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UPI Payment App Development

Leverage our UPI app development solutions to make online payments easy, safe, quick, and convenient. Start your UnionPay Card business by utilizing our pertinent value-added services, which include data inquiry, document downloading, sandbox environment creation and testing, etc. Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a pioneering UPI app development company at the forefront of revolutionizing online financial transactions.

UPI Payment App Development

UPI App Development For Convenient And Quick P2P Online Transactions

Contactless payments are one of the hallmarks of digitization in today’s era. With the evolution from hard cash to online transactions, we offer whitelabel UPI app development solutions to secure online payments. Unified Payment Interface, or UPI, is one of the many successful modes of digital payments today. The NCPI (National Payment Corporations of India) developed the UPI system.

While it sees the biggest user base in India, the system has become a preferred mode of payment internationally, too. Switzerland, UK, France, Malaysia, UAE, and now New Zealand are some of the many countries adopting the UPI system. The use case of UPI is not limited to individuals and extends to corporations and businesses. The potential of the digital payment system is increasing the demand for UPI payment app development.

UPI Trends In 2024

With UPI's (Unified Payments Interface) superior speed and ease to conventional bank transfers, people are flocked to it. Because digital payments are becoming more and more popular across the globe, UPI app development can be quite profitable.

  • UPI transactions are expected to reach 1 billion transactions/day by 2027
  • UPI recorded 9.33 billion transactions in June 2023
  • The YOY growth of UPI is calculated to be around 59.2% since launch
  • India is the top country to use UPI, with a record of ₹149.9 trillion in 2022
  • UPI systems are used for instantaneous transactions in nations like Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan, and France. As a result, the benchmark of 76.28% P2P transactions in June 2023 was set

UPI Payment App Development Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is a top UPI app development solutions provider. We integrate all the features and solutions into the UPI app seamlessly for every user. Contact our team to get started with your consultation and begin the UPI app development process. Move ahead with technology and build your UPI payment app today. Discuss the development details with our app developers today!

UPI Payment App Development Solutions

Leading UPI App Development Services

We are a renowned mobile app development company offering advanced UPI payment app development services. Look at how our dedicated team will navigate your UPI app development journey.

  • Market Analysis

    We start by carrying out in-depth market research. Choose your target market, comprehend their payment requirements, and research rivals.

  • Define Your Requirements

    Describe the main characteristics and features of your UPI payment app. Consider bill payments, recharges, P2P transfers, and in-app purchases.

  • Technology Stack

    Our development team discusses the technology stack required for your app, including programming languages, frameworks, and databases.

  • Design & Development

    Our team designs the user interface and starts the development process. Ensure that the app complies with security standards and regulations.

  • Integration

    Our experts integrate your UPI payment app with payment gateways and UPI systems. We ensure that it supports various UPI-enabled banks.

  • Testing

    Our expert testers team thoroughly tests the app to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Security testing is critical to protect users' financial data.

  • Legal Compliance

    We ensure laws and compliance standards for financial services and payments. Gaining users' trust requires adherence to security standards.

  • Product Launch

    Once testing and compliance are complete, our team launch your UPI payment app on app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    We promote your app to attract users and build a customer base. We use social media, digital marketing, and partnerships to draw customers.

  • Upkeep & Updates

    Our team monitors and maintains your app, and fixes any bugs or security holes. We release updates frequently to enhance functionality.

  • Performance Monitoring

    We use analytics tools to monitor trends in transaction volume, app performance, and user behavior to guide your choices and improve the app.

UPI Payment App Development Services

How Does The UPI Payment App Work For Online Payments?

Our UPI payment system is designed to offer instant real-time payment facilities to individuals, businesses, and corporations. Users on the UPI platform can choose one of the many ways to complete payments using UPI payment app development services.

  • Unique VPA
    Unique VPA

    Every registered user on the app must have a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or UPI ID to process all the transactions.

  • In-App UPI Payments
    In-App UPI Payments

    The In-app UPI application payment option allows users to make payments using the UPI option on the merchant’s platform.

  • UPI Payment Link
    UPI Payment Link

    With a one-time payment link and sharing URL, the user selects the UPI payment app to complete the transaction using MPIN.

  • Small Merchant QR
    Small Merchant QR

    Static or dynamic QR codes are generated via the UPI app for small merchants having a monthly inward credit of less than $100k.

  • Corporate QR
    Corporate QR

    QR codes are generated after submitting an UPI application by businesses, generating over 100k of inward credit per month.

  • UPI Phone Numbers
    UPI Phone Numbers

    Every UPI ID is connected to a phone number. This allows for P2P transactions to be processed using registered phone numbers.

Exclusive Features Of A UPI Payment App

We offer features in our UPI app development solutions that collectively make UPI apps user-friendly, secure, and versatile, enabling users to perform various financial transactions seamlessly.

  • 01

    Static QR Codes

    Static QR codes contain fixed payment information. Businesses use them to receive payments. When scanned, they display the recipient's details and the payment amount.

  • 02

    Dynamic QR Codes

    Dynamic QR codes are more versatile. They can be updated with different payment details for each transaction. This is useful for businesses with changing amounts or information.

  • 03

    Transaction History

    This feature allows users to view a record of their UPI transactions, including details like date, time, recipient, and amount. It helps users keep track of their financial activity.

  • 04

    Bill Payments

    UPI apps provide a bill payment feature, allowing users to pay utility bills, phone bills, or other regular expenses directly through the app. Users can save their billing details.

