Enterprises 3D Model And Objects Development: 3D Environment Solutions

Enterprises 3D Model And Objects Development: 3D Environment Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

June 20, 2023

Enterprises 3D Model And Objects Development: 3D Environment Solutions

Gone are the days when businesses could not think beyond 2D. The technology has reached a point where any brand or business can give its end-user a life-like experience.

In fact, today, we have metaverse technology where users can live in the moment without leaving their comfy homes. What makes all this possible? Well, it is a combination of technologies that can deliver anything a business wants for its users when employed by the right professionals.

One such technology is 3D modeling.

3D modeling isn’t something recent. It has been there since the 1980s. But today, its scope has increased. Its use case does not limit to a video or movie. In fact, businesses of all sectors can utilize this technology and get results they never expected.

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3D Object Creation Services in Metaverse: What Does It Include?

Virtual Reality Avatars Using 3D Modeling

In the metaverse, interactions become more immersive with the help of digital avatars. These avatars are designed to be exact replicas of the user. Everything is made to replicate the real-world user, from facial features to mannerisms. These avatars can also be created to be hyper-realistic using 3D modeling technology.

Virtual reality avatars development using 3D modeling involves the following

  • Creation of 3D avatars
  • Editing of 3D avatars
  • Sharing of 3D avatars
  • Customizations (clothes, facial features)

3D avatars can be customized for animations, games, simulations or any other virtual reality platform.

3D Metaverse Environment

3D model creation services can create any environment in the metaverse. Whether you need a yoga studio to start yoga class in the metaverse or open a shopping mall, everything can be recreated virtually.

Using 3D object creation services, you can decide on what features you need and build the same for your platform. The developer will create any ecosystem or scenery based on your requirements.

3D Assets in the Metaverse

3D modeling companies create 3D assets for the metaverse to create any ecosystem you want. These 3D assets are based on the project. Each aspect of the virtual ecosystem is made using 3D files or assets replicating and bringing the real world to the virtual space. Companies can get 3D assets from an existing inventory or create one from scratch for your project.

High and Low Poly 3D Models

Our products are created with high poly and low poly 3D models. Based on the scene's requirements, we create 3D models that best suit that space. This helps us maintain efficiency and high performance in the final product.

3D Rendering

With advanced 3D rendering services, visualize the 3D designs from different perspectives, under different lighting and scenes and optimize the details until it best fits your project’s requirements. 

3D Animation for 3D Models

With advanced 3D animation, we will add life to your project. With animated 3D figures or scenes, create a more immersive space to show processes, the interior of a structure, product details and functioning and more.

360 Product View

Present a more comprehensive view or tour of your product with a 360 view. Animate the details and enhance the features with 3D modeling to present your products in a more attractive light. Users can experience the product in the virtual space and make a more stern decision about the purchase.

Industries Revolutionized By 3D Model Creation Services in the Metaverse

One of the most well-known uses of 3D modeling design can be seen in the film and entertainment industry. But, while these are the most obvious use cases, businesses that have expanded to the meta universe can explore a major benefit with 3D modeling services. Implementing 3D object creation services can enhance various areas of their operations. Let’s have a look at a few of them

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry embraced the metaverse technology for its ability to enhance designing, manufacturing and designing. 3D modeling can come in handy at every phase of automotive manufacturing. From design to testing, there’s a use case at every stage.

Unlike earlier times, the automotive manufacturing company can complete the lifecycle of a vehicle in the virtual world without having to spend costs on real parts, space and testing.

Automotive engineers can design every piece of complex machinery in detail virtually and combine them to ensure optimal working. The process can also be used to identify errors and design issues and make the enhancements without having to create a real prototype. The overall process reduces cost, increases efficiency and makes the entire creation process less time-consuming.

With digital twins of machinery, the engineers can simulate weather conditions, road conditions, accidents and other scenarios to test and even predict the product's performance.


The manufacturing industry also utilizes virtual space through 3D modeling and design. Products can be replicated into the metaverse in 3D for ‘n’ number of manipulations and testing.

An additional advantage here is in terms of consumer satisfaction. Manufacturers can use the 3D virtual replica to give users the feel of the product. And if it does not feel right, expensive rework can be reduced by taking care of the customizations or changes using the 3D modeling software for redesign and rendering.

Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse games are a step ahead of other games as they provide an added aspect of immersiveness. It is with 3D model creation that a game is made immersive. It is used in building characters, scenes, environments and basically everything you see in the game.

Game development tools like Unity have editors that enable developers to create high-quality and compatible 3D VR components for game scenes.  

Healthcare and Research

There are multiple hospitals in the metaverse offering care and guidance virtually. While this area is still at its prime and growing, doctors and patients can connect virtually via avatars. In this case, the avatars, as well as the digital twin of the hospital, will be created using advanced 3D modeling technology.

