The Unreal Engine: Unleashing the Power of Photorealism in the Metaverse

By Suffescom Solutions

July 28, 2022

The Unreal Engine is a powerful 3D creation tool that allows for the creation of immersive VR and AR projects, as well as the creation of an entire metaverse. The Unreal Engine's tools enable developers to create next-generation 2D, 3D, and VR games that provide players with real-time experiences. 

Last year, a significant increase in the number of people downloading Unreal Engine was seen, with total downloads increasing nearly by 40% since the end of 2020. The demand for creators of 3D experiences in the gaming world grows with people's desire for them. 

It is too early to predict how the Metaverse will evolve, but it is envisioned as a shared social 3D world with persistence, discovery, moderation, and commerce. It will be an evolution of the internet as we know it, with real-time 3D technology as its foundation.

As people's desire for 3D experiences grows, so does the demand for creators to create them. 

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Now that we're on the verge of the Metaverse, we're at a watershed moment: Who will design this new world? This post will vividly discuss the Unreal gaming engine and its features. 

Building a Virtual World Through the Unreal Engine

The Unreal Engine is suitable for all sizes and types of VR projects. It provides a comprehensive set of tools, resources, and media frameworks to enable the creation of seamless 3D projects for game developers.

Unreal offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating stunning interactive virtual worlds, whether a designer wants to make a small real-time environment to showcase their latest product or a large open-world gaming project designed to provide maximum immersion.

However, citizens of the Metaverse will likely demand true-to-life environments in the future, just as gamers have consistently requested more lifelike experiences from games. The Unreal Engine is attempting to push itself toward meeting this demand. 

Even the fashion world has started building up space in the Metaverse through the power of the unreal gaming engine. 

When you're in the Metaverse and see some cool clothing, you can buy it and own it both digitally and physically, (can get the product digitally and physically at one payment only or have to pay for both? making a little confused statement) and it'll be a much better way to find new clothing. The experience is very different from purchasing something in a 2D marketplace.

Why choose the unreal engine for game development?  


As a completely open-source platform, the Unreal Engine enables developers worldwide to use it and benefit from its inherent features and advanced functionalities to create projects that stand out.

Taking into account the needs and abilities of all levels of developers, including beginners, the Unreal Engine provides instructional guides, tutorials, and technical documents to help game developers to develop any project with ease. Some features of the Unreal Engine are:

  • Variety of Samples and assets:

The platform provides a variety of game assets, samples, and plugins to assist game developers in updating their projects following industry trends.

  • Extremely photorealistic graphics:

The Unreal Engine includes tools that enable anyone to create lifelike scenes, photorealistic digital humans, and high-quality content. In minutes, the Engine can animate real-world environments.

  • Professional assistance

Developers using the Unreal Engine can get community-based support from a professional team of senior experts, 3D and VR experts, and others. They can solve any problem that arises while working on a project.

  • No cost to use

Everything on the Unreal Engine is free, from production-ready features to templates, licensing, and source code access. Custom projects can be created for free by a developer with basic skills.

  • Regular updates

The Unreal Engine team is working hard to improve the platform's viability. The team is still testing the current version and releasing new and improved versions.


The Unreal Engine provides a comprehensive set of tools and editors for developers to use when creating 3D projects and applications. The platform currently provides the following top tools:

  • Level editor 

The Level Editor is the primary editor in which you build your gameplay levels. This is where you define your game's play space by adding various types of Actors and Geometry, Blueprint Visual Scripting, Niagara Visual Effects, and so on. Unreal Engine automatically opens the Level Editor when you create or open a project.

  • Static mesh editor 

The Static Mesh Editor allows you to preview the look, collision, and UV mapping of Static Meshes and set and manipulate their properties. You can also set LODs (or Level of Detail settings) for your Static Mesh assets inside the Static Mesh Editor to control how simple or detailed they appear based on how and where your game is running.

