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AI Development For Healthcare - The Next-Gen Solution

By Suffescom Solutions

May 24, 2023

AI Development For Healthcare - The Next-Gen Solution

AI is everywhere. And for good reasons. It has the potential to make business operations more efficient, leaving you with an organization that can focus on growth while AI handles the rest.

Healthcare is one industry where AI has an immense advantage. For instance, hospitals and other healthcare institutions see a huge footfall. So if it takes 3 people to manage the data of 500 patients, the same can easily be managed by one well-built software integrated with advanced AI. This ultimately creates a more efficient system of management and operations.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can optimize your healthcare business with the right AI development services. Align them to your requirements and see the growth that follows. Suffescom Solutions Inc. can help you start on the right foot. Consult experts and find the right AI solution for your needs.

But before you begin, there’s one obvious question - why do you need AI in healthcare?

Develop Your AI-Powered Healthcare System With Us

AI in healthcare holds a lot of potential for creating efficient management systems. Suffescom can help you leverage the benefits of AI healthcare with our expertise in AI and other latest technologies. Our experts are ready to consult and develop an AI-powered healthcare systems.

Future of AI in Healthcare

Let’s walk through some noteworthy facts about AI in healthcare.

  • According to a survey conducted in Asia Pacific and South America, 64% of clinicians believe that most clinical decisions will be made using AI tools in less than a decade.
  • 38% of healthcare providers in the US reported that they are likely to incorporate AI into their practice.
  • MarketsandMarkets predicts that the value of AI in the Healthcare market will grow from USD 14.6 Billion in 2023 to USD 102.7 Billion by 2028.

These stats prove the power AI holds in the healthcare market. With this information, let’s move on to how your healthcare business can utilize artificial intelligence.

AI Use Cases in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence in healthcare can be molded to perform ‘n’ number of functions. The ability to train AI as per the use case makes it a technology worth investing in. Here are a few common use cases of AI in healthcare.

1. Schedule Patient Appointments

AI in scheduling can help tackle the issue of unorganized appointments. Using AI, you can integrate your emails and synchronize the calendar to determine the availability of doctors. Additionally, AI observes user behavior and uses historical medical data to optimize schedules. As for patients, they can use AI to get doctor information, directions and details about the facility.

2. Billing, Payments and Insurance Claims

ERP softwares can be integrated with AI-powered invoice processing automation that will automate all patient invoices. It will check all customer data and invoice details before initiating a payment. Automated data entry minimizes human errors, leading to more accurate results. Additionally, the IPA keeps track of historical data to determine whether to commence a payment or hold it for review. AI-powered software can also be leveraged to automate insurance claims with unbiased data-based decisions.

3. Robot Surgeries

AI has the ability to make surgeries more accurate and effective for doctors as well as patients. AI can help with preoperative planning and minimally invasive surgeries like tissue tracking.

Additionally, computer-manipulated surgical instruments powered by AI and ML can be used to handle the complex parts of surgery. It will further help reduce fluctuations and lower expenditure by enhancing patient outcomes.

4. Patient Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence can be used to identify patterns in structured and unstructured data. By analyzing clinical documentation, doctors can avoid missing out on generally overlooked issues and provide a more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatments. Analysis of historical data also helps predict the development of chronic or acute illnesses.

5. Research and Development

AI has transformed the R&D space. AI’s features create a more efficient process for drug research, discovery and re-purposing. Its advantages also extend to healthcare training by means of realistic simulations and sessions that can be adjusted based on historical data to match the trainee's progress. Apparently, the most appreciated use case of AI is in remote training and on-boarding by automating tasks such as data management and improving communication.

6. Marketing

Healthcare marketing with AI offers an opportunity to predict and outreach the audience better. For instance, AI can help determine the availability of patients for clinical trials. It’s an effective tool in recruitment marketing campaigns too. AI can analyze patient visit trends using historical data and predict staffing needs. Chatbots can help with patient retention by improving the engagement of users on the website.

7. Fraud Management and Security

AI combined with machine learning have improved the capabilities of software to detect fraud. The traditional rule-based systems are complex and require the creation of a completely new rule whenever a new pattern is detected. As for AI, it can handle huge datasets of different varieties and spot fraudulent activities easily.

