AR/VR In Interior Design - The Future of Interior Design

AR/VR In Interior Design - The Future of Interior Design

By Suffescom Solutions

November 23, 2022

AR/VR In Interior Design - The Future of Interior Design

For a long time, architects and designers have used 2D modes to create drawings for team discussions on a specific project. Though 2D mappings have been at the fingertips of architects and interior designers for ages, it becomes tough to search for references while conducting meetings. 3D modeling and rendering will be highly useful in creating hyper-realistic designs with references that can be understood even by the non-experts outside the team.

3D renderings in scaling assist in creating an excellent visualization of the project with a futuristic set of technologies like AR and VR. This is why the new age architects are switching to these technologies so that both businesses and customers can get a better view of their projects through the immersive experience that virtual reality offers.

The interior design market has budded massively after the pandemic era, with a total revenue of $23.8B in 2022. Thus, the architects use AR/VR to bring their floor plans successfully to life.

Are you looking for an opportunity to create an interior design application that functions with cutting-edge technological solutions like AR and VR? Well, we at Suffescom Solutions, a reliable Augmented & Virtual Reality App Development Company, have the ideal app ready to be customized as per your requirements.

Let us elaborate on our product features and benefits deeply through this blog.

Introducing AR/VR In Interior Design

With the passing years, every industry is trying to adopt modern and futuristic work modes for better sales. With virtual showroom in metaverse, brands can now showcase their products and services within an immersive and interactive environment. This upgrade is a tremendous reformation in the interior design industry that previously relied on 2D designs and maps that were difficult for businesses to understand.

The hypothetically realistic product created by modern-day designers will surely serve as a glimpse into the future of architecture. At the same time, AR in interior designing allows businesses to visualize 3D models of furnishings straight into a real environment.

This will help to picture how the final and physical project would look after the work gets done. Virtual reality in interior designing will help create a structured virtual space using 3D models of several products to create interesting virtual 3D designs. Augmented reality procures images of objects popping in the living room in 3D space, just like the popular game of Pokemon Go.

To understand the usage of AR/VR in interior design better, let us go through some of the Apps already in the market.

Augmented Reality In Interior Designing: Apps On The Market

IKEA Place:

Furniture showroom in metaverse are building a new-generation furniture buying and selling trend. AR app is useful in permitting the mapping and measuring of a space where the furniture is destined to be placed. IKEA predicts that through the apps 3D and true to scale features, customers can enjoy up to 98% accuracy on their furnishing. This app excels in solving several practical design problems easily. This is an ideal app used by clients directly for simple household interior designs.


This is also a popular home designing app in the market where users can click photos of the rooms in real-time and then try out numerous looks for designing their spaces. The design is then submitted for the creation of the finalized virtual design through white-label furnishings available in the app itself. The user then finally gets the design within a matter of an hour.


This is clearly a Google AR App that eases mappings of interior designs in (CAD) with just a few simple sets of steps, like through your phone. The Measure App uses a low AR level tool, but other apps like IKEA use models that will allow your customers to select and place 3D furnishing models directly in a room.

What Are The Reasons To Create A Virtual Room Design App?

Let us look at some of the points about the need for investments in creating virtual room designs.

Price deductions

The application's range of options might result in instant real-time changes in data. It will cut many expenses for both the users and the designers. This will result in required designs and materials to be low.

More efficient use of time

Interior designing requires the architects to keep visiting the site daily for hours. But with the help of this technological advancement, they can work from the comfort of their houses. The customers will also benefit from selecting their preferred changes without the expense of any additional costs that are generally required in an onsite job.

Better options to share and discuss

Before the thoughts of virtual interior design came into the picture, any modifications were done on the site itself. With the adoption of VR, people can share their experiences virtually and even ask for feedback from their customers. And with virtual feedback, you won't be required to make site visits even at the slightest inconvenience.

Enhance Your Business With An AR Interior Design App

Explore the innovative world of 3D technologies with topmost AR/VR Software Development Company - Suffescom Solutions. Whether you have a high-level idea or a detailed concept of an interior design AR app, we are is ready to assist you!

Assets become more informed

Even professionals like Interior designers and architects can make mistakes sometimes. While these mistakes are disastrous in a physical project, the app can predict upcoming issues in a virtual one.