Research facilities in the metaverse are also powered by 3D modeling and design technology to allow virtual experiments. Researchers can simulate experiment conditions and even repeat the scenarios without worrying about wasting resources.


From the corporate sectors to the manufacturing industry, training using metaverse technology has become an easy way of onboarding and training. Companies can create modules in virtual training spaces using 3D modeling and provide training immersively and effectively. The best part is that modules created once can be used multiple times, which is more cost-effective than training physically.

In fact, there are even metaverse for military drills and training spaces where 3D object creation services are used to create weapons, simulate dangerous situations and customize maps for trainees.


Metaverse ecommerce store solution a completely new shopping experience. With 3D model creation services, stores can create 3D models or even a 360° view for online visualization.

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What 3D Modeling Design Services Can Do For Your Business?

3D Modeling Design Services can be incorporated into your business in multiple ways. Regardless of scale, every industry and business venture can use 3D modeling to enhance business operations. There’s scope for 3D modeling services in every area, from manufacturing to marketing. Let’s go through a few of them:

Identify Issues

3D modeling offers an efficient way to identify not only the existing issues but also the potential ones.

In product designing, 3D model creation services can be used to create simulations of the product and view its performance without burning resources. It can run complicated mechanisms in softwares like CAD and automatically identify mistakes or issues. It helps make optimizations to enhance performance without spending resources on real-life testing.

Improve Customer Understanding

With 3D modeling, products can be enhanced to look realistic, creating more appeal for the product. Likewise, businesses can opt for setting up virtual tours to get more customer insights and understand customer behavior better. This data can further be used to make optimizations and improve results.

Create Realistic Prototypes

Businesses can develop realistic concepts or prototypes using 3D object creation services. The technology will help build prototypes and run simulations, decreasing the process of creating a new prototype for every minor tweak.

Also, realistic prototypes are a great way to speed up the decision-making process of the end user. Businesses can create a 3D product that will replicate the real product, allowing users to see what they will get and thus make an informed decision. The replicas of real-life projects are also called digital twins.

You can create a digital twin of basically anything that exists in the physical world. Whether it’s a school, a shopping mall or your favorite car, 3D modeling technology can be used to replicate that in the virtual world. This way, digital twin prototypes can be used to test, monitor, analyze, and predict.

3D Modeling for Promotions and Branding

3D modeling services can be implemented to create interactive and more effective promotional campaigns.

For starters, you can create product promotions without needing a prototype. Products can be created using 3D modeling software. It also allows for endless variations by manipulating the product without creating a prototype.

Businesses can also move beyond the conventional 2D content and present more interactive display content where users can zoom in or out and rotate the product for a 360° view. Likewise, businesses can animate the functions and features of the app to make more convincing marketing content and increase the chances of conversions.

3D modeling can also be an effective way of marketing in offline stores. Businesses can create 3D or VR models to showcase their product catalogs. For instance, a furniture shop can skip renting a huge space to display different items by creating space for virtual showrooms. Users can explore different items, their quality, possible customizations and other information virtually.

Compatible Results

3D designs are made using CAD software. These are then exported in STL or OBJ formats, making them very compatible with most websites and mobile apps.

What Are The Best 3D Modeling Software's Of 2024?

3D modeling softwares have grown in number since it became popular. As we have discussed already, 3D modeling has use cases in every industry. However, the requirements for each can be different. Based on these different requirements, businesses can go for the following 3D modeling softwares that will be widely used in 2024.


Unity is a great tool for 3D model animation and manipulation. 3D specialists can utilize it for prototyping, 3D character modeling, virtual world creation and 3D models for mobile games.


Blender is a free 3D modeling tool that is a great option for freelancers, startups or projects with a low budget. From rendering, modeling and sculpting to scripting, VFX and animation, it can be used for everything.

Autodesk Maya

Maya holds a reputation for being one of the best tools among 3D artists for simple and complex animations. Some of its exciting features include Bifrost, Time Editor, Graph Editor, NURBS Modeling and Polygon Modeling, to name a few.


ZBrush is primarily a digital solution for sculpting and 3D printing. Unlike other tools, ZBrush does not use CAD. Instead, it uses 3D pixels to produce models. The tool is accepted as a professional 3D sculpting software for its ability to provide custom options and models with depth.

3D Model Creation Services for All Industries

Whether it’s Automotive, Education or Healthcare, we can find the best way to include 3D object creation services in your business. 

How Much Does 3D Modeling Cost Per Hour?

3D model creation services can cost $40-$250 per hour. The cost is determined by the professionals you hire after they evaluate your requirements.

Factors like the complexity of the 3D models, the type of metaverse platform, the business niche and project requirements determine the final cost of 3D modeling services.

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