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Mobile App Development Company in Houston | Texas Mobile App Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

March 08, 2024

Mobile App Development Company in Houston | Texas Mobile App Solutions

The escalating utilization of smartphones has led to the immense demand for mobile application development. As bizarre as it may sound, it has outnumbered all other businesses in revenue generation. This fruitful and creative realm has enticed venture capitalists to invest in this domain. With time, the mobile application development company is experiencing specific reformative changes. The constant upgrades in the technologies allow it to go through a transformation period.

The futuristic multi threading technologies are evolving and have the potential to run mobile applications on numerous platforms. People are always on their mobile phones right from the moment they wake up. This has become an essential part of our lives, and its growth is supposed to grow exponentially in upcoming times. It wouldn't be wrong to say that with high technology, there will be an impeccable transposition of the applications from one platform to another.

The applications that are meant to work on let's say, android will smoothly work on flutter. The same can be said for web-based applications as they can also enjoy the flawless transition into mobile ones.

Diversifying business and capturing humongous clients is the dream of all mobile development companies. To move one step further, one can employ top developers from any location. The perfect alternative is to go for the righteous Mobile App Development Company in Houston to acquire top standards methodically.

Before getting into comprehensive detailing, let's delve into the fundamentals of the mobile app to gain a better understanding of the same!

Mobile Application Development Texas

The mobile app development company in Houston includes an assortment of specific techniques and procedures. These processes are required for writing a set of instructions for tiny wireless hand-held devices. It can't be denied that both mobile application development and web application development have their foundation ingrained in conventional software development.

Although the only variation that exists in mobile apps is that the features are uniquely curated to make them look and function perfectly. Moreover, the conventional application requires a web connection to operate with distant computing resources. Therefore, the development process needs to create the application software that consists of binaries and codes. Also, the execution of the back end facilities are extremely significant such as data service, java service, third party API, web service, app testing, etc.

How are the end-users disbursing their time using smartphones? What are the opportunities for creating mobile applications? All this can be understood by looking at the statistics mentioned below!

Best Mobile App Development Company in Houston

As a top mobile app development company in Houston, we offer custom app development services to help businesses improve their digital presence and enhance their customer experience. Our team of skilled developers and designers strive to deliver high-quality apps that are user-friendly and scalable.

Mobile App Statistics

About 6.3 billion people around the globe have mobile access. This clearly shows that mobile app development company in Houston is flourishing rapidly. The proliferation is set to break records and shows no signs of slowing down.

Similarly, there has been a gigantic jump of about 36% in the overall tablet users, which corresponds to nearly 1.14 billion people.

Looking at the stats, it's incredible to figure out why users are so intrigued with using smartphones. What exactly are they doing there? It's been deciphered that people spend about 88% of their time on mobile applications.

  • Approx. 70% of every US digital media is derived from mobile apps.
  • Around 21% of Millennials have the tendency to open an app 50+ times/day.
  • 49% of adults open an app 11+ times/ day.
  • The amazing fact is that an average smartphone holder utilizes 10 applications in a day and 30 applications in a month.
  • Smartphone users spend 90% of their screen-on time using mobile apps.
  • Around 85% of consumers opt for native apps over mobile cross websites.
  • On average, consumers have over 30 apps installed on their devices.
  • An average user spends about 35 hours per month using mobile apps.

The most significant thing that compels the users to get glued to their phone screens is its user-friendly attributes.

Salient Features

The most significant thing that compels the users to get glued to their phone screens is its user-friendly attributes.Check out some of them as under;

Simple Design:

The layout of the mobile application should be straightforward and simplistic in architecture. The most essential element that uplifts the aesthetics of any application is its UI/UX design. The interface should be easy to handle, and the navigation should be seamless without any interruption. Now, whatever complications are faced during the development phase should not be reflected at the front end.

Every element should be aligned properly with adequate spaces and uniform sizes. All these components, when implemented in a workflow, capture the attention of the users. Besides this, there are two forms of apps; one is free to access, whereas the other one requires a login procedure. To not test the user's patience, basic details are more than enough.

Push Notifications:

One thing that enhances communication with the users is push notifications. It is a lot better than conventional emails and messaging. It builds a strong relationship with the customers, and the conveyance takes place swiftly. The incorporation of these notifications directly connects with the customers, and the information is precise and logical.

There could also be the inclusion of certain graphics either alone or in combination with text. These are supremely customized depending upon the user's requirement. In case there is any new update related to the application or the items displayed on it. These pop-up messages play as a fantastic tool to notify the users about any updation.

Better Performance

What really amuses the people is the performance criteria. This largely depends upon numerous factors. The first one is the loading speed which determines the time utilized to prep the app before the interface is open and becomes clickable by the user.

