Decentralized OTT App Development: Accelerating Path To Reinvention

Decentralized OTT App Development: Accelerating Path To Reinvention

By Suffescom Solutions

March 22, 2023

Decentralized OTT App Development: Accelerating Path To Reinvention

One of the major debates about the state of the internet these days is about how to secure OTT platform content from various cyber attacks and encourage transparency, scalability, and efficiency. The only solution to deal with all the issues is - Blockchain technology and Web3 OTT App Development. Embedded with robust technology, public/permissioned & decentralized video streaming applications function through a smart contract.

Some key attributes of our decentralized OTT app using blockchain technology include:

  • Blockchain-based profile creation containing immutable user details
  • Quick-to-use search and geolocation tools integration
  • Tailor-made multiple payment gateway options
  • Incentivized user interactions to view, comment, and share content
  • Multilingual and multi-access streaming options
  • Video resolution conversion and reward mechanisms for users

Planning to build Web3 OTT App Development? You are at the right place. Suffescom Solution designed and built customized web3 platforms packed with the latest features and functionalities. For your Web3 OTT App Development, we have exceptional ideas to share with our clients that keep your business standing out of the crowd.

Explore the Power of Decentralization with Our OTT App Development Solutions

Experience the power of decentralized content delivery with our expertly crafted OTT app development solutions.

Understand Web3 OTT App Development Services You Can Avail

If you are planning to develop an OTT platform for the first time or have no clue about blockchain technology. You can look for web3 OTT development services by our experts. These are;

Web3 OTT Application Consulting

To build an expectation platform, you may have some brilliant ideas, but still, somewhere you are lagging - we provide you with a complete solution. Our experts have complete knowledge of blockchain technology, without which your decentralized OTT App will be incomplete. Consult with us whether you are confused by Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, or other top-notch blockchain development services. You can also consult for splendid features and functionalities on your platform.

Custom Web3 OTT App Development

We design and implement customized robust OTT apps that give your business complete control over users, accounts, interface, and content. We hire passionate blockchain technology developers that focus on your needs and turn dreams into reality.

Web3 OTT UI & UX Design

UI and UX elements have great significance in OTT platforms. The OTT platform has great usability, eye-popping visuals, and enhanced user experience. We create a web3 platform prototype of your platform, defining how your users will interact with your platform and the features and functionalities will work.

Web3 OTT Application Migration and Upgrade

If you already have an OTT platform and are now planning to upgrade it, emerging technologies. We provide OTT platform migration services to web3 OTT. Existing platform owners can also upgrade their platform to meet users' expectations.

Web3 OTT Application Integration

Integration services help to boost users' experience and keep your platform meet with emerging users' expectations. Check out whether your platform needs API integration, social media integration, web3 wallet integration, NFT marketplace integration, Tools integration, DeFi integration, and the list continues for your services.

Web3 OTT Maintenance and Support

Platform maintenance services enable apps or websites to keep up-to-date and run smoothly as well as perform optimally. So, to ensure your platform should function properly, we provide web3 OTT platform maintenance and support services. You can reach us 24*7.

OTT App Testing

Adequate app testing can protect your platform from regular bugs and malware attacks. Therefore, we provide 100% secured web 3 app testing that includes bandwidth testing, third-party integration testing, and remote usability testing. Remind us if we miss something important for your platform.

Build Your Own Decentralized Streaming App with Our Expert Development Services

Create a unique streaming experience with our exceptional development services for building your own decentralized streaming app.

Transform Your Business with Breakthrough OTT Solutions

OTT platforms can offer an immersive user experience with exceptional video content. You can enjoy the following:

Interactive Video Solutions

To enrich the user experience, boost brand loyalty, and increase revenue-generating opportunities, our designed decentralized OTT App provides appealing and interactive video solutions. You can keep your users engaged with stunning features such as in-built chat options, a call to action button, and the option to conduct surveys.

Video Content Management

We develop exceptional video content management tools. You can leverage the best-in-class benefits of videos, text content, and audio are the rights of users. We understand your requirements and build a solution that helps to manage content.

Video Surveillance Solution

We build a 360-degree surveillance solution for your web3 OTT app. Our surveillance solution includes analog and IP systems, video analytics, cloud-based storage, monitoring and verification capabilities, access control, and reporting.

Digital Rights Management

We build a platform that fulfills all the rights of content protections. We also ensure your platform should comply with studio and right holders' requirements such as trials, time limitations, and creator’s rights.


If you think your web3 OTT platform will be strict to one industry, you might be wrong. You can create an OTT platform for any industry that you wish and leverage the benefits of decentralized content. Our defines some of the industries are;

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Sports Broadcast
  • News Broadcast
  • Live Interviews
  • Healthcare

Time to pick your desired industry and obtain the complete advantages of the web3 OTT platform with our expert.

To know more, call us right away, and we will help you to achieve the best!!

Key Web3 OTT Features of Your Streaming Platform

Future-ready web3 OTT platform is packed with multiple features. Some of them include the following;

Realistic Users Experience

Studded with the latest tech stacks, web3 OTT platforms are designed to gain real-world experience. Unlimited content with a realistic user experience has the potential to boost the user base.

Tokenizable Assets

Your users can enjoy exclusive rights over renting or buying tokenized assets. Each valuable content, such as educational videos and expert lectures, can be tokenized and allow users to interact with tokenized resources.

Multi-Lingual Support

Make your web3 OTT platform’s video content, descriptions, and subtitles available in various languages and track worldwide users on your platform.

Web3 Wallet Integration

Your platform should not be strict with traditional payment modes. Enable crypto wallet development services and let your users enjoy world-class content with blockchain security. You can also integrate multiple payment gateways to enhance users' engagement.