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Scale Your Healthcare Business With Our AI Solutions For Healthcare

At Suffescom, our highly-skilled developers can help you adopt AI solutions for healthcare and develop efficient AI healthcare systems. Contact our experts today and build a robust and scalable AI-powered application with us.

AI Solutions for Healthcare

As of 2024, AI is widely used in healthcare to estimate the combination's upward direction. Organizations and institutions can integrate this technology in multiple ways. AI development services from a reliable company can cover the requirement of your project and deliver the product you need. Here are a few AI solutions for healthcare that are prominent today.


Integrate the right AIOps system to your platform and manage the operations workflow. It manages the data of all monitoring, ticketing and other systems within the platform and creates a streamlined flow. It can detect any flaws in real time and prevents any disruption due to MTTD/R (mean time to detect/resolve).

IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant)

AI-enabled IVA analyzes individual customer information of the present and past to determine the right solution for them. It is made to interact with users in a conversational and sophisticated way and personalize their experience. With AI Chatbot Development Services, you can build a user-friendly experience for patients visiting your platform.

Medical Image Viewing Software

Medical image viewing software integrated with AI or deep learning software helps in better analysis of 2D or 3D images to identify illnesses, specifically cancer. It can further be used to scan the affected area and monitor progress.

Technologies Used for AI Development in Healthcare

The following technologies power the next-gen artificial intelligence that takes healthcare to another level of efficiency:

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows AI to be self-sustainable. The software will be able to adjust to the new and existing data and train itself to manage data better and provide solutions.

Business Intelligence

BI or business intelligence allows organizations to avoid errors and inconsistencies in data. It manages and organizes the data produced by the everyday activities of a business, in this case, a healthcare organization.

Natural Language Processing

NLP or natural language processing, is primarily used in adding sense to huge, meaningless data sets. It can turn free text data into standardized data easily. Additionally, clinicians can easily transcribe their voice notes into EHR data entry via NLP-powered voice recognition technology.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA in healthcare can replace human errors by managing most manual tasks and high-volume processes. It can work 24/7, leaving no room for downtime. It ensures more productivity and higher compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

Computer Vision

Computer vision helps with better image processing and thus allows doctors to detect abnormalities and possible complications better using digital scans.

Predictive Learning

By means of predictive learning, healthcare institutions can predict and segregate high-risk patients from low-risk ones. It can also be used to improve operations by managing patient discharge time.

Cost of AI Development in Healthcare

The cost of AI development in healthcare range from $5000 to $300,000. The price will depend on several factors, such as the type of software, the technologies involved, the purpose of the AI and the volume of tasks, to name a few. Here’s a general AI development cost breakdown.

Prototype Development$25000 on-wards
Software Cost$30,000-$50,000
Hardware Cost$400- 15000
Maintenance Starting from $40,000/year

Every AI-powered healthcare project caters to different aspects of operations and therefore calls for a different tech stack. This is why AI development costs vary from one project to another. You must settle with a reliable AI Development Company to get the best cost estimation for your project. The team will evaluate your requirements, address your concerns and define the best road-map along with the cost.

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Embrace The Advantages Of AI Development In Healthcare

Suffescom is backed up by 750+ experts and has built over 150 apps in total. We can help your healthcare business dive into AI quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with our experts today.

AI Solutions for Healthcare With Suffescom

Suffescom’s AI expertise extends to multiple industry verticals. From education and healthcare to travel, event management and finance, we have a team that excels in AI technology and can face any challenge. Our team will give you a no-obligation consultation if you are ready to begin your AI journey. We will evaluate your requirements, discuss the technology stack and give you an estimate.

By collaborating with us, you get access to a skillful team that:

  • Has an experience of more than 13+ years in the IT industry.
  • Has a team of more than 750 members spread across the globe.
  • Has a rating of 4.8/5 on Clutch and 5/5 on GoodFirms.
  • Offers 24/7 customer service.
  • Provides transparent and affordable pricing.

So, are you ready for your AI solution? Give us a call and begin your journey today.

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