Metamask Clone: Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Wallet Like Metamask With Us

With more and more people relying on blockchain applications, the need for platforms offering the same is on the boom. Here is where METATASK WALLET was introduced as a pioneer in the industry. 

Be it exploring blockchain applications, buying, storing, sending, and swapping tokens of cryptocurrencies, metamask has got everything covered. It is the go-to choice for traders and users to seek a seamless trading experience. If you are creating a similar application to make billion dollars, you are at the right place. We bring you everything under one roof that you need to develop a metamask clone. 

Why Metamask?

The marketplace is filled with numerous crypto wallets and plugins, Metamask continues to be one of the top contenders in the race. Trusted by millions of users globally, Ethereum-based wallet has emerged as a new age opportunity for people to deal in the blockchain. It is now a go-to choice for traders and users to seek a seamless trading experience. This is the reason the metamask clone developments are taking a boost within the industry. 

Introducing Metamask Clone: Key to Blockchain Applications

Launched in 2016, Metamask is a pioneer desktop browser extension for google chrome and firefox for users to deal with cryptocurrencies. Metamask is a next-level gateway designed in a wallet to help users leverage the Ethereum based cryptocurrency. Yes, the platform is specifically designed for users to get access to Ethereum’s Dapp ecosystem directly. 

This app allows them to carry out hassle-free Ethereum transactions via any crypto exchange platform. Metamask is best at bridging the gap between the user interface of Ethereum currencies and the browser used for it. Your everyday browser gets revamped to Ethereum browser with the integration of the metamask wallet extension. 

Setting up MetaMask Clone Extension To Send And Receive Tokens Within The Metamask Wallet

To build your own metamask wallet, first, it’s mandatory to understand how a transaction is carried out within the application. A clear overview will give you a better idea to build a metamask clone app. Let’s start

Step 1: Install and Login

The first step is to install the metamask extension. Once it is installed there, you will notice an icon of it. Click on the icon, pick it and log in to the attachment.  

Step 2: Accept and Begin

Once you fill the credential and continue the login process after completion goes ahead. Here you will find a page providing the terms and conditions of the applications. Just tap accept and continue with the application. 

Step 3: Change Network

After completion of the verification step, go ahead by changing the network of the extension. Change the network to Ropsten test network by clicking on the main blockchain network and move forward. 

 Step 4: Explore the Options

Now, after changing the network, you will come across the Ether icon on the extension. Tap the icon and find the panel. The panel has several options ranging from “BUY / SELL” ETH.

Step 5: Start with Faucet Button

Go with the option that suits you and tap the ropsten test faucet button. Wait for a while for the page to reload or for requesting one ether from the faucet. 

Step 6: Verify ETH for Testing

Lastly, after a while, you will receive a transaction address. After receiving the address, click on the MetaMask icon and verify your ETH to continue further testing. 

Follow the steps to get started with metamask to rule the world of cryptocurrencies.

Metamask Wallet Clone Is Your Path To Relish Profits Via Crypto Exchange

MetaMask, as discussed earlier, is an extension that aids in easy crypto exchange and trading. And metamask wallet is an Ethereum wallet that offers ease to users

to store and access cryptocurrency and crypto-assets. With metamask wallets, users can exchange virtual items based on cryptocurrencies. 

Not only users can easily buy, sell cryptocurrencies and explore the world of 

blockchain, decentralized apps, and digital assets.

Working Mechanism of Metamask In Browser

Metamask is a browser extension that works on several browsers ranging from Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, and Firefox. If you are unaware of how it works, we are here to uncover the secret. Keep reading the steps to understand the work process of the metamask wallet.

  • Once you are done with the signup and installing the Metamask wallet extension in your device, move further to verify. 
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, select the ropsten network and get started.
  • Explore the blockchain application, crypto exchange options, and another blockchain market to get the best option. 
  • Then choose the one in which you want to invest and go ahead to make profits. 

Innovative Features of Metamask Clone Wallet 

When it comes to crypto space, metamask wallet is leading the industry with its breathtaking features. Here are those features that make the wallet stand out in the crowd:

  • Linguistic Updates
  • HD Wallet
  • Seamless Integration
  • Foss Based
  • Easy User Interface
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • In-built Coin Purchase
  • Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
  • Password Protected Access
  • Multi-Platform compatibility

List Of Cryptocurrencies Supported Within Our Metamask Wallet Clone

Earlier apps like metamask only supported Ethereum exchange, the constant evolution and innovation caused them to address all sorts of cryptocurrencies exchange. Get to the list of all popular cryptocurrencies e supported by our effective Metamask wallet clone.

  • TRON (TRX)
  • Tezos (XTZ)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Nano
  • VeChain (VEN)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Ethereum based Tokens 

Why Is There Need For Metamask Wallet Clone Solutions?

Metamask tends to provide ample benefits to the users dealing with Ethereum based cryptocurrencies and still pondering over the thought of why there is a need for a metamask wallet clone? 

If yes, Have a quick look at the information below to know why one must invest in metamask wallet clone development. 

Easy Account Backup

Metamask with hierarchical deterministic settings helps users to backup their accounts. By giving a seed phrase or idiom, the users can directly get back if he or they lost the account information. Once done, users are free to reset the account as per their requirements. 

 In-built Coin Purchasing

The other benefit that the metamask platform offers its users is inbuilt coin purchasing, like the platform can link more than one cryptocurrency exchange simultaneously. With this, the trading of cryptocurrency has become convenient and more user-friendly. 

24/7 Customer Support 

The success of any clone platform depends on the user-friendly approach. The more it addresses the needs of the users, the more it will rock. With 24/7 customer support, Metamask wallet is best at enhancing the user experience. The support is available to help users round the clock. 

Smooth Functionality

Another thing that boosts the development of the metamask clone application is its smooth work. Metamask feature with the advanced feature allows customers to send and receive their digital assets efficiently.

Highly Secure

Security is an essential aspect in deciding the credibility of the platform. Metamask, in that case, is best. It stores all the credentials in one place and does not breach them. With this, the user will feel more secure when using the platform.

Benefits That You Will Drive From Metamask Clone App Development

Metamask clone app development brings you tons of advantages, making it a golden opportunity for you to thrive in a competitive industry. Some of the top benefits that you will avail are as follows:

  • Metamask wallet clone extension is easy to download, making the platform more user-oriented. 
  • Users can easily explore plugins for accessing a wide range of decentralized blockchain applications. 
  • Metamask wallet clone is primitive and designed keeping customer needs in mind increasing its value than standard. 
  • With high customization, users get a full-proof platform for treading. 
  • Metamask wallet clone is best at providing users with inverting and trading the assets in seconds. 
  • Metamask clone delineated with the user-oriented feature can be accessed on both By iOS and Android devices effortlessly.
  • Clone platforms can sustain bitcoins, altcoins, and other tokens.

Blockchain App Development Companies Aids In Successful Creation of Metamask Wallet Development. Know-How?

Now, you know in and outs of metamask clone app development, you need the right partner who can help in the same. Suffescom Solutions is here for your rescue.  

Ready to develop a cutting-edge blockchain platform? Here’s what we do!

Extensive Wallet Design

Partnering with blockchain app development companies helps you get the platform with exaggerated features, supporting multi-cryptocurrency transactions for your business.

Easy Digital Coin Exchange

We bring a next-level clone solution where you can easily make smooth transactions. The aim is to enhance the customer experience by providing hassle-free buying and selling of Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Mining

We anticipate the need for cryptocurrency mining, thus bringing together a robust solution that can help you. Our mining solution is designed to make the cryptocurrency mining process easy and effective. 

Full-proof platform

Security is the central aspect, and we take it at the earliest when developing any blockchain-based platform like metamask clone. We make sure that it is highly secure.  

Decentralized Application Development

A decentralized application is what we aim to offer. Our applications are full-proof decentralized designed to keep the security needs of our customers in mind. 

Safe, Fast, and Reliable

We know what it takes to develop safe, fast, and reliable applications, thus ensuring the proper knowledge and expertise to provide the same. 

Smart Contracts Development

Another thing that we imply in blockchain applications like metamask development is the integration of smart contracts. Our clone solutions are customized with intelligent contracts to aid customers in relishing their ideas to the next level. 

Blockchain IOT App Development

Another thing that makes metamask clone app developments more prominent is we develop them using blockchain IoT. With this, the platform developed is safe and secure from all sorts of risks. 

Why Us For Metamask Wallet Clone App Development?

Several firms are working on the same niche. What makes us best amongst all are the few principles that we highly anticipate. 

Have a closer look at why Suffescom is your ideal destination for metamask clone app development. 


We value the money; thus, make sure to render the top-notch blockchain clone app development solutions at the best possible prices. We aim to offer the reliable services that lie in our client budget. 


By adopting the right expertise at the right time, we bring together the tech-savvy platforms that manage to relish profits for your businesses. The expert team knows what it takes to deliver the best to you. 

Save Time

With prompt delivery of our solutions and products, we save valuable time for the customers. In this way, you get more time to focus on your core functions. 


We are best in customizing the application as per the needs of the clients. Valuation of your ideas and giving them life is what we are known for. 

Constant support

Our 24/7 availability makes it possible for us to address the queries of our customers. Our expertise constantly stays in touch with you and helps wherever you need us. 

Security at peak

There is no compromise on security. Our metamask wallet clone is entirely secure with end-to-end encryption far from risks and breaches. 

 Get Started To Build a Metamask like Wallet With Antier Solutions!  

Metamask is a top leader in cryptocurrency exchange. Such platforms offer a good market value. Thereby, developing a metamask clone comes out as a golden opportunity to treasure the fortune within the blockchain-based currencies. 

And Suffescom Solution prides itself on offering the same.  

By delineating the platforms with the latest tools and techniques, our team of blockchain app developers strives to build powerful, reliable, and secure metamask wallet clone. So, if you are planning to develop your own metamask wallet, feel free to reach us anytime. Let’s begin your digital journey today!

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