designed for. Testing ensures the harmonious execution of your page.


Go Live

Launching your application or a web page means putting it in front of the public and we ensure to do it the right way. When the application or a website is tested and reviewed, it is launched only after your approval.

Although the website or an application has been thoroughly tested in the testing phase, our developers give it one more round of testing before it is put on the live server. The final testing not only focuses on the functionality but it also includes spell checking, cross-browser, code validation and verifying all the links. The code for Google Analytics and the other conversion tracking codes are also checked before putting the site on the live server.

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