Decentralized OTT, Video Streaming Platform Development

Decentralized OTT App Development

Suffescom Solution designs and builds customized decentralized video streaming apps with the latest features and functionalities. Our decentralized video streaming app development process secures OTT platform content from cyber attacks and encourages transparency, scalability, and efficiency. Embedded with robust technology, our decentralized video streaming applications function through a smart contract.

Counting Our Decentralized Video Streaming App Development Achievements

Having worked in the industry for over 13 years, we have created a legacy of notable achievements as a decentralized OTT platform development company.

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    Blockchain OTT Development

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    Global Team

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    Clients Worldwide

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    Blockchain OTT Project

Counting Our Decentralized Video Streaming App Development Achievements
Decentralized Video Streaming App Attributes

Decentralized Video Streaming App Attributes

Planning for decentralized video streaming app development? You are at the right place. Our blockchain video streaming app solutions contain a blockchain-based profile creation containing immutable user details, quick-to-use search and integration of geolocation tools. We offer solutions that incentivized user interactions to view, comment, and share content using multilingual and multi-access streaming options. Leverage tailor-made multiple payment gateway options with our decentralized OTT platform development.

Stats Related To Emerging OTT Video Streaming Technologies

As US and international audiences continue to move their viewing tastes toward accessible decentralized video streaming services, the over-the-top (OTT) video streaming business is expanding quickly.

  • In 2023, OTT video streaming is anticipated to produce $375.30 billion globally.
  • 66% of Americans, or around two-thirds, have access to a video streaming service.
  • The United States has the most revenue in the video streaming market, coming in at $34100 million.
  • By 2027, user penetration will be 20.6%, currently 15.2%.
  • There are 1.2 billion subscribers to various SVoD services globally.

Decentralized OTT App Development Services You Can Avail

If you are planning to develop an OTT platform for the first time or have no clue about blockchain technology. You can look for blockchain OTT development services from our experts.

  • OTT App Consulting icon

    OTT App Consulting

    Consult our experts for Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, or other top-notch blockchain development services. You can also consult for splendid features and functionalities on your OTT platform.

  • OTT App Development icon

    OTT App Development

    We implement customized blockchain OTT apps that give your business complete control over users, accounts, interface, and content that focuses on your needs and turns dreams into reality.

  • Blockchain OTT App Design icon
    Blockchain OTT App Design

    UI and UX elements have great significance in OTT platforms. We create a decentralized platform prototype, defining how users interact and the features and functionalities that will work.

  • OTT App Migration & Upgrade icon
    OTT App Migration & Upgrade

    We provide migration services to OTT if you already have a blockchain OTT platform and plan to upgrade it. Existing platform owners can upgrade their platform to meet users' expectations.

  • Decentralized OTT App Integration icon
    Decentralized OTT App Integration

    We provide OTT app integration, social media integration, crypto wallet integration, NFT marketplace integration, tools integration, DeFi integration, DAO integration, and blockchain API integration.

  • OTT App Maintenance & Support icon
    OTT App Maintenance & Support

    Platform maintenance services enable apps or websites to keep up-to-date, run smoothly, and perform optimally. We provide decentralized OTT platform maintenance & support services.

Explore The Power Of Decentralization With Our OTT App Development Solutions

Experience the power of decentralized content delivery with our expertly crafted blockchain OTT app development solutions.

Features Included In Our Decentralized OTT Streaming Platform

OTT platforms range from proprietary, custom-made solutions tailored to clients' needs to subscription-based streaming services. Future-ready blockchain OTT platform is packed with multiple features. Time to share words with our experts and transform your OTT platform with the web3 packed modern features and functionalities.

Realistic Users Experience icon

Realistic Users Experience

Blockchain OTT platforms are designed to gain real-world experience. Unlimited content with a realistic user experience can boost the user base.

Tokenizable Assets icon

Tokenizable Assets

Each valuable content, such as educational videos and expert lectures, can be tokenized, allowing users to interact with tokenized resources.

Multi-Lingual Support icon

Multi-Lingual Support

Make your decentralized OTT platform’s video content, descriptions, and subtitles available in various languages and track worldwide platform users.

Wallet Integration icon

Wallet Integration

Enable crypto wallet development services by integrating payment gateways and let your users enjoy world-class content with blockchain security.

OTT App Watchlist icon

OTT App Watchlist

Give your users the convenience to add or remove content. Adding a watchlist helps them to find status immediately, and they will not miss watching.

App Smart Search icon

App Smart Search

Our crafted smart search based on a smart contract helps the users to reach accurate content only, even if someone searches with natural language.

Content Categorization icon

Content Categorization

We design multiple content categorizations on your platform to build a higher customer base. Your users can find the content as per their preference.

Audience Analytics icon

Audience Analytics

All the data and information designed in decentralized OTT platforms are available with real-time data analytics access to enjoy a better streaming world.

Superior Infrastructure icon

Superior Infrastructure

Our infrastructure guarantees the stream's dependability, scalability, and security and its compatibility with all digital platforms used by end consumers.

Transform Entertainment Business With Breakthrough Blockchain OTT Solutions

OTT platforms can offer an immersive user experience with exceptional video content. Our experts can understand any coding and provide a 100% secure solution for your platform. To know more, call us immediately, and we will help you achieve the best!!

  • Interactive Video Solutions icon

    Interactive Video Solutions

    Our designed decentralized OTT App provides appealing and interactive video solutions to enrich the user experience, boost brand loyalty, and increase revenue-generating opportunities.

  • Video Content Management icon

    Video Content Management

    Our experts develop exceptional video content management tools. You can leverage the best-in-class benefits of videos, text content, and audio. We build a solution that helps to manage content.

  • Video Surveillance Solution icon

    Video Surveillance Solution

    Our experts build a 360-degree surveillance solution for your OTT app, including analog and IP systems, video analytics, cloud-based services, monitoring and access control, and reporting.

  • Digital Rights Management icon

    Digital Rights Management

    We build a platform that fulfils all the rights of content protection. We also ensure your platform complies with studio holders' requirements, such as trials, time limitations, and creator’s rights.

  • Micropayments & Monetization icon

    Micropayments & Monetization

    Blockchain enables the implementation of microtransactions, allowing users to pay for pieces of content. This is useful for monetizing content that is not cost-effective using traditional payments.

  • Transparent Subscription Tracking icon

    Transparent Subscription Tracking

    All subscription transactions are tracked using blockchain on a transparent public ledger. This makes tracking and maintaining subscriptions easier and allows for complete transparency in the process.

Build Blockchain Video Streaming App with Our Expert Development Services

Build Blockchain Video Streaming App with Our Expert Development Services

Create a unique streaming experience with our exceptional development services for building your decentralized video streaming app.

Blockchain Video Streaming App Revenue Models

Once we are aware of your platform category, we move forward with designing a unique business monetization model. It forms the foundation of your blockchain OTT platform and defines the revenue stream. Users have the liberty to select one or multiple monetization models to be included during decentralized video streaming app development.

  • Freemium Model

    The freemium model introduces semi-paid features on the blockchain video streaming app. The platform offers free services as a trial and charges later. It offers upgrades at a price while allowing access to the free version.

  • Live Streaming

    Blockchain OTT platforms offer live streaming options for users to start interacting with followers. These live streams can be used to trigger advertisements and generate revenue through the viewers of the streamers.

  • TVOD

    The transactional video-on-demand revenue model allows access to recent releases and rare video content on the platform for an amount. The user can rent based on pay-per-view or purchase their choice of content.

  • SVOD

    The subscription video-on-demand revenue model allows users unlimited access to videos, TV shows and other content on the platform for a subscription fee. The recurring fee can be charged monthly or annually.

  • AVOD

    Advertising-based video on demand is a free blockchain OTT platform for users. The platform earns revenue through the advertisements pushed across all the content throughout the streaming platform.

  • Hybrid Model

    The hybrid model combines other models to create a more efficient revenue stream suited to the business. For instance, the free content can be intersped with brand advertisements while the paid version can be made ad free.

Build A Prospective Blockchain Video Streaming Platform

A team of strategists and analysts create a roadmap that perfectly combines your vision and the strategies. Ultimately, it lays down the tasks, deliverables, milestones, and deadlines.

  • Select A Popular Category icon
    Select A Popular Category

    The first step to build an OTT app is to gather all your business and platform requirements, like your development purpose, audience, and the content you want to deliver.

  • Technology Selection icon
    Technology Selection

    This is a crucial stage in building a secured platform and cost calculation of the platform. Your business’s revenue-generating has great significance in deciding on technology.

  • Create a Prototype icon
    Create a Prototype

    We craft a platform prototype design backed with the latest features and functionalities. Once you finalize the layout of your platform, we will proceed with development.

  • OTT App Development icon
    OTT App Development

    We develop a professional decentralized OTT platform embedded with all the pre-decided attributes. This is a crucial stage; you can see your dream platform becoming a reality.

  • Device-Friendly Content icon
    Device-Friendly Content

    After multiple testing, the platform would be conveniently downloaded or accessed from any device, including Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, etc.

  • End-To-End Support icon
    End-To-End Support

    Our OTT platform is ready to shine in the OTT world with exclusive features and attributes, and the next step is to build secured payment gateways or incorporate multi-DRM solutions.

Tech Stack We Use For Blockchain OTT Platform Development

We build a strong foundation for your decentralized OTT platform using the most powerful and latest technologies that promise performance and efficiency.

  • html 5 icon


  • css3 icon


  • Reactjs icon


  • Websocket icon


  • Web3js icon


  • Solidity icon


  • Rust icon


  • Node.js icon


  • React Native icon

    React Native

  • DocumentDB icon


  • MongoDB icon


  • Ethereum icon


  • Solana icon


  • ARToolKit icon


  • Unreal Engine icon

    Unreal Engine

  • Unity icon


  • Google ARcore icon

    Google ARcore

  • MQTT icon


  • Azure IoT Hub icon

    Azure IoT Hub

  • Lorawan icon


  • AWS Sage Maker icon

    AWS Sage Maker

  • TensorFlow icon


  • Maxst AR icon

    Maxst AR

  • Apple ARkit icon

    Apple ARkit

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions as Your Decentralized OTT App Development Service Partner?

As a reliable dApp Development Company, we have gained 13+ years of experience in building on-demand platforms and 5.5 years of experience crafting blockchain technology-based projects. So, we have knowledge of both ends of technology that helps you to gain platform advantage in less time. Also, being awarded for “Emerging Web3 & Blockchain Company” in 2022 motivates us to bring something new to the tech world with every new project.

  • Proven Domain Expertise

    At Suffescom, our experts have a good knowledge of the video streaming industry and recent trends undergoing in the industry.

  • 24*7 Customer Support

    As the best Oculus game development company, we are always ready to solve any type of query at any time and ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

  • On-time Delivery

    We ensure the OTT app development work is completed on time without any delays so it can be launched in the market quickly.

  • Advanced Tech Stack

    We have a wide range of tech stacks that hold the potential to make your business processes more automated and efficient.

  • Client Oriented

    Our blockchain development team understands your project requirements and builds the best solution for your business.

  • Turnkey Solutions

    Our video streaming app development team provides cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement in business processes.

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