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Tune In To Profits With Music Royalty Software Development

By Suffescom Solutions

November 07, 2023

Tune In To Profits With Music Royalty Software Development

Design and develop a feature-rich music royalty accounting software with us and handle music royalties in any currency in minutes. Manage music royalties and repertoire, distribute and promote music, streamline reporting, simplify payment processing, and manage a large sales volume- all in one place. Music royalty software is the key to handling the music business with ease and automated solutions.

Get in touch with our experts at Suffescom today and develop music royalty software for the music industry.

How Does Music Royalty Software Work?

Music royalty accounting software is a vital tool for the music industry, simplifying the complex process of royalty management. Input data such as music releases, contracts, and agreements, and then the software performs automated royalty calculations based on factors like sales, streams, and usage, likes and popularity.

It also tracks the ownership and rights associated with each song, ensuring accurate distribution of royalties to artists, songwriters, and other rights holders.

Our experts at Suffescom, with expertise in AI, blockchain, and more technologies, develop music royalty software with top-notch features, including aggregating income from various sources, including streaming, downloads, physical sales, performance rights, and sync licenses. Additionally, it can help with expense tracking and generate detailed reports for a better financial understanding.

Manage Music Royalties With A Feature-Rich Music Royalty Software

Suffescom offers transparent, easy-to-use music royalty accounting software that helps manage and automate royalty revenue. Get in touch with our experts now!

Music Royalty Software: Features & Functionalities

Our music royalty software development solutions include adding advanced attributes that make your platform stand out from others in the market.

Royalties Management

Music royalty software helps artists and publishers manage their earnings by tracking how their music is used and calculating the royalties owed to them. It simplifies the complex task of royalty calculations, making it easier for musicians to get paid for their work.

Manage Sales

This feature allows to keep track of large music sales volume, whether it's physical or digital. It helps in monitoring the distribution and sale of music to ensure that artists receive their fair share of revenue.

Streamline Reporting

Music royalty software generates detailed reports on the usage and performance of songs on various platforms. This data is crucial for artists to make informed decisions about their music and finances.

Seamless Payments

The software facilitates the secure and efficient transfer of royalties to artists and copyright holders with multiple payment gateways. It ensures that payments are made accurately and on time.

Manage & Track Revenue

This feature enables users to monitor their total revenue from music sales and royalties over time. It provides insights into income trends and helps in financial planning.

Import Music Catalogue

Users can easily import and organize their music catalog into the software. This is essential for keeping a comprehensive record of the songs and their associated rights.

Release Music

Music royalty software often includes tools to help artists and labels release their music on various platforms from a single dashboard. It simplifies the distribution process and ensures proper tracking for royalty purposes.

200+ Supported Currencies

The platform supports 200+ currencies, including cryptocurrencies, allowing music artists, record labels, and more to receive royalties in any currency in seconds or minutes.

170+ Music Platforms

The software is compatible with 170+ music streaming and distribution platforms. This ensures that royalties are accurately tracked and collected from various sources, making it a comprehensive solution for artists in the digital age.

Salient Features Of Music Royalties Management Software

The music royalties management software is equipped with some salient features that facilitate enhanced and automated music royalties management.

Real-Time Analysis

Music royalty software offers real-time analysis of music usage and earnings. It provides up-to-the-minute insights into how songs are performing, helping artists and copyright holders make timely decisions and adjustments.

Artist Dashboard

An artist dashboard is a user-friendly interface that allows musicians and creators to access a consolidated view of their earnings, royalties, song performance, and other relevant data. It simplifies tracking and managing their music portfolio.

Catalog Management

This feature allows users to organize and maintain their music catalog efficiently. It includes tools for adding, updating, and categorizing songs, making it easier to manage the rights associated with each track.

Blockchain Integration

With expertise in blockchain development, we integrate blockchain technology into the platform to enhance transparency and security. This ensures that music usage and royalty data are tamper-proof and easily audit-able.

Crypto Wallet

We develop music royalty software that includes the option to receive royalties in digital currencies. With crypto wallet development and integration, store and manage their earnings in cryptocurrency.

Automated Transactions

With smart contract development, music royalty software automates financial transactions, ensuring that royalties are distributed accurately and promptly to artists and copyright holders. This reduces the risk of errors and streamlines the payment process.

Black Box Revenue Management

This feature helps address the issue of "black box" revenue, which refers to unattributed or unclaimed royalties. The software tracks and manages such revenue, ensuring that artists receive the money they are owed, even for obscure or unattributed uses of their music.

Business Benefits Of Music Royalty Software Development

With the rise in streaming platforms, music royalties management, payments, and transactions have become complex for record labels, artists, musicians, and publishers. Music royalty software provides them a platform to manage, track, and monitor their royalties from a single dashboard. Developing such a platform leads to a large user base, especially in the music industry.

Diverse Revenue Streams

Music royalty software generates income from multiple sources, including subscription models, transaction fees, pay-per-fee models, partnerships, and advertisements.


By providing a platform to users where they can easily manage their music royalties, your platform will surely scale significantly.

Large User Base

From record labels, artists, and publishers to musicians attract a large user base around the world in the music industry.

Revenue Sharing

It allows for flexible revenue-sharing models, which can be customized to accommodate various licensing agreements and partnerships with record labels and content creators.

Customized Music Royalty Accounting Software Solutions

Get in touch with our professionals to develop customized music royalty software and foster closer, more reliable bonds with artists. Give us a chance now!

Profitable Revenue Models Of Music Royalty Software

With multiple revenue models, generate income while offering valuable tools and services to the music industry, contributing to fair and efficient royalty management.

Subscription-Based Model

Users pay a recurring subscription fee to access the software. This model is common for professional music industry stakeholders, such as record labels, music publishers, and artists, who require advanced royalty management tools and features.

Transaction Fees

Charge a fee for each financial transaction processed through the platform. This may include a percentage of the royalties distributed to artists or copyright holders.

Value-Added Services

Offer value-added services such as data analytics, reporting, and business intelligence tools for an extra fee, enhancing the overall value of their software.

Pay-Per-Use Model

In addition to subscriptions, offer a pay-per-use model, where users pay for specific features or services as needed, allowing for more flexibility in cost management.

Choose Suffescom For Music Royalty Accounting Software Development

Suffescom is a top-rated music royalty software development company with expertise in developing software that is both scalable and user-friendly. We have a proven track of great success stories. Also, we have a team of experts with profound knowledge of world-class technologies to integrate into your platform.

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