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By Suffescom Solutions

September 22, 2022

Today, learning new skills plays the most important role in this age of cutthroat competition. It is essential to brush them up every now and then. With the advent of modern technologies, the learning process has become easier.

Numerous e-learning apps have become a fascinating topic for people comprising various age groups.

Simplify Learning Solutions With Web3 eLearning App Development

This sudden rise has become possible because of the latest development in the education ecosystem. Continuing its growth, web 3.0 has contributed to building an ultra-futuristic platform for students. The Web3 eLearning app development focuses on allocating power to the internet user rather than huge tech companies.

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Understanding Web3 in Education

The upcoming generation of the internet that has already grabbed the eyeballs of the users is none other than web 3.0. The difference from the previous internet version is the power of modifying the content.

Web 3 has the potential to make users read, write and even own everything present on the internet. A free hand is given to them for the proper functioning of the platform. They can behave as contributors and shareowners. 

Vital Elements Associated With Web3


No need for a third party as the power to take any decision lies with the creators, thereby sidestepping the larger companies.

Permissionless Transactions

Eliminating the need for any central authority to authenticate the transactions.

Fictitious economy

Real user information is not required for either data exchange or money transfer.

Magnificent e-learning Statistics As Per Business Growth

  • In 2025, the e-learning market growth is estimated to be around $325 Billion. 
  • The e-learning market is assumed to achieve a growth of $12.81 billion by the end of 2024.
  • The mobile learning and the corporate market will be nearly $80.1 billion and $38.09 billion, respectively.
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will achieve around $25.33 billion globally by 2025.

Influence of web3 on Education and learning

The conventional method of gaining knowledge starts from an institution called "school/university" where the students' basic and upgraded skillset is offered. In a nutshell, it can be said without any organization; the learning process seems a bit complicated.

As we take a step towards web3, one can see the real transformation by eliminating the substantial role of the education institution. The infrastructure of web3 is framed with the support of advanced tools and technologies.  

Web3 e-learning App Development Process

Analyzing The Requirement

It's necessary to see what the target audience wants. There will certainly be some characteristics absent from the previous applications. One needs to strategize and instill features that were lacking carefully. More focus should be placed on identifying the problems and providing a solution for them. Emphasis should be made to make the app look simple and attractive.


The significant thing is to create a blueprint of the app. and then decide which designs will be suitable for creating a visual impact on the users. The screen size, pixels involved, dimensions of every feature, and much more. The feedback of the development team is crucial in case of any confusion related to the design part.

Design and Development

After deciding the elements, the next stage implies implementing such things. Everything related to coding/programming is handled and executed in this phase. The work is divided into different milestones, and after achieving the required target, the update occurs automatically. The front and the backend development plays a pivotal role in this process.


After developing the app, it's time to gauge its performance. There is more susceptibility to errors and bugs present in the application. Thus, it's important to remove them. There is also an adequate assessment of coding performed for swift quality assurance.

Deployment, Launch, and Maintenance

After validating codes, the final stage of the app development process is to deploy it directly to the server. Then it is successfully launched into the marketplace. If there are any further complications, they can also be resolved post-deployment. All this comes under maintenance and support. Finally, the app is deployed to the app stores where users can download it.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. will help you through the entire web3 e-learning app development process and provide you with the best e-learning development services. Our development team will guide you through every stage and provide swift technical assistance.

Alluring Features Of Web3 eLearning App

Web3, when integrated with web3, has the ability to provide an awesome virtual learning experience. This will help the learners to gather in the same place with incredible visuals. It provides a visually appealing 3D world with AR/VR immersion experience.

User Panel

Easy Registration

The necessary feature enables users to register into the app via validated e-mail id, contact number, or verified social media account.

View courses

The users can view the courses as per their choice. The interface is seamless, which makes the navigation process easier to find the relevant stuff.

Course reminders

This feature timely reminds the students about purchasing the courses if they are unavailable at some point.

Payment methods

The users can choose multiple payment modes for purchasing the study material. It is done through credit/debit cards, UPI, and other third-party applications.

Teacher Panel


it is similar to that of the user panel, where faculties can easily register the app through their authenticated accounts.

Create courses

The teachers systematically create the courses to help students browse them conveniently.

Setting Prices

The courses are framed with a specific price by the teachers. The prices can vary depending upon the popularity.

Generating Offers

This feature allows the teachers to create offers and discounts for the students to pay less for the courses.

Admin Panel

Payment Options

The admin can take care of the payment methods for both the users and the teachers.

Managing Tools

All the tools that are helpful to both the students and the teaching faculty in providing a smooth exploration to are handled by this panel.

Revenue Tracker

this feature monitors the revenue generated by the application by considering the profit sales.

Reviews and Feedback

Using this attribute, the users can share their views about the app and give feedback as per their experience. 

Technological Stacks For Web3 eLearning App Development 

Programming languages

Objective-C: A superset of C programming language that is easier to use and reliable.

Flutter: Diminishes code development time and allows instant modifications in the app.

React: Offers outstanding cross-platform assistance and offers excellent developer tools.

Kotlin: Provides adequate function types and incredible immutability.

Swift: an open-source language that is less susceptible to errors.


AR Core: Allows the device to accurately sense the environment and comprehend the world around it to develop better interaction.

Google SDK:  Helps build a smarter app by providing ultra-modern video functionality.

Ionic: Offers flexibility and interoperability with the desired choice of UI components.

Google Assistant SDK: facilitates general reminders and routines with optimal device functions.

UI/UX design

Sketch: Platform for designing the user interface and developing user experience of mobile/web apps to create fantastic designs.

Figma: Open source online tool for UI that facilitates the creation, collaboration, prototyping, and final app handoff.

XD: A vector-based tool that lets designers design complete websites or mobile apps.

Illustrator: Gives a unique visual appearance by adding infographics to the mobile app interface.

Photoshop: