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Blockchain Insurance App Development

Build your advanced blockchain insurance platform to experience secure, transparent, and efficient insurance solutions. We are the top blockchain insurance platform development company to create and launch your platform today!

Blockchain Insurance App Development

Why Opt For Blockchain Insurance Solutions?

Traditional insurance procedures involve many fraud schemes such as shared insurance plans, human-caused errors, misleading information, hiding important details, and more. In the US, insurance fraud causes $308.6 billion in loss to consumers.

Blockchain based life insurance app offer several advantages, including streamlined processes, enhanced data security, fraud prevention, and improved customer experience. By leveraging distributed ledger technology, policy information claims history, and customer records can be securely stored on the blockchain. This eliminates the risk of data manipulation or loss and provides a transparent and auditable record of all transactions. Developing a blockchain insurance platform for your company will help you in decreasing fraudulent activities and provide personalized services to clients.

Consult the top blockchain insurance platform development company to create your own decentralized insurance platform today.

Alluring Features Of Blockchain-Based Insurance Platform

At Suffescom, our team of blockchain developers adds innovative features that help in providing improved services to clients and smooth business operations. Explore what we include in our blockchain insurance solutions.

  • Claims Automation

    Claims Automation

    With smart contract development, automate claim settlements, offer secure uploading of claim-related documents, and simplify the assessment and verification process.

  • Decentralized Exchange

    Decentralized Exchange

    No need for intermediaries or third parties to exchange information between the insurer and the person claiming the insurance, facilitating easy claim settlements.

  • Personalized Pricing

    Personalized Pricing

    The AI and machine learning enabled system gives personalized pricing based on the historical data provided by the user.

  • P2P Insurance

    P2P Insurance

    A group of insureds pools their capital and insurance premiums to provide insurance against a risk without the need for intermediaries.

  • Multiple Coverage Options

    Multiple Coverage Options

    Blockchain insurance solutions allow you to offer a variety of coverage to users, including renter, pet, auto, life insurance, and more.

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    Multi-Signature Wallets

    Develop and incorporate multi-signature wallets to enhance security and require multiple approvals for significant transactions.

  • KYC Verification

    KYC Verification

    Makes the verification process transparent, and tamper-proof with blockchain KYC verification removing the need to visit physically.

  • ico development company

    Timestamped Proof

    Blockchain timestamped proof to claims, insurance documents, customer data, and more, providing a secured proof of data existence.

Blockchain Based Insurance App Development Solutions

There are many use cases of blockchain in the insurance industry. Blockchain-based insurance platforms help organizations in every sphere of business offerings and operations. From claim settlement to detecting fraud, blockchain insurance platforms can be molded to offer any services.

  • On-Demand Insurance

    On-Demand Insurance

    On-demand insurance model lets customers turn insurance coverage on or off at their convenience. Smart contracts on the blockchain automatically generate policies based on predetermined conditions, coverage limits, time duration, etc., allowing for seamless and immediate coverage when needed.

  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

    Blockchain insurance app development creates a platform where information stays confidential and secured in a blockchain network. All shared data between insurers and hospitals is encrypted and easily accessible at the same time creating a more convenient and efficient health insurance system.

  • Life Insurance

    Life Insurance

    Blockchain life insurance app quickens the life insurance claims process. All parties involved in a life insurance claim, like hospitals, government officials, etc., access data easily & automate manually filed claims with smart contracts, allowing for greater trust between insurer and insured.

  • Reinsurance


    Multiple parties are involved in reinsurance requiring a lengthy transaction of information between parties. Blockchain streamlines workflows between the insurer and the policyholders. Blockchain insurance solutions update information in each party’s system at the same time.

  • Auto Insurance

    Auto Insurance

    A blockchain insurance system allows users to have a quick payout in cases of claims. The blockchain transparently and securely records the data, allowing both parties to have access to the insurance information required to settle a claim as quickly as possible.

  • Copyright Management

    Copyright Management

    Blockchain in copyright management systems is designed to provide a registry of copyrights. It offers immutable proof of the period of existence and other intellectual rights, thus helping individuals or businesses manage and protect copyrights.

Grow Your Business With Blockchain Insurance Platform Development

Our team designs, develops, and deploys blockchain insurance platforms with top-notch features and a user-friendly interface. Talk to our experts and up-level your business by integrating blockchain into your insurance operations.

Benefits Of Blockchain Insurance Platform Development

The benefits of developing a blockchain insurance platform for your business are much more profitable than you can imagine.

  • Fraud Detection
    Fraud Detection

    Blockchain's transparency and immutability deter fraud attempts and make detecting and investigating fraudulent claims easier.

  • Increased Security
    Increased Security

    Blockchain's cryptographic features and decentralized nature make it highly secure, reducing the risk of fraud in insurance claims and other procedures.

  • Elimination Of Intermediaries
    Elimination Of Intermediaries

    Leveraging blockchain facilitates direct interactions, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing associated expenses.

  • Lower Operational Costs
    Lower Operational Costs

    By automating processes, reducing paperwork, and eliminating intermediaries, blockchain can lead to significant cost savings for insurance companies.

  • Global Access
    Global Access

    Blockchain allows insurers to offer policies and services globally, facilitating cross-border insurance transactions and expanding market reach.