Premium Mode

Investors can make a great amount of money by providing a premium mode in which the business owner can increase his income by giving paid subscriptions to their users. Through these paid subscriptions, users can leverage upgraded services like furnishings that a classic user cannot access.

Use Cases of AR/VR In Interior Design:

Let us go through some important use cases in VR/AR in Interior Designing.

Realistic Interior

Through AR/VR, any unfurnished property can be viewed with the furnishing, giving the clients a better review option. Businesses can leverage this by adding furnishings and thus offer a richer client experience.

Landscaping and Exterior

Businesses can use AR/VR to create 3D-rendered architecture for interiors and the landscape surrounding the property. The prototypes for residential purposes can be set with a bunch of pre-made landscapes, thus providing the clientele with a rich and realistic virtual experience.

AR/VR Shops

AR/VR Apps that are equipped with 3D models of designing furniture and decor products are placed virtually in home environments. This will help the interior designing businesses and users with a confident purchase.

Designing Interior Architecture

AR/VR apps ease the interior architects in creating a structure’s walls, stairs, and other layouts at a faster speed with many pre-made designs that can be fit in with the app’s system itself. This eases the communication between the business and the client and smoothens the design approvals.

Service Brochures

Image creation has helped the interior design industry create service brochures and pamphlets. But with the use of AR/VR, business owners can create it in the form of a video presentation that will be more appealing to the clients.

Visualization of Interior Design

AR apps that help interior designers create a personalized home or office design by utilizing third-party or custom-designed 3D models of furniture, appliances, and other items. Increases customer satisfaction and speeds up deal closing.


With AR/VR, the interior designers can not just create new design ideas or use the ones that exist online but also continue learning.

Panoramic Virtual Tour

Interior design architects can create a 360-degree panoramic tour of the entire property through AR/VR, increasing client traffic and enabling the user to tour the property through a metaverse avatar. The client can view the property with the landscaping for a better idea of the entire project.

Top Features of Suffescom’s VR In Interior Design

The virtual reality home design app built by Suffescom Solutions for business owners is set to redefine how virtual home design apps can completely reform the interior design industry. Let us look at some of the features of our interior design app.

360 Degree Room and Furniture View

A 360-degree view of the furniture and the room for your customers to visualize their final space matching the eye level. The final view feature is the evergreen feature of many interior apps that even worked without using AR/VR.

Efficient Floor Planning

Visualizing a space will become easy with floor plans, and the designing of layouts of rooms while utilizing the maximum floor spaces will also become convenient.

Real-Time Customization

The real-time customization feature can reveal the altered digital environment within a fraction of a second. Users can see the reflected changes with a blink in the selected area in real time.

Realistic Physics

Realistic physics fades the line that differentiates the physical and digital worlds. This will make the experience more relatable to your users for a better user flow. Realistic physics would mean that if the avatar has lifted some heavy objects, the user will find the object tough to relocate compared to lighter objects.

Virtual Walk-through

This feature will enable your users to walk freely in a virtual space, pause, and focus on the required areas. This will allow your users' avatars to interact with the object and help them clearly analyze furniture dimensions as per their body measurements.

Light Management System

Any physical space will look different with different lighting. This can also mean that a room will look different in the sun and moonlight. These features allow users to add day and night modes and analyze the room while customizing the light sources.

VR Model Costs For Interior Design

The cost of developing a VR Interior Design App would depend completely upon our client's requirements. If the project's complexity scale of the project is rather large, then the price might be near $100,000.

Generally, the price to develop an AR/VR-based Interior Design app will range from $10,000 to $100,000. The charges for creating a room interior model would be around $90. The cost for the entire building will be close to $120. Usually, freelancers charge a lot for these projects, so investors prefer outsourcing the project to a team of AR/VR developers.

Choosing The Best AR/VR Software Development Company For Interior Business

Want to implement AR/VR in your interior design business? Look no where! We are ready to provide both consulting and development services for your AR interior design project.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions Inc.?

  • Suffescom offers the best metaverse devlopment solutions and has a massive team of developers in Unreal, Unity, and other VR-related engines for the best graphics and design of the app.

  • Multiple experts will analyze your business needs and customize your project as per the requirements.

  • We at Suffescom will provide you with the right team of experts, including a project manager and AR/VR consultant.

  • We have 24*7 customer support with regular updates from our assigned experts.

  • We ensure client satisfaction with our long list of happy customers across the world.

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