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UPI Payment App Development For Convenient And Quick P2P Online Transactions

By Suffescom Solutions

September 08, 2023

UPI Payment App Development For Convenient And Quick P2P Online Transactions

Contactless payments are one of the hallmarks of digitization in today’s era. With the evolution from hard cash to online transactions, many solutions propped up to make online payments easy, safe, quick and convenient. Unified Payment Interface or UPI is one of the many successful modes of digital payments today.

The UPI system was developed by the NCPI (National Payment Corporations of India). White it sees the biggest user base in India, the system has become a preferred mode of payment in international waters too. Switzerland, UK, France, Malaysia, UAE and now New Zealand are some of the many countries adopting the UPI system.

The use case of UPI does not limit to individuals and extends to corporations and businesses. The potential of the digital payment system is increasing the demand for UPI payment app development.

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UPI Trends in 2023

  • UPI transactions are expected to reach 1 billion transactions/day by 2027.
  • UPI recorded 43.22 billion transactions in June 2023.
  • The YOY growth of UPI is calculated to be around 59.2% since launch.
  • India is the top country to use UPI with a record of ₹149.9 trillion in the year 2022.

How Does UPI Payment App Work For Online Payments?

The UPI payment system is designed to offer instant real time payment facilities to individuals, businesses and corporations. Users on the UPI platform can choose one of the many ways to complete payments using the platform.

Unique VPA

Every registered user on the app is required to have a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or UPI ID. These addresses are used to process transactions without the need of entering account details and IFSC code.

In-App UPI Payments

In-app UPI payment option allows users to make payment using UPI option on the merchant’s platform. This feature gathers the necessary data required for the transaction like VPA and account details and automatically processes the transaction.

UPI Payment Link

Receivers can generate a one time use payment link and send the URL to the sender. Upon clicking the link, every UPI app on the mobile device opens to let the user select the UPI payment app to complete the transaction using just the MPIN.

UPI QR Codes

Quick response or QR codes are one of the advanced features of a UPI payment app. Each account registered on the UPI app has a corresponding QR code for digital payments. The app features two types of QR codes.

Small Merchant QR

Static or dynamic QR codes generated via the app for small merchants having a monthly inward credit of less than $100k.

Corporate QR

QR codes generated after submitting an application by businesses generating over 100k of inward credit per month.

UPI Phone Numbers

Every UPI ID is connected to a phone number. This allows for P2P transactions to process using registered phone numbers.

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Exclusive Features Of A UPI Payment App

UPI app development services integrate multiple features that make it better than conventional apps. With integrations like intent flow, UPI verification, etc. the app ensures security, as well as convenience.

Static And Dynamic QR Codes

UPI apps are characterized by the ‘scan and pay’ feature. The app has an inbuilt QR code scanner and a QR code generator for both senders and receivers.

A UPI QR code can be static like the ones that can be printed and placed in shops for payments. Here, the user can scan the QR code and enter the amount before processing a transaction.

The other one is a dynamic QR code which is a unique QR code generated for every transaction. Once scanned, the QR code automatically detects the total amount thus making transactions quicker.

Transaction History

Users have complete access to all transactions processed in the past. The detailed record of every transaction, including the date, sender’s details and receiver’s details are available for viewing on the platform for a certain period.

Bill Payments

A UPI app’s use cases also extend to bill payments. You can integrate the utilities, phone networks and other aspects into the app to allow users to make bill payments using your UPI payment system. The app also features reminder notifications and auto detection features to inform users of pending bill payments or nearing expiration dates.


UPI payment apps feature special rewards which users can avail on every transaction and redeemed on different platforms. From cashbacks to coupon codes, the rewards can vary based on what you wish to offer to your users.


Autopay is an easier way to handle recurring subscriptions using a UPI app. Users can select UPI autopay as a payment mode in the merchant app and activate the auto debit mandate and further approve, revoke, pause or modify the mandate.

Online Banking

UPI payment app has online banking features that allow users to send money to different accounts or even self transfer funds. The users can connect multiple accounts to the UPI app and check bank balance, get statements or even check credit score.

UPI Intent Flow

UPI intent flow integration allows for users to open any merchant app and select the UPI option to automatically jump to the payment verification page. The user does not have to wait for an SMS or notification to complete the transaction.

UPI Collect Flow

UPI collect flow integration allows the customer or sender to add the unique VPA on the merchant app. Once the VPA is verified, the customer receives a notification or SMS to confirm the transaction by entering the MPIN.


UPI SDK flow integration can only work if your platform is a partner with the bank of the sender. This integration allows senders and receivers to complete a transaction without having to open any third party application.

UPI App Development Advantages That Sets It Apart


Users can opt for any app to process UPI payments. UPI QR codes can be scanned through any UPI app for payment processing.


Needless to say, UPI payments are convenient. They can be completed using a phone and eliminate the need for keeping cash.

No Additional Costs

UPI payment platforms levy no transaction costs which make it a preferred method of money transfer among people.

Highly Secure

With two factor authentication via MPIN, and multiple account verification processes, a UPI app offers high security.

Security Features Of A UPI App

Online transactions are quick and convenient which also calls for next level security features. All the transactions must be layered with security features that make the platform reliable for use by customers at a wide scale.

Biometric Login

Besides numerical or alphabetical password protection, the UPI app is integrated with fingerprint or face recognition technology to protect unauthorized access to the app.


Mobile Personal Identification Number or MPIN is a 4 or 6 digit unique pin that every user can set for two factor authentication of all transactions. No transaction will be processed in the UPI payment app without the correct MPIN input.

User Authentication

Since every user has a unique VPA connected to a bank account and user, fraudulent activities are minimized by automatically detecting whether a VPA is UPI verified or not. Upon entering a UPI ID, the user is notified about the existence or non-existence of the address.

SIM Based Verification

One of the many security verifications on the UPI payment app is SIM based. The UPI platform automatically generates a verification text through the registered mobile number to verify the account. This allows for better authentication of users and avoids malicious activities on the platform.

Enhance Online Banking Solutions With UPI Payment App Development Services

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How Much Does UPI Payment App Development Cost?

The UPI payment app development cost ranges from $20,000 to $60,000. The cost factor of the app will depend on the following factors:

  • Complexity or the app functionalities.
  • Custom features of the app.
  • Manpower involved in UPI payment app development.
  • Size and location of the UPI app development company.

Do you wish to build your own UPI payment app? Hire Suffescom Solutions today! Let’s discuss your project and begin the process now.

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