  • Material editor 

You create and edit Materials in the Material Editor. Materials are assets that can be applied to a mesh to change its appearance. You can, for example, create a dirt Material and use it on floors on your level to create a surface that appears to be dusty. 

  •  Physics Asset Editor 

The Physics Asset Editor creates Physics Assets for use with Skeletal Meshes. This is how physics features like deformations and collisions implement in the unreal engine game development.

  •  Behavior tree editor 

The Behavior Tree Editor is where you can script Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Actors in your levels using a visual node-based system (similar to Blueprints). You can program enemies, non-player characters (NPCs), vehicles, and other objects to behave in various ways.


Unreal Engine Metaverse will enable creators and developers worldwide to create more immersive and realistic gaming projects that provide players with next-generation experiences. 

• It will support high-quality photorealism. 

• Designers will be able to create projects with innovative features like Nanite and Lumen, which focus on improving visual fidelity. 

• With the Unreal Engine development, designers will have the tools and editors to create larger worlds to support large gaming projects. Anyone who joins the Unreal Engine metaverse community forum can share their thoughts on the upgrade and contribute ideas.

Why Choose the Unreal Engine Game Development Over the Unity Engine?

Unity vs Unreal Engine for game development

Before you decide on a game engine to use to create your game for users, keep the following points in mind:

  • The type of game you prefer to develop: 2D, 3D, single-player, multiplayer, web-based or console-based, mobile-based or web-based.
  • The platform on which you want to launch your game.
  • The amount of money and time you have available.
  • The methods you will use to profit from your game.

Now let us lighten the two engines by comparing them with each other. 

Unreal Engine is designed for artists, whereas Unity is the choice of programmers. Unreal Engine has valuable tools, and you can achieve better visuals in your game much faster. However, game developers can still achieve AAA quality results in Unity, though it may take some time.

Regarding feature sets, both engines are highly competitive. For example, if the game developer wishes to create a 2D game, Unity is a better choice, whereas Unreal is a better choice for 3D due to tools such as the material editor.

Unity is popular among Indie developers; Unreal, on the other hand, is known as the Engine of the Big Studios and AAA Giants, but it is slowly gaining popularity among Indies. The Unreal Marketplace is brimming with prototyping assets and additional plugins, and the community is multiplying.

Unreal Engine optimizes Draw Calls, and this optimization becomes visible as the game world grows. Conversely, Unity increases its execution time steadily and proportionally, whereas Unreal Engine does not. As the game scene complexity increases, its performance superiority becomes clear.

The Future of the Virtual World Painted Through the Unreal Engine Metaverse

In a world ruled by this open universe, single developers would "build for the metaverse" rather than "build a metaverse." 

For instance, with the help of an unreal engine, 

  • A social network can create its virtual island, 
  • Any gaming company may hold scheduled gaming events at previously announced locations in-world, 
  • Any retailer might make a sizeable digital storefront with a shopping area. 

The Unreal Engine can build an open version of the Metaverse over the next decade by the foundation of available systems with open standards and companies willing to work together to respect their mutual customer relationships. Through the Unreal Engine, the game developers can provide their users an account from one ecosystem and where they can play in another ecosystem with healthy competition for every facet of the metaverse ecosystem. 

Unreal Engine provides enterprises with limitless opportunities to advance their businesses through real-time 3D projects spanning games, media and entertainment, live events, and simulation. The gaming industry is heavily invested in Unreal Engine development because the platform allows feature-complete projects to be integrated into the Metaverse, supplementing their existing business models. 

Instead of green screens, game developers now use massive LED screens depicting scenes through actors and special effects created by the Unreal Engine running in real-time. This helps the actors react more naturally to the special effects and lets the developers see if and how the scene's digital and physical components work together.


After giving their product away for free to low-level developers, the unreal Engine relies on the firm belief that the time and resources spent on virtual worlds will continue to rise dramatically. To tackle cost savings, the number of developers using the Play to earn game will multiply yearly. 

Businesses must hire a dedicated team of Unreal developers who provide unique and uncompromised services and create a project exactly as envisioned.

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