Mental Health App Development

Mental Health App Development: How To Develop A Mental Health App?

By Suffescom Solutions

July 05, 2024

Mental Health App Development: How To Develop A Mental Health App?

Looking to build a mental health app for your business? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Suffescom is a top app development company that has helped several entrepreneurs create mental health apps with custom-fit attributes. Dive right through the blog to learn the nitty-gritty of the app development process and how it will boost your business.

In today's digital age, people are more aware of the world around them. The modern lifestyle, with its heavy workloads and stress, has led to a significant increase in mental health issues. This is where mental health apps come in, offering a much-needed solution.

Key Highlights Of Mental Health Apps

  • By 2031, the market size of mental health apps is anticipated to be $17.5bn with a CAGR of 15.9% (From 2024-2031).
  • Various mental health apps include relaxation, medication reminders, mood tracking, meditation, and online mental therapy.
  • The most dominant region is North America (US, Canada), followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Some popular companies are Calm, Headspace, BetterHelp, Talkspace, 7 Cups, etc.

What Is A Mental Health App And How Does It Work?

A mental health app offers all the necessary attributes for evaluating and monitoring various psychological and emotional well-being facets. It provides numerous perks, such as access to care, convenience, guided meditations, cognitive behavioral therapy exercises, remote monitoring, mood tracking, customized mental health plans, etc.

A mental health app is a digital tool that enhances individuals' mental well-being. Users can simply input their current emotions, and the app will analyze the data and offer meaningful insights related to the user's mental health condition. Depending upon the level of functionality, mental health apps offer phenomenal services such as teletherapy, stress management, educational content(blogs, audio/video recordings), virtual counseling sessions, etc.

Types Of Mental Health Apps

Mental illness is a widely known condition, and people suffering from this disorder witness several changes in their behavior/ emotions. It could arise from different sources, be it personal or professional life. So, several categories of apps are available for varying levels of ailment. Some of the most in-demand ones are illustrated as under;


This kind of app helps monitor general mental health issues like panic attacks, anxiety, depression, etc. They also come with a self-assessment feature where they can journal their feelings to receive appropriate guidance from the doctor through video/voice calls.

Addiction Recovery

Disassociating from the real-life feeling of addiction is quite challenging. To overcome such challenges, this app offers spectacular progress tracking characteristics that help individuals get control of their addictions. The patients can set their goals, get 24*7 monitoring, and experience automatically generated motivational texts.

Meditation/Breathing Exercises App

Such apps calm patients' minds by helping them maintain mindfulness at every level. All sorts of techniques are provided, including soothing sleep relaxational tones/music, pacifying stories, and much more.

Mood Control

These apps better understand human emotions and carefully track an individual's mood. They are quite helpful in detecting patterns and gauging how suddenly the mood changes, and they offer significant solutions to navigate such adverse situations.

Mental Therapy

Mental health therapy apps are the most popular. These conduct valuable therapeutic sessions with the therapists. Valuable discussions and guidance are offered for simple to complex disorders like CBT, IPSRT, Behavioral couples therapy, family-focused therapy, and so on.

Time to connect with the experts at Suffescom and develop a feature-rich mental health app integrated with extensive features that will offer highly personalized and accessible mental healthcare services to your wider audience. Hire our mental health app developers and build a superb app that will skyrocket your business growth to the highest level.

Features Offered By Our Mental Health App

The application is embedded with magnificent features with separately designed panels for doctors and patients. Developing a mental health app with unparalleled attributes is likely to improve the quality of care for patients, provide doctors with remote access to their patient's progress, and take early steps to cure diseases in time.

For Doctors

Interactive Dashboard

Helps in patient management by keeping records/histories of all patients. Doctors can also modify the patient profiles by adding or deleting notes.

Calendar Integration

Helps in appointment scheduling and handling appointments. It also offers automated reminders for forthcoming health-related sessions.

Analytics and Reporting

Comes with a set of tools that helps analyze the patient's progress and offers customizable treatment plans according to the patient’s requirements.

Communication Tools

Allows seamless audio and video chat to enable discussions with patients related to their ailments.

Collaboration Tools

Allows healthcare professionals to collaborate with their peers and acts as a platform to refer patients within the app.

Medication Monitoring

Helps healthcare professionals to keep track of patient medication adherence and provide quick alerts for medication interactions and their side effects.

Clinical Resources

Offers access to clinical guidelines and updated research through a wide library of resources that are beneficial for patients.

For Patients

Book Appointment

Allows patients to book and schedule appointments with their favorite doctors without any hassle.

Personalized Assessment Tools

With this feature, the patients can regularly monitor their moods and, therefore, keep a tab on their mental health status.

Medication Management

Provides instant reminders to patients about their prescribed medications, including when to take them and their potential side effects.

Resource Library

The patient gains access to various guided meditations through articles and videos with relevant exercises on mental health issues.

Virtual Therapy Sessions

Offers fantastic therapy sessions via audio/video and other chat options by scheduling the appointments instantly.

