Virtual Reality In Medicine And Surgery | How Virtual Reality Is Transforming Healthcare

Virtual Reality In Medicine And Surgery | How Virtual Reality Is Transforming Healthcare

By Suffescom Solutions

December 14, 2022

Virtual Reality In Medicine And Surgery | How Virtual Reality Is Transforming Healthcare

The Metaverse is the virtual realm that has provided a space for every industry, ready to test its powers. Recently, during the pandemic era, getting into a hospital for a regular checkup became very difficult. The Pandemic brought about nothing but death and destruction, and this was when technical advancements like the Metaverse bloomed like never before. Soon after, the Metaverse became a host for several businesses and even came forward to open healthcare and educational institutions in its realms.

Now, many countries have hospital in Metaverse blessed by the powers of Virtual Reality. Through Virtual Reality used in medicine, training and operations can be narrated, which could be highly useful for doctors, especially the ones who are working remotely.

The global market size of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the healthcare sector was $2.3B in 2021. And this industry is set to grow by 2030 by generating a tremendous revenue of $19B with impressiveness and real-time interactions.

VR is already used massively in assessments and endoscopic training presently. One example is the MIST-VR for endoscopic training in Sweden.

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Let us go through this post to unveil some possibilities of Virtual Reality in the field of medicine.

Redefining Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a tremendous technological advancement that the world has easily witnessed. VR creates an immersive and artificial computer-created image with real-time data processing. Recent studies based on certain randomized controlled trials have shown that VR will reduce operative timelines and error rates and result in VR accuracy.

This technology, especially in European countries, is being leveraged extensively for medical training. VR is all set to revolutionize the prior training systems with nothing but videos and a two-dimensional training experience far more different than the ground reality. With the aid of Virtual Reality, the trainees can actually see the best possible environment, which will completely resemble an actual surgery.

This will boost their morale for extensive surgeries and keep them aware. While conducting those surgeries in the physical operation theatres, Virtual Reality in medicine and surgery will help them process medical data in real-time. Thus, the prior records of the patients can be examined in just a matter of seconds.

One such example of this is the MOVEO Foundation which has produced a lot of work in orthopedic procedures. Oculus Rift was the first mass-produced VR Device to be extremely popular with backing from the tech-giant Facebook.

Numerous Opportunities of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Anatomy and Evaluation

Cadaver resources have limited accessibility, and the values of AR/VR enhance their abilities for anatomical research. AR/VR is finally helping the students dissect or conduct experiments in the Metaverse, with clinical scientists leveraging this cutting-edge technology at its full potential.

So practically, the hustle for getting a subject from a morgue isn't an issue anymore, and medical surgeons can leverage the powers of Virtual Reality to conduct operations and even sharpen their precision. The VR devices will allow a rather 360-degree vision for the ability to view large and multiple images together. This will also give the doctors a 360-degree view of the body and also visualize complex structures like the limb bones and MRI scans.

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Recording Surgical Procedures

The first live global broadcast of a VR-based virtual operation was at Royal London Hospital. It gained a lot of prominence along with globalizing medicine at a very large scale.

This provided a 360 view of the operation theatre along with the viewpoints of not the surgeon but also the patient. Many of the meetings amongst medical professionals include live surgery procedures and discussions based on the surgery. With the usage of Virtual Reality, the experience will rather be highly immersive. Many countries like Paraguay and Brazil have already stepped into this and conducted live operations virtually.

Operative Benefits Other Sections

Virtual Reality can enhance surgeries in several ways, which was discussed above, with special references to improve surgical training at all costs. With the evasion of subjects from the morgue right away, young doctors can train with VR headsets until they’re ready to switch to a human body. Through real-time enhancement, surgical procedures will be eased, and AR can be used to communicate outside the theatre, but it might get a bit distracting. The real-time updates regarding trauma procedures would cause delays in the operation, but with VR projections of the updates can help a lot.

Applications of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Medical Education

For a very long time, technologies have been used in education. The major VR-based firms are making products combining 3D interactive content with a 360-degree view to create futuristic programs. These can be used by medical personnel to train and conduct experiments. The programs will be embedded with surgery-based educative processes that can help young surgeons.

Virtual Reality In Diagnostics

VR’s zooming power and 3D interface will help the doctors accurately diagnose the patient, including heavy tests like MRI and CT scans. They will also evade any invasive technique used for the trials of extremely sick patients or those undergoing surgery. This will be a completely pain-free experience for the patients.

Mental Illness

Through intensive exposure therapy, VR will provide a cost-effective and low-risk solution for mentally ill patients. The VR experiences will be a great source for calming and providing them with safe and anxiety-free treatment procedures. Virtual Reality can help the patients teleport to the place of their choice and undergo an immersive experience that will undoubtedly treat sudden panic attacks. The world’s teen generation is always at risk of developing depression-related problems. And what could be a better solution than a VR headset ready to take them on a fantasy-land trip? And that too in the very comfort of their homes.

Pain Management

Doctors mostly use Cognitive distraction methods to deal with numerous categories of pain for a long duration. These treatments can be in the form of gamification for various patients, loaded with interactive games. Pain management will provide a drug-free space and use a technological marvel to help ease the sufferings of victims experiencing trauma and pain. For example, burn patients can utilize VR to be in a soothing dimension.

Physical Fitness And Therapy

The fitness sector is experiencing several changes, especially in how fitness routines are carried out. A huge number of startups are combining stretching with Virtual Reality, thus revolutionizing the way people exercise. VR will help users quit drug intake and increase their physical stamina through VR-based exercise programs.

Human Simulation

VR is very useful in simulations or digital twin technical wonders to the medical industry. Doctors can leverage these two spectacular technologies to engage in several training methods in a three-dimensional environment. This technology will narrate the patients' emotions through a series of sensors. Suffescom can help you create a digital twin of operation theatres and help your doctors interact with a community of doctors. This will only broaden their knowledge and upgrade their surgical precisions.

To Conclude: How can Suffescom Help to Ease Virtual Surgeries?

Build your Operating Room in the realm of the Metaverse with the seasoned team of VR experts at Suffescom. We can help you create an operation theatre that can function in a more stress-free environment. With our cutting-edge technological solutions, we will create VR programs best suited for extensive surgical procedures.

Hybrid Operating Room

This operating room will depend on imaging, like displaying CT Scans being carried into surgery. When placed near the patient in real-time, these images prevent the doctors from turning the patient over and causing discomfort. Depending on the measurements of the room, a hybrid room can be built with a high-speed MR scanner.

Hybrid operating rooms will focus medical personnel on invasive surgery. With mobile configurations, the advantages will increase as the machines could be brought to the patient directly, including the doctors who could use the VR Headset and assess the procedure at any instance.

Digital Operating Room

When discussing past Operation Theatres, a bulb would be placed on scans for analysis which would divert the surgeon's mind. With the aid of Virtual Reality, video integration while performing surgeries becomes a reality. This will upgrade the operation theatre working that was earlier dependent upon the computer softwares giving a two-dimensional approach.

With the powers of Virtual Reality, the data inside the operation theatre from specified display angles. Suffescom will help you create the VR program most suited for surgeries with which analyzing scans would require minimal effort.

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