  • Automation

    No need to hire people to check the insurance conditions and complete all the formalities; blockchain insurance platforms offer a seamless payout.

Tech Stack Used For Our Blockchain Insurance Platform Development

Suffescom is a reputable blockchain insurance platform development company offering quality results every time. We work with the best professional team who work with the latest tech stack to build your high performing decentralized insurance system.

Blockchain Frameworks

As a top blockchain development company, we specialize in multiple blockchain frameworks to be able to cater to every client's requirement.

  • Ethereum icon


  • Bitcoin icon


  • Hyperledger icon


  • Multichain icon


  • Quorum icon


  • Solana icon


Programming Languages

Our team of blockchain developers has a strong hold over multiple programming languages to be able to create the most viable solution.

  • Solidity icon


  • Golang icon


  • C++ icon


  • C icon


  • .NET icon


  • JAVA icon


  • Python icon


  • PHP icon


  • Swift icon


Frontend Frameworks

We create impressive interfaces to improve user experience and maintain the high performance of the platform.

  • Kafka icon


  • Vanilla JS icon

    Vanilla JS

  • Node JS icon

    Node JS

  • Express JS icon

    Express JS

  • Docker icon


  • Zookeeper icon


  • Truffle icon


  • MIST icon


  • WEB3 JS icon

    WEB3 JS

  • Angular JS icon

    Angular JS

  • React icon


  • Simplicity icon



We create a highly rewarding result using the best combination of technologies, including the most effective database.

  • IPFS icon


  • MogoDB icon


  • Couch DB icon

    Couch DB

Cloud Platforms

We work with only the best cloud platforms that offer the most compatibility for every client’s project requirements.

  • AWS icon


  • IBM Bluemix icon

    IBM Bluemix

  • ETH BAAS icon


  • Kaleido Insights icon

    Kaleido Insights

Our Blockchain Insurance Platform Development Process

At Suffescom, we follow a step-by-step development procedure that lets our developers stay focused and provide results with maximum productivity.

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Requirement Gathering
Requirement Gathering

Firstly, we gather platform requirements, including features, third-party integrations, APIs, blockchain platforms, and more.

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Smart Contract Development
Smart Contract Development

On your preferred blockchain network, we develop smart contracts to automate workflows like claims handling and payment processes.

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Front/Back-End Interface
Front/Back-End Interface

An attractive and captivating interface ensures that the platform is easy to use, secure, and compatible across various devices.


We launch the platform across various devices and platforms. We ensure to launch your platform within the time frame discussed during the consultation.

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Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Conduct multiple tests on the platform to ensure its functionality, performance, and security. Also, we test the smart contacts for various scenarios.

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We develop your blockchain insurance platform on the selected blockchain network with the latest features, tools, technologies, and frameworks.

Examples of Blockchain Based Insurance Providers

The application of blockchain technology in the insurance industry has already created several successful ventures. Suffescom follows in the footsteps of successful blockchain insurance providers to give you a platform that stands in competition with some of the best ones in the industry.

We Are We Your Trusted Blockchain Insurance App Development Partner

Suffescom is a leading blockchain insurance platform development company with years of expertise in developing blockchain based platforms. We have expertise in emerging technologies and build robust and scalable platforms as per client’s demands and requirements.

  • Expertise in Blockchain Technology
    Expertise in Blockchain Technology

    Our team boasts 6+ years of expertise in blockchain technology, having successfully developed and deployed numerous blockchain projects. Our extensive experience positions us as a trusted partner capable of harnessing the full potential of blockchain to benefit your insurance business.

  • Customization and Tailored Solutions
    Customization and Tailored Solutions

    We take pride in our ability to craft bespoke blockchain solutions that align precisely with the insurance business's unique requirements. No two insurance companies are exactly alike, and we recognize the importance of tailoring our solutions to address your specific challenges and goals.

  • Proven Track Record
    Proven Track Record

    Over the years, we have built a solid reputation in the blockchain sector with the successful delivery of blockchain projects, case studies, and glowing client testimonials. We are proud of our history of client satisfaction and the measurable impact we have made in the insurance industry.

  • Futuristic Approach
    Futuristic Approach

    We understand the insurance industry is evolving. So, we craft solutions with future-proofing in mind. Our solutions are built to accommodate growth and adapt to changing market conditions. Our futuristic approach ensures that the blockchain insurance platform remains valuable in the long term.

FAQs Related to Blockchain Insurance App Development

Top-rated blockchain insurance app development questions we have been asked countless times.

  • How much does it cost for blockchain insurance app development?

    The average cost of building a blockchain insurance platform starts at $20,000. However, this is a rough estimate. The cost can vary depending on the complexity of your project. Consult our experts at Suffescom today to know the exact cost.

    What are the perks of developing a blockchain insurance platform?

    From automated claim processing, reduced administrative costs, fraud mitigation, and less human error to increased security, blockchain insurance platform comes with a lot of benefits.

  • What support and maintenance services are offered by Suffescom?

    Our highly skilled developers offer technical support, software updates, and training to ensure the smooth operation of the blockchain insurance platform.

    How much time does it take for blockchain insurance platform development?

    Our pool of developers builds your blockchain based insurance app within 4-15 weeks, depending on your platform requirements and needs.

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