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Uber-like Taxi App Development: Readymade Solutions To Start Taxi Business

By Suffescom Solutions

March 01, 2024

Uber-like Taxi App Development: Readymade Solutions To Start Taxi Business

Witnessing the monumental success of Uber, numerous entrepreneurs and startups are eager to delve into the lucrative on-demand Taxi app market. They are adopting similar strategies, aiming to strike gold by investing in the development of Uber-like taxi software. If you're among them, your search for the premier app development company concludes at Suffescom Solutions!

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Why Must You Build an Taxi App Like Uber?

On-demand cab booking app development is a top priority for startups, given the ease of entry into this business. While the low entry barrier might mean stiff competition, innovative and unique features can set you apart and ensure your success in the market.

Also, an app can come off with flying colors by addressing all the customer requisites. It is invaluable for any business that dreams of attaining considerable growth. Building an app like Uber ensures greater benefits by offering the comfort of delivering on-demand services.

An Uber-like app provides absolute control and tracking and develops enhanced prestige. Thus, transform your unique thoughts into a real-time app by offering your customers advanced transport solutions and raising your business from scratch in this competitive crowd.

Taxi Software Like Uber Development Company

We are catering uber like taxi app/software development solutions. Setup taxi business online with our top rated readymade uber like taxi app. Consult with our mobile app developers and know advanced taxi app features.

Features of Uber Taxi App

A successful taxi booking app features incredible working criteria and operating systems, emphasizing global presence and high earnings. Below are the top features of the Uber app; you must inoculate them into your similar app for a huge performance.

Uber for Riders-

Schedule a Trip: Allows riders to make bookings as per the preferred time, convenience, and data like the Uber app.

Preferred Driver: Riders can select their preferred drivers. Their requests will go to them if both are in the same vicinity.

Favorite Destination: The app allows riders to get their marked address quickly with route optimization with a single click.

Payment: Riders can pay in different modes: debit/credit card and cash, as per their convenience.

Trip History: Record complete details about completed, canceled, and upcoming trips, pick-up and drop-off locations, and fares for the specified trip.

Driver Review: The app allows riders to check drivers' feedback and reviews so they can select one of them accordingly.

Uber for Drivers-

Trip History: Drivers can check the record of their canceled and completed trips.

My Destination: Uber permits drivers to enter predefined routes when heading back home to get requests on their route.

Route Selection: The app features different choices for selecting the right route, including Google Maps.

Refer Driver: Drivers can invite more of their pals by sharing a referral code with other drivers to get privileges.

SOS Contacts: Activating SOS functionality helps drivers add contacts to receive a text message, including the driver's location.

Rider Review: Drivers can post a review for the rider and see the received reviews from the riders.

Features of Uber for Admin Panel

Driver Transaction: The app features a weekly report of the driver's trip, commission gained, total revenue earned, and total earnings after deductions. It tracks drivers and their trip details.

Manual Dispatch: With the manual approach, the app assigns a trip request to the driver on the rider's behalf. This feature is helpful in low-network areas so riders can book their rides anytime.

Advanced Fare Management: A flexible pricing strategy permits setting flexible prices based on the specific time, area, and flat charges. This feature is easy to manage.

User Interactive Dashboard: The feature helps the admin to keep notice of pending, completed, and canceled trips on the dashboard. It tracks everything under one section.

Admin Reports: This feature helps the admin to check the total trip statistics for a defined period. Check and track statistics of service providers for all trips for a defined period.

Driver Wise Commission: This feature helps monitor the drivers' commission rate and check and change it anytime. Admins can set different commission rates for distinct groups of drivers.

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Taxi Booking App Development: Uber Like Taxi App

Developing an Uber-like taxi booking app involves market research, defining features like user registration, real-time tracking, payment integration, and more, to create a seamless user experience.

Technology Stack Behind the Uber App

The Uber app is developed from a technical point of view. Uber has its name in the market, and people prefer to download and use it when booking a taxi on the spot.

As Uber opened up its API publically, developers can create an app like Uber with similar features and interface. Uber has the leading technology, which is the extensive use of geolocation. Other imperative features include the integration of payment gateways, push notifications, and route building.

Learn more about technological integration to help you get an app like Uber.

For navigation and geolocation, the technology stack for iOS includes MapKit and Corelocation, while Android includes Google Location Services API and Google Maps. Push Notifications include Twillo, Nexto, Sunch, Pilvo, and Apple Push Notifications Service (APN), like tech stack for iOS. For Android, the tech stack includes Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Twilio, Nexto, Plivo, and Sinch.

For the integration of payment gateways, the technology stack for iOS includes Stripe, PayPal, BrainTree, and Apple Pay. For Android, it includes Stripe, PayPal, BrainTree, and Google Pay.

