Estimating An Oculus App Development Cost - 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Oculus App?

By Suffescom Solutions

August 03, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Oculus App?

In the past, we have encountered several virtual reality platforms that have attracted people’s attention. But one that has successfully grabbed the eyeballs out of all is Oculus. This name has now become a norm in the virtual space realm. Oculus app development is the top choice for businesses to provide immersive experiences for users, and coming to the Oculus app development cost, the price ranges between $20K to $100K. The cost may increase or decrease depending on the customization.

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The popularity will continue to shoot up tremendously. By 2027, the global VR market is predicted to reach $26.9 billion. Moreover, the VR market size is estimated to have a CAGR of 19% (2021-2027). The Oculus app development cost is based on several parameters, and there are several peculiarities attached to it.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build An Oculus App?

The rising demand for Oculus apps is not hidden from anyone. Businesses from different industry verticals are interested in developing an Oculus app. If you are interested in developing the same, we recommend you look at the below-mentioned cost. It will be wise to get a rough idea about the Oculus app development budget in terms of price range and average time.

Have a look at the topmost factors that have a bigger influence on the Oculus app development cost:

1. Development Process

We follow a sequential development process when it comes to developing an extremely intuitive and interactive app integrated with all the essential features that uplift the app's functionality. Moreover, we test the apps for bugs and errors and then launch them for public consumption.

Check out our step-by-step development process with the development cost.

Development ProcessDevelopment Cost
Research And Project Planning $4K-5K
Designing And Development $20K-$100000
Integrated Features $7K-15K
Testing And Launch $10K-$12K
Post Maintenance Support $5K-6K
Marketing And Promotion $7K-10K

This above-stated cost estimation of Oculus apps will surely vary from project to project. But to make it convenient for you, our project managers have considered all the possibilities while framing this price range.

2. As Per Complexity

The budget of the Oculus apps depends hugely on the complexity. Because as the level of complexity increases, the price is definitely going to surge. Also, for different levels, the development time will be different, the features to be added will be less or more, etc. taking cognizance of that, we have described the cost for the three main levels;

App ComplexityDevelopment Cost
Medium $60K-$80K
Advanced >$80K

3. Project Type

Oculus app development cost depends upon the type of project, whether MVP, custom, or enterprise-grade. Applications with fewer features and not that high-level design will obviously take less time and effort.

There are basically three project types, i.e., simple MVP app, Custom app, and enterprise-grade MVP.

Simple MVP apps are developed to target a specific audience and are generally customer friendly and extremely intuitive. These come with pre-defined features and functionalities and take less time to get launched.

Custom apps, as the name itself means, will include features that are customized as per the client’s requirement. This will eventually take longer than the MVP apps, and henceforth the development cost will be higher.

Enterprise-grade apps have successfully entered almost every industry, be it healthcare, real estate, education, retail, supply chain management, and many more. So, for every industry, the feature is going to be different. Therefore, the prices may also vary drastically.

4. Company Size

The size of the development firm also matters a lot. If the company is smaller in size, then the development cost will be smaller as compared to the medium and large-scale ones.

Size Of The CompanyNo.of employeesDevelopment Cost
StartupsUp to 50$20K-$50K
Medium Level 50-250 $50K-$70K
Large Organization>250 >$70K

5. Geographical Location Of The Developers

The developer’s location matters a lot when it comes to Oculus app development costs. There are specific locations from where the developers are hired. In the region known for providing top-notch IT services, the developers from that particular location will charge more compared to the rest.

Geo-Location Hourly rates
USA$70- $80 per hour
UK $50-$60 per hour
India$35-$45 per hour
UAE $50-$60 per hour

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6. Technological Stacks

Tech stacks are the backbone of any app development process, without which its working is impossible. Also, picking the right technologies, programming languages, and frameworks is the most important element. Check out a few of the adequate tech stacks that make the Oculus app development an absolute hit.

Tech-Stacks Cost Estimation
Programming Languages $7K-$12K
Frameworks $6K-$9K
Database $6K-$9K
Cloud Storage $12K-$15K
APIs $5K-$8K
Operating System $10K-$14K

Not to forget about the famous technologies that are the fundamentals of the Oculus apps.

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Of Things

These powerful technologies make way for the dynamic Oculus app development that is directly linked to amplifying the performance of the apps at a larger level. Also, their inclusion paves the way for the enriched virtual environment to deliver A1 experiences to the users.

7. Oculus Apps For Various Industries

People often mistake Oculus apps for Oculus game development, which is not the case. Oculus apps apply to various industries, such as education, gaming, healthcare, real estate, automotive, agriculture, travel and tourism, etc. If the apps are available for several regions, then certainly, the Oculus app development cost will differ.

Types Of Industries Development cost
Gaming $60K-$100K
Healthcare $45K-$55K
Real Estate $40K-$60K
Travel and Tourism $50K-$80K

8. Categorization Of The Developers

It would seem like, what the developer's category has to do with the Oculus app development cost. But in reality, it also has a pivotal role in the budget. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of developers, i.e., freelancers and the in-house team of the development company.

Freelancers work on their conditions and are not restricted by any authority. On the contrary, an in-house team of developers must work under the firm's guidelines with which they are associated. Choose the one that will work according to your project needs.

Category Of Developers Development Cost
In-House Team $25K-$45K

9. App Design

The design of the Oculus games is essential because it creates a make-or-break situation for the users. The client can opt for the design as they like, and the cost will depend on that.

App Design App Cost
Simple $10K-$15K
Medium Level$15-$18K
High Level $18K-$40K

10. Other Important Factors

The other factors that affect the oculus development cost are illustrated under;

  • Complications Existing In The Oculus App
  • Interactivity Level
  • Multiplayer Functionality
  • Graphic Design
  • App Promotion And Advertising
  • Server Maintenance
  • App Responsiveness
  • Apis Integration
  • UI/UX Interface
  • Safe VR Assets
  • Technical Intricacies (Tech, Network, And Data Integration)
  • Sound Effects
  • Customization As Per Project Requirements
  • Excellent Level Of Comfort
  • Push Notifications
  • Compatible With Other Platforms
  • Swift Content Loading
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • 360-Degree Video Attributes
  • Easy To Locate Exit Button

There are so many points that may affect the Oculus app development cost.

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