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How Much Does Web3 Ecommerce Website Development Cost?

By Suffescom Solutions

January 18, 2023

How Much Does Web3 Ecommerce Website Development Cost?

Do you want to fuel the growth of your business? A web3 e-commerce website can enable you to do it. For this, it's a must for you to develop a website that can assist you in making an impression on your visitors and help in improving customer retention and driving sales of your company. This way, the trend of e-Commerce website development will not be limited to now but also continue in the coming years.

Every businessman is familiar with how much power web3 e-Commerce websites have! These websites are recognized as the marketing channel for your business and also for online businesses. In fact, you'll be surprised to know that nearly 64% of small businesses are involved in the procedure of making their own website.

But what is the cost of developing a web3 e-Commerce website to fulfill the needs of your business? We have laid out the important factors that will determine the cost of developing an e-commerce website in 2024.

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So, without thinking too much, let's move ahead!

Evaluating Web3 e-Commerce Website Development Cost!

Cost estimation for any project related to website development involves many factors. Every project brings forward a different set of requirements and complexities which ultimately affects the development cost. Additionally, with varied technologies and features available for scalability and performance, the choice of such aspects further determines the final cost of e-Commerce website development.

The average cost of building a website generally starts from $50000 if it’s a small business website. However, the range is just a general estimation for the sake of giving an idea. A more precise estimation can only be provided by experts based on the requirements of your project.

Let’s dissect each of these factors to present a detailed overview of the e-Commerce website development cost for you.

Factors Determining the Development Cost Of Your Website

Here are a few crucial factors that can help you understand the average cost of constructing a custom website-

  • Type of & purpose of your website
  • Phases involved in development process of your website
  • Other factors

Let’s discuss every factor in detail.

Type & Purpose Your Of e-Commerce Website

The initial thing you must identify is what kind of website you want for your company. And what is your purpose for making the e-commerce website? If you have a clear and predetermined goal, it can assist you not only in knowing the cost of its development but also in building a fine design for your website.

So, there is a wide range of web3 business app solutions, but each has its particular goal, modes of business, and levels of difficulty. This way, the selection of the platform will also have a direct effect on how much a web3 e-commerce website, a digital solution for your business, will cost in the end.

The four most common e-commerce business models followed today are -


These websites can include every kind of product that enables the improvement and enhancement of business operations of other businesses. As a result, these websites target businesses and provide services and products catered to business professionals.


B2C is the most common form of e-commerce business models. All commodities and products listed on a B2C e-commerce website will allow businesses to conduct sales and transactions directly with consumers. These websites have a wider reach and involve more comprehensive features for data management and analysis.


Consumer-to-consumer websites allow consumers to sell products to another consumer directly. These websites require multiple functionalities that are specific to C2C business models.


C2B business models create a space for individuals and entrepreneurs to display their skills or services directly to businesses. Businesses can hire these individuals or buy their services through websites based on C2B business models.

Depending on the business model of your web3 e-Commerce website, the features will vary. Each of these web3 business revenue models require a different feature to cater to their target audience. This will, therefore, reflect in the cost estimation.

Evaluate The Web3 Ecommerce Website Development Cost

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Phases Of Developing Your Web3 e-Commerce Website

The average web3 shopping website development cost is $50,000. The final cost can be higher or lower than the average cost based on your requirements and the company’s rates for each phase of the process.

Before delving directly into the actual costs of developing your company's website, you've to analyze all the phases of its development. Only after you understand how many elements are involved in making your website or whether they are worthwhile can you fully understand the cost breakdown of the process.

So, let's have a glance at the several factors involved in the stages of building a website for your web3 e-Commerce company-

Phase-Wise Cost Factors

PhaseApprox Cost ($)Influencing Factors
UI/UX$750-$4,000The cost will depend on the elements to be included as per project requirements.
Front-End Development$2500-$12,500Website responsiveness & the complexity of animations
Back-End Development$5,000-$12,500Integration with third-party service, complex queries, data processing tasks, and more
Maintenance$1000-$60,00The cost will depend on the duration of website maintenance.
Project Management$2500-$5000The cost varies according to duration.

NOTE: The cost presented in the table in an approximation of the general steps involved in the web3 development process. The price may vary for every project. Call our experts for a consultation to get a precise estimation.

Other Influencing Factors

In this section, you can also get an idea about a few other essential influencing factors that contribute to the development cost of your company’s website. So, it’s necessary for you to have a quick overview of all.

Additional Factors of Web3 e-Commerce Website Development Cost

  • Number of Web-pages Of Website
  • Domain
  • Choice of style or theme of the website
  • Responsiveness
  • Interactive media
  • Type of blockchain network used
  • API integrations
  • Number of custom functionalities
  • SSL certificate

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 eCommerce Platform?

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Size Of the Web3 e-Commerce Website Development Company

When it comes to determining web3 for e-commerce website development cost, the complications involved in the project play a significant role. Apart from this, other factors do have an impact on the cost.

The company's size plays a role in determining the cost too. The bigger the company is, the more established it is and therefore will have a higher rate too. The rates can be based on the workforce involved in the project and their expertise. Generally, small scale companies charge less compared to mid-size and large-size companies. However, it can only be determined after a consultation. Ultimately, it is the skills and successful portfolio that can help you determine which one to go for.

In addition to this, some businesses often choose to work with individuals instead of companies. This factor also changes the final cost. Their website development cost is proportional to the hours they spend in the process. So, the price will depend on whether you hire a professional developer, nearshore developer, off-shore developer or even a freelancer. Each of these developers have a different price point.

Design & Features Of The Website

Another factor that influences the cost of developing a web3 e-Commerce website is the design of the website. The basic design will obviously take less effort so the cost will be low. On the contrary, the advanced features will take more time and charge more.

Web3 e-commerce website development companies also offer customizations which take more manpower, effort and time. Choosing customization will ultimately affect the cost of development.

Ways Of Rewarding Customers

There is a possibility of involvement of loyalty programs to Web3 e-commerce sites to increase client retention. The ultimate cost would rise due to the increased workforce and time needed for this integration.

On web3 e-Commerce websites, loyalty programs offer various services, including fiat and cryptocurrency integration, a points ledger, loyalty engines, and more. It would include modifications to smart contracts that would automate awards, track redemption rates, and oversee other elements of loyalty programs.

Integration of NFT Rewards

You can create NFTs and personalize tokens for your website depending on the web3 technology you choose. In exchange for making purchases on your website or doing specific tasks, your users will be able to earn NFTs from you (per the requirements specified for the reward system).

NFTs may be programmed and boost brand value. However, adding NFT capability to your website is a separate service that raises the price of developing a web3 e-Commerce website.

Development of Innovative e-commerce Website

Web3 e-Commerce websites may provide their consumers with crypto exchange services. We can assist you in creating a website where customers may buy products online.

To provide your users with a more comfortable experience, we may create your website in a manner that enables numerous forms of online buying. These elements have an even greater effect on development costs and may raise the website's ultimate cost.

Upon Reflection,

Developing a stunning and engaging website must be your company's top priority. Web3 e-commerce website development cost depends on the features and technical aspects you require for your website. As a rule of thumb, the cost of developing your website also varies according to the complexity of the web pages that your website consists of. Creating your website may include several phases, and every stage will rely on your company's requirements, which influences the development cost of your website.

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