Progress Monitoring

Shows the patients about their overall health progress related to their medication adherence, mood, therapy sessions through graphical charts/graphs.

Need Mental Health Development Services For Your Healthcare Business

Partner with Suffescom to develop a cutting-edge mental health app. Our expert team ensures seamless functionality, user-friendly design, and robust security for an exceptional user experience.

Mental Health App Development- Add-On Features

In addition to the above-stated characteristics, there are certain additional features that have the credibility to uplift your app to the next level. Take a glance at some of them;

Ultra-High Security

The implementation of robust data encryption and compliance with regulatory authorities like HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS, etc., ensure the highest degree of compliance.

Wearables Integration

Allows synchronization with the patient’s activities, such as their sleeping patterns, medication intake, and physical activities, offering great insights into mental health.

Personalized Recommendations

Leveraging AI/ML and predictive analytics helps detect potential mental health issues in advance and offers medications based on behavior patterns.


Offers rewards to the users for maintaining healthy habits and performing all the mental health exercises/activities.

Multilingual Support

The content on the mental health app is available in different languages, making it accessible to users from diverse backgrounds.

How To Create A Mental Health App?

Define Target Audience

The pivotal step is defining the target audience and the age group your app will cater to, or that it will comprise all age specifics, be it infants, teenagers, or mature adults. A basic understanding of the age brackets helps meet the individuals' expectations.

Roadmap Creation

A blueprint is created to track the app's development based on the category and the intended audience. Proper brainstorming, planning, and strategies are developed during this phase to complete the project within the decided timeline.

Mental Health App Development

At this stage, the app is built using agile methodology, which maintains top-notch flexibility while prioritizing user satisfaction. Our mental health app developers implement the coding techniques that result in a splendid app.

Feature Integration

The app has added essential and alluring features to keep users engaged. Even the UI/UX design is created to make the interface intuitive and super-interactive. Functionalities are added depending on the requirements to uplift the aesthetics and make the app genuinely exquisite and visually appealing.

Quality Assurance

The developed app is then subjected to various testing procedures like unit, functional,

performance testing, etc, to remove bugs and errors. During this phase, top quality, high performance, security, and reliability are maintained, thereby, meeting customer expectations.

Deployment And Launch

The app is finally deployed to the dedicated server and then released to the public. If any technical issues arise that hamper the app's performance, those are carefully removed while maintaining the utmost precision. Moreover, the app adheres to HIPAA regulations. The main point is to ensure the app is safe to use, as it doesn't breach any data and provides top security measures. There is absolutely zero chance of any fraudulent activities taking place.

Want to invest in a mental health therapy app? If so, contact our team and start your app development journey. Our experts will guide you in the right direction and bring your visions to life. Moreover, we can also help you build EHR management software that can be customized as per your needs.

Monetization Models for Mental Health App Development

Subscription Model

A certain amount of fee is charged for the availability of exclusive content related to mental health in the form of videos/podcasts or written articles/guides to users on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

In-App Ads

Advertising banners, products, and services displayed within the app are charged significant fees.


Sponsorships with relevant or healthcare-related brands improve the brand identity and enhance customer engagement.

Paid Apps

The premium features are available in the paid apps, taking the revenue to the ultimate level.

Business Benefits Of Mental Health Apps

A mental health app will bring many advantages for companies and business owners. Therefore, it is considered a worthwhile and promising investment for future-oriented companies that want to strengthen their global presence.

Building Build Image

A mental health app can help build trust in a company’s products and services and thus develop a brand image. When companies start contributing to tools that will improve users’ lives, it reflects the value of the business to society. Such a commitment can go a long way and improve a company’s standing and brand image, with many consumers feeling more comfortable with companies concerned about mental health. It can also be the basis for forming long-term customer relations.

Money Making Opportunities

Mental health app development acts as a new source of income. These apps can then be monetized in different ways: by charging for subscriptions, selling products and services within the app, and partnerships with healthcare providers. Moreover, corporations can establish cooperation to create applications that would fit the company’s needs for employee well-being programs. Such revenue diversification assists in enhancing financial stabilization and business revenue generation.

Customer Engagement

With a significantly greater number of people becoming aware of their mental health or the lack of it worldwide, there is effectively a call for affordable mental health facilities. Therefore, launching a mental health app helps businesses address this emerging market to provide the convenience and effectiveness the target audience requires to engage users and ensure their retention.

Data Insights

These apps can collect data, detect user behavior, and generate data insights. Firms can use this information to advance the application's features, promote customer interaction, and enhance their marketing strategies. Further, these deliberations could create new opportunities for products and services, thus enabling the company to grow and adapt to future market changes.

Launch Your Mental Health App At Affordable Prices

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mental Health App?

Our mental health app development costs start at $20k, depending on the level of customization. Check out the factors influencing the cost;

  • Latest tech stacks
  • Integrated features
  • App complexity
  • Type of mental health app
  • Location of the developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Size of the development firm
  • Development process

Schedule a meeting with our experts and get started with your mental health app development journey!

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