The planning method includes defining other technologies and programming languages aside from integrations. You can utilize the Swift and Kotlin programming languages for iOS and Android development. As for the app's backend, there are certain languages to use, such as Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Benefits of Taxi Booking Apps like Uber

If you own a taxi company, consider how creating a taxi booking app will benefit your business. Apps like Uber benefit everyone, including customers, passengers, and taxi companies. Let's discuss all three points and how an Uber-like app is useful.

Benefits to Customers:

The Service is Available 24/7: Customers can download the taxi booking application on their smartphone and use it anytime. If they need a taxi late at night, they can book and get a taxi. It is one of the most valuable benefits users can get at any time.

Security: When they book a taxi ride through the app, they will receive the driver's name, phone number, and photo ID. As a result, they won't have any security issues. If they still feel unsafe, they can use their driver's information to take legal action, which gives them better protection than taking a taxi without knowing the driver's information.

Flexible Payment Options: There are many taxi booking apps in the market. Almost all payment options are available in the app, including cash, passport, wallet, online banking, etc. The rider can pay for the trip using the user's chosen payment method.

Cost-Effective: Every taxi booking app offers new deals and coupons to attract more customers in a competitive market. Using a taxi booking app helps you save money and is a great alternative to public transport.

Advantages for Drivers:

Work Schedule Flexibility: A taxi driver can choose the online or offline mode in the taxi booking application. The driver can set the online status according to their schedule. They can post their price online to receive a ride request and drive. When they use a taxi driver app, they don't have to work at a fixed hour like a 9-5 job. They can work whenever they want.

Easy to Find a Passenger: For a shuttle driver, it is essential to locate a passenger. However, taxi drivers will receive a user request from your smartphone from someone who doesn't seem to be a traveler; instead, they can easily receive and process ride requests.

Identify User Profile: When they receive a new ride request for a specific route, they can see the user's name, rank, and other driver feedback. If they get negative feedback from users on a new ride request, they can decline it. It is the most useful feature for drivers who want to remember a user profile based on a previous ride.

It is crucial to avoid price haggling at all costs. The commuter gets the basic price before booking the trip, so there is no need to negotiate the ride price.

Benefits to the Taxi Company:

A taxi booking app like Uber can help you benefit from the following:

  1. Easily turn a business idea into a potential strategy by controlling all systems and viewing system reports.
  2. Use GPS to track every taxi and find the driver's location.
  3. Hire more drivers to enhance the number of users of your car region and strengthen your brand.
  4. Any trip gives the commission.

Development Cost of Uber-like App

Suffescom's development team is ready to take your business into the digital landscape. Our Uber-like app developers have expertise in developing platforms as per your prerequisites. They discuss, analyze, and develop the app. The estimated development cost of the taxi app Development is USD 10K to 14K. The first phase of the app's delivery is 10 days.

Taxi Booking App Like Uber: Low Cost App Than Customized

Opt for a budget-friendly app solution rather than investing in a costly customized one to save money and resources. Consider opting for a low-cost app instead of a customized solution to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Why Do You Need Suffescom Solutions to Develop an Uber-like App?

Suffescom Solutions always aims to fulfill business requirements and help them reach their goals. Below are great reasons to justify it-

World Class UI/UX Designs: We follow a prototyping approach and wireframe to understand clients' requirements in detail. Our experts design UI/UX in a user-friendly and manageable manner under the Google Material Design and Apple Human Interface guidelines.

High-quality Source Code: We retain the source code's quality from the first day with directive functions and proper commenting. You can easily understand without dependency whenever add-on or maintenance is required.

Dedicated Team: We have skilled experts who deliver perfection in their respective domains. Let our skilled team bring game-changing apps to your table!

Keen Eye on Project Progress: Real-time tracking of project progress and keeping clients updated. We keep sending you project reports after every milestone.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing Models: Our app development packages depend upon the following models: hourly rate, monthly/weekly, and flat/fixed rate.

Project Maintenance & Support: We deliver the first phase of the app within 10 days and keep supporting clients for any further amendments they require.

Client Satisfaction & Retention Rate: We have a good client retention rate, and most clients have been working with us for over seven years. We believe in developing long-term relations flawlessly.

Wrapping Up!

Developing similar apps like Uber is the most practical way for businesses to augment their service portfolio, enter a new market, or grow and profit from supplementary services. It is an excellent option if you need more technical knowledge, time, or resources for a bespoke solution. Our Uber-like taxi app solutions help you:

  • Establish customer loyalty
  • Test and build new services
  • Boost brand image
  • Save big on startups
  • Market your product faster

Get ready to be a trendsetter in the cab booking industry with an Uber-like app!

If you seek to unlock the full potential of software development and streamline your business functions, contact us now!

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