Accessibility is the other important reason that controls the performance index. The advanced security attribute, along with the increased loading speed, also boosts the performance of the platform.

Fusion of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has created a meaty impression on the audience's mind. Taking a cue from that, the users are looking forward to a spectacular AR experience. In view of assisting the customers with unique avatars, the developers of Mobile App Development Company in Houston are looking for fresh techniques to leverage ARCore for Android and ARKit for the iOS platforms.

The blend of the actual and virtual world has initiated a plethora of experiences for the users. It is beneficial for diverse fields and possesses a great demand in all industry verticals.

Social Media Integration

Gone are the days when social media was used just for entertainment purposes. It has surpassed its restriction from image or video sharing ability. Social media integration has contributed a lot towards building a rapport among different users. It has made the collaboration procedure among different clients an uncomplicated process.

Its advantages sound more interesting to the app owner as more people will share their personalized things, which will eventually lead to pragmatic growth. The only thing that needs attention is the flawless integration of social media sharing buttons straight away on the application page.

Superior Image Resolution

It would be great if, along with the best performance served, the app also possesses top-class quality image resolution. There is a typical image resolution that needs to be maintained at all costs. Failure of this can surely demoralize the users. The effect of this is clearly visible on the customers when they uninstall the application.

So, the crux is to maintain a high definition image resolution so that the user doesn't lose interest in your fully tailored mobile application.

Mobile App Development Process

The success of any business lies in the systematic workflow that involves proper planning, analysis, testing, and deployment process.


Before rushing into the core development phase, it's better to get the answers to a few questions.

Why do you want to establish a business in app development? How will it be beneficial for the users? Who will be part of your company as employees and strategic partners? Who is the target audience, and who are the competitors? What purpose is it going to serve in the relevant industry?

Every question is important and holds perfect relevance in establishing a top mobile app development company in Houston.


Planning is paramount in every field. It requires proper analysis as this is the time when the project enters Reality. Various use cases and project requirements are taken into consideration. After recognizing the essentials, create a unique roadmap. The requirements are maintained on a priority basis and then consolidated into delivery milestones.

One needs to recognize the skills required for app development and then make use of distinct technology stacks for diverse platforms. For instance: The tech stack will be different for android and iOS platforms. Also, in case of reduced complications, cross-platforms like Flutter and React Native can be used.

UI/UX Design

The crowd puller for any application has to be its interface. It should be absolutely faultless and reflect simplicity with a stellar look. The ultimate goal of the mobile app development company has to be intuitive and interactive. This helps in grabbing the user's attention.

The design incorporates the informational architecture (determining the data that will be visible to users), wireframes (digital sketches), style guides(documentation of app design standards), mockups (for the visual patterns), an interactive prototype( demo of how the app will look as a final product).

Application Development

Before diving straight into the development phase, certain things should be kept in mind. Defining the technological architecture, choosing the correct tech stacks, and characterizing the build-out milestones are the key components that form the basis of the app development.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence and augmented Reality are the technologies that are responsible for enhancing the scope of the app. The integral parts of any app development process include the following components;

Back End Server

The mobile app operation is assisted by the server-side objects and the database. In the case of the old backend platform, few moderations are required for the fresh mobile product.


A stable and flexible interface that integrates encryption standards by leveraging a microservice-based framework. It is responsible for building communication between the backend server and the app.

Mobile App Front End

The indigenous app that is installed by the user on the smart devices. Real-time experience, amazing user experience, and proper network connectivity are maintained between the front and back end.

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Quality assurance makes the app secure and stable at every level. Every possible issue needs to be taken care of .for that, the test cases need to be arranged. The specified QA testing team is allowed to fix the software quality issues, if any.

Additionally, the bugs or errors are removed that hamper the smooth running of the program. With the top-class approach and highly skilled testing engineers, the best test cases can be produced.


After performing the testing procedure, it's time to station your mobile application in the app store. For iOS and Android apps, the relevant stores are apple app stores and google play stores. Before launching any app, a separate developer account is required.

There should be a unique name and bundle identifier which is distinct from the QA version of the app. This creates a clear-cut demarcation between the product and the QA version, enabling future upgrades to the app. in the app store, all the meta data-related arrangement is taken care of.

A test account is required for app submission, and then the complete review process takes place. In just a matter of a few days, the app will be launched depending on the quality. In case of certain issues, there is a possibility for app dismissal. After rectifying the problems, the app is resubmitted, and on approval, the app is published successfully.

Cost of Making a Mobile App

Whatever complexity or simplicity is needed to develop a mobile app, it entirely depends upon its functionalities. The pricing would depend upon the customized features to make it look exclusive from its contemporaries. Well, the average development cost of mobile app ranges from $25k-$50k, but as stated, the cost varies for every type of project.

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