  • 05


    UPI apps offer rewards programs where users earn points or cashback for using the app for payments. These rewards can often be redeemed for discounts or other benefits.

  • 06


    Autopay allows users to set up payments for subscriptions, loans, or bills. The app automatically deducts the specified amount on dates, making it convenient for users.

  • 07

    Online Banking

    UPI apps often offer online banking services, allowing users to check their account balances, view statements, and perform various banking operations directly from the app.

  • 08

    UPI Intent Flow

    This UPI feature facilitates payments from other apps. For example, when you click a UPI payment link on a website, it opens your UPI app with the payment details pre-filled.

  • 09

    UPI Collect Flow

    This feature in our UPI app is used by businesses to request payments from customers. A payment request is sent, and customers approve and pay through their UPI app.

  • 10

    UPI SDK Flow

    UPI SDK Flow enables the integration of UPI payment functionality into business apps. This is useful for e-commerce and other platforms that want to offer UPI payments.

  • 11

    2F Authentication

    Two-factor authentication involves a combination of something the user knows (PIN/password) and something the user has (their mobile device) to verify their identity.

  • 12

    Virtual ID

    A virtual ID is an alternative to sharing your ID or bank details. Users can create a virtual ID, a randomly generated string, and share it instead of their payment information.

Security Features Of Our UPI Payment App

Online transactions are quick and convenient, calling for next-level security features. All the transactions must be layered with security features that make the platform reliable for use by customers on a wide scale.

  • Biometric Login
    Biometric Login

    Besides numerical or alphabetical password protection, the UPI app is integrated with fingerprint or face recognition technology to protect against unauthorized access.

  • MPIN Login
    MPIN Login

    MPIN is a 4 or 6-digit unique PIN that users set for 2F authentication of all transactions. No transaction will be processed in the UPI app without the correct MPIN input.

  • User Authentication
    User Authentication

    Since every user has a unique VPA connected to a bank account and user, fraudulent activities are minimized by automatically detecting whether a VPA is UPI verified.

  • SIM Based Verification
    SIM Based Verification

    The UPI platform generates a verification text through the registered mobile number. This allows for better authentication and avoids malicious activities on the platform.

Feature-Rich Whitelabel UPI App Solutions With Suffescom

Make transactions easier and faster with powerful UPI payment app solutions. Discuss your project requirements with our team today!

Participants In Our Whitelabel UPI App

The collaborative network of banks, payment service providers, and the NPCI ensures that UPI transactions are seamless and secure, allowing individuals and businesses to transfer funds digitally.

  • Remitter Bank
    Remitter Bank

    The remitter bank is where the person initiating a UPI transaction (the remitter) holds an account. This bank is responsible for authorizing and facilitating funds transfer from the remitter's account to the beneficiary's account.

  • Beneficiary Bank
    Beneficiary Bank

    The beneficiary bank is where the person receiving the UPI payment (the beneficiary) holds an account. When a UPI payment is made, the funds are transferred to the beneficiary's account in this particular bank.

  • NPCI

    NPCI is the organization responsible for managing and governing the UPI system in India. It sets the rules and standards for UPI transactions, ensures interoperability between banks, and oversees the overall functioning of UPI.

  • Merchants

    Merchants are businesses or individuals who accept payments through UPI. They generate QR codes or payment links that customers can use to make payments. Merchants receive payments directly into their bank accounts.

  • Bank Account Holder
    Bank Account Holder

    The bank account holder refers to an individual or entity that holds a bank account with a participating bank in the process. In a UPI application transaction, the payer (sender) and the payee (receiver) are bank account holders.

  • Payer & Payee PSP
    Payer & Payee PSP

    This entity provides the UPI app or service used by the person initiating the payment (the payer). The payee PSP is the entity that provides the UPI app or service used by the person receiving the payment (the payee).

Choosing Suffescom As A Prominent UPI App Development Company

Our special set of services has set records by always serving our clients with quality and on time. We are a trailblazing UPI app development company, and we keep up with it!

  • Time & Cost Efficiency

    We value customers’ time and money and put our best efforts into delivering top-notch app industry features with all modern functionality for customers’ ease.

  • 13+ Years In Business

    We are not new to the industry. We have 13+ years of experience handling customers and their niche projects effectively, bringing tangible and effective results.

  • Skilled Team

    We have a team of 350+ experts, including passionate app developers. We are ready to cater to every need and build innovative UPI app development solutions.

  • Quality & Security

    We ensure our every project fulfills quality and security tests. Our team creates mindful business plans that leave no doubts or questions in anyone’s mind.

  • Price Transparency

    We have no hidden costs and don’t charge for something not defined during the consultation. So, rest assured that our development prices are transparent.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Your sensitive information will only be revealed to a third party after your consent. Suffescom Solutions’s non-disclosure agreement bound us with this policy.

FAQs Related To UPI App Development

Top-rated UPI app-related questions have been asked countless times.

  • What Is A Virtual Payment Address (VPA) In UPI Apps?

    A person using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) service to send or receive money is granted a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) akin to an email ID.

    What Is UPI And How Does It Work?

    UPI links your bank account to a unique UPI ID, like an email ID for your money. You can create this UPI ID through a UPI-enabled app provided by your bank.

  • How Much Does UPI Payment App Development Cost?

    The UPI payment app development cost ranges from $20,000 to $60,000. The cost factor of the app will depend on the various features and factors.

    Which Is The Best UPI App Development Company?

    Suffescom, a leading UPI app development company, is ideal for developing feature-rich and secure UPI apps for Android, iOS, and other devices.

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