Give your users the convenience to add or remove content from their wish. Adding a watchlist helps them to find content status immediately, and they will not miss watching. Even the push notifications also remind them of the next season of their favorite content.

Smart Search

Scrolling could be a daunting process, but a one-click content reach can let your users enjoy top-notch content in microseconds. Our crafted smart search based on a smart contract helps you to reach accurate content only, even if someone is searching with natural language.

Multiple Content Categorization

To build a higher customer base and allow users to reach content faster, we design multiple content categorizations on your platform. Your users can find the content as per their preference.

Audience Analytics

All the data and information designed in web3 decentralized OTT apps are available to you with real-time data analytics access. The complete and transparent information helps you to enjoy a better world.

Unleash the Potential of Decentralization with Our OTT App Development Services

Experience the power of decentralized streaming with our expertly crafted OTT app development services.

Our Core Competencies

We offer full-fledged OTT app development and consulting services that ensure agility in your business. Our core competencies include the following;

  • OTT TV App Development
  • Streaming Services for Mobile and Web
  • Decentralized Video Streaming App Development
  • Live Streaming and Video Conferencing App Development

Decentralized OTT App: Integration Services

  • We offer integration services to make your platform future ready. Our integration services include the following;
  • Web3 Application Integration
  • Web3 API Integration
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet
  • NFT Marketplace Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Tools Integration
  • Defi Integration
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  • dApp Integration

Our experts can understand any coding and provide a 100% secure solution for your platform. Time to share words with our experts and transform your OTT platform with the web3 packed modern features and functionalities.

How To Build A Prospective Web3 OTT Platform?

Select A Popular Category

The first step to building a web3 OTT app is to gather all your business and platform requirements, like your purpose of development, audience, and content you want to deliver them. The selection of categories can complete half of the platform development journey.

Go For A Unique Monetization Model

Once we are aware of your platform category, we move forward with designing a unique business monetization model. We check whether you want to offer;

  • Freemium model
  • Or earn from
  • Live to stream
  • TVOD (pay/view)
  • SVOD (Subscription)
  • AVOD (Advertising)

We craft a solution as per your demand.

Selection of Technology

In this stage, we work on selecting technology and sharing words with our clients. This is a crucial stage in building a secured platform and plays a huge role in the cost calculation of the platform. Your business’s revenue-generating model also has great significance in deciding on technology.

Create a Prototype

The next step in the development involves creating a prototype of your platform. We craft a design backed with the latest features and functionalities. Once you finalize the layout of your platform, we will proceed with development.

Develop A Professional OTT App

Upon getting feedback from clients, we proceeded with developing a professional Web3 OTT platform embedded with all the pre-decided attributes. This is a crucial stage, and you can see your dream platform turning into reality.

Let Your Curative Content Be Device-Friendly

The stage involving your content delivery should not be strict with one platform. Therefore after multiple testing, we ensure your platform should be conveniently downloaded or accessed from any device, which includes Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, etc.

Prefer To Shape Your Brand With End To End Support

Now, your platform is ready to shine in the OTT world with exclusive features and attributes, and the next step is to build secured payment gateways or incorporate multi-DRM solutions. It helps your users to buy content and enjoy the OTT platform.

Web3 OTT App Development: Tech Stacks Used

Layer 0

P2P internet overlay protocols - e.g. Devp2p, Libp2p

Platform-neutral computation description language - e.g. EVM, WASM, UTXO

Layer 1

Data distribution protocols - e.g. IPFS, Bluzelle, Fluence, Swarm

Low-trust interaction platforms - e.g. Polkadot

Low-trust interaction protocols - e.g. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Zcash, Polkadot parachains

Transient data messaging - e.g. Whisper, Matrix

Layer 2

Second layer protocols - e.g. (various)

Layer 3

Protocol-extensible developer APIs & languages - e.g. Web3.js, ether.js, oo7.js, Solidity, Rust

Layer 4

Protocol-extensible user-interface crade - e.g. Metamask, Status, MyCrypto, Parity

What is the Cost To Build a Decentralized OTT App?

Decentralized OTT App development cost can range between $70,000 to $200,000 based on your platform features and content complexities. Further we tried to divide the cost based on certain parameters. Have a look for these.

BasisCost Distribution
Quality Assurance25%
Deployment and 3rd party CostPrivate Blockchain: ~$1499/month, Public Blockchain: $0.01 / transaction-based for public blockchain + ~$650 for 3rd party
Maintenance Cost~20% to 30% cost of overall project

NOTE: The cost distribution applied at the time of writing. These can vary at the time of development or implementation. Consult with our experts to know in-depth detail about your platform development cost.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions as Your Decentralized OTT App Development Service Partner?

As a reliable dApp Development Company, we have gained 13+ years of experience in the industry in building on-demand platforms and 5.5 years of experience in crafting blockchain technology-based projects. So, we have knowledge of both ends of technology that helps you to gain platform advantage in less time. Also, being awarded for “Emerging Web3 & blockchain Company” in 2022 motivates us to bring something new to the tech world with every new project. We have

  • Proven Domain Expertise
  • Trusted by Top Global Brands
  • End-to-End Integrations
  • Dedicated QA Services
  • Flexible App Development Process

And we offer;

  • Web3 Development Services
  • Blockchain Consultancy Services
  • dApp Development Services
  • Customized Crypto Wallet Development Services
  • Token Development Services
  • NFT Marketplace Development Services
  • Smart Contract Development And Audit Services

Schedule a call with our experts to know more about how we can help you.

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