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Build A Custom-Fit AirTasker Clone With Our Whitelabel AirTasker App Script

By Suffescom Solutions

September 05, 2023

Build A Custom-Fit AirTasker Clone With Our Whitelabel AirTasker App Script

Develop an AirTasker like app that provides businesses with the powerful solutions to launch their services in the online marketplace. With the AirTasker Clone script, our developers will quickly build the app completely integrated with top-notch features and designs. Talk to our experts at Suffescom and get started with your development journey.

P2P Service Marketplace Like Airtasker

AirTasker Clone is a peer-to-peer service marketplace where users are able to outsource their daily tasks with a unique budget. Our white label AirTasker clone is 100% customizable and offers services like plumbing, gardening, furniture assembly, TV mounting, home cleaning, and more.

Work with the experts at Suffescom and develop a feature-rich app that will help you elevate your business growth and drive massive sales.

Key Highlights Of AirTasker Clone

  1. The on-demand home service market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.8%.
  2. The integration of artificial intelligence will further enhance efficiency.
  3. The key players in the on-demand business market are Amazon Home Services, TaskRabbit, HomeAdvisor, etc.
  4. The primary source of generating money is via service and booking fees.

White Label AirTasker App: Exciting Features

Suffescom has the expertise to develop numerous applications across different domains with exciting functionalities for both businesses and users. Our AirTasker clone app has the following features:

Post A Task

The AirTasker clone app allows the users to post the task with all the necessary details, like prices and location.

Task Bidding

With this feature, the app members bid on the desired services by looking at the task and its price.

Browse Task

Allows the users to browse the tasks related to cleaning, mounting and installation, furniture assembly, home repairs, etc.

In-App Chat

Enables seamless interaction between the task givers, receivers, and the admin that is completely monitored by the app owner.


Whitelabel AirTasker app includes all the insights and key metrics visible on the dashboard through graphical representations.

Task Scheduling

With easy task scheduling, the user can schedule tasks as much as 6 months ahead to avoid missed dates or lack of availability.

Push Notifications

AirTasker like app provide alerts, notifications, and reminders regarding new offers, discounts, coupons, upgrades, etc.

Location-Based Pricing

AirTasker clone allots tasks and fixes the price rates based on the location and the distance between two parties.

Automated Payments

After completing the tasks, the tasker will pay out for the services with just a single click through the secure payment gateways.

Develop A Whitelabel AirTasker App To Outsource Everyday Tasks Business

Start your Utilize our whitelabel AirTasker app development services and develop a highly scalable AirTasker clone. With our AirTasker clone script, enjoy the features that will fetch you the desired results. Book a free consultation and get answers to all your questions.

Add-On Features Of AirTasker Like App

Our white label AirTasker app has additional features that completely transform the working of the entire platform and uplift the app's aesthetics.

Search Bar

AirTasker like app restrict the service categories and provide users with the best search options.

Multi-Language Support

Our AirTasker clone app supports multiple languages, making it easy for the users to easily navigate through the entire app.

User Management

Our white label AirTasker app has an admin panel that seamlessly handles both the service providers and the customers.

Pre-Booking Attribute

Our white label AirTasker app helps in pre-booking the services with a specific time and date to avoid waiting time.

Review And Ratings

AirTasker like app allows taskers to rate the job performed by the personnel along with appropriate reviews.

Referrals And Promotion

With this feature of AirTasker clone app, the app owners will boost their overall sales and maintain client retention rate.

Accept/Reject Tasks

The personnel will accept and reject the tasks through this option, depending upon their availability.

Badges Feature

Provides badges to the tasker, such as a partner, ID, license badge, etc., that will aid in developing trust among the community.

Business Benefits Of Developing AirTasker Like App

Our white label AirTasker app exhibits amazing benefits that will aid in your business growth. Leverage the potential of our AirTasker clone script and build an AirTasker clone app that will highly increase your business performance.

Stronger Brand Identity

Our AirTasker app will help you develop a strong identity for your business by offering the services to the clients at the appropriate time. Using the insights from the app, you can help in a better understanding of your target audience to enhance the quality of services provided by your app.

Customer Engagement

With our AirTasker clone app, you can develop a better connection with the customers by sending them constant notifications about promotions and sales alerts. Moreover, with social media integration, you can connect with the customers on the social platforms to attract the new ones.

Enhance Customer Interaction

With the availability of smart devices, you can create cross-channel marketing possibilities that help elevate customer interaction. Our AirTasker app is extremely user-friendly, leading to superior customer experience and more conversions.

Boosted Sales And ROI

Launch your own white label AirTasker app that is embedded with intuitive features and design. Marvelous features and functionalities highly attract customers, resulting in boosted sales and high returns on investments.

Customer Loyalty

Our AirTasker clone app supports loyalty programs, which is the most convenient way to boost revenue. Attributes like offering rewards and discounts work well and compel the customers to attract new and retain older ones.

Revenue Model Of Our AirTasker Clone App

The main reason to develop a white label AirTasker app is to earn huge money and generate extensive leads. Leverage the potential of our AirTasker clone app and take your business to new heights.

Commission fee

The app owner will receive a fair amount of commission fee against the listed services on the AirTasker clone app.

In-app Ads

The advertisements posted on the AirTasker like app generate increased money, resulting in massive revenue generation.

Subscription Fees

Our AirTasker clone app is free to download, but to gain access to the exclusive features, extra money is charged on a monthly or yearly basis.


Add sponsored content on your AirTasker like app and enjoy the amazing revenue benefits.


On your AirTasker clone app, you can provide space for the promotions and in exchange of that charge money.

Empower Your Business And Build An Extraordinary Global Presence With Our White Label AirTasker App

Want to boost sales and earn huge profits with an elevated revenue stream? At Suffescom, we use futuristic technologies that will help you develop extraordinary AirTasker clone apps. For more information, talk to our experts Now!

How Much Does It Cost To Build An AirTasker Like App?

Our white label AirTasker app development cost ranges from $10k-$50k. Depending upon the level of customization, the prices are subject to change. Below, we have illustrated some of the factors that affect the cost;

  1. Latest tech stacks
  2. Integrated features
  3. App complexity
  4. Location of the developers
  5. UI/UX design
  6. Size of the development firm
  7. Development process

Choose Suffescom As Your Ultimate White Label AirTasker App Development Partner!

Suffescom is a worthy on demand mobile app development company that has helped several businesses across the globe develop clone apps for various niches. With 13+ years of proven experience in the IT industry, we will help you develop a perfect AirTasker clone app with our ready-made AirTasker clone script.

Not convinced yet? Check out the following pointers that make us distinct from the rest of our competitors.

  • 100% Customization
  • Expert Professionals
  • Agile Methodologies
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Pocket-Friendly Prices
  • Result-Oriented Approach
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Free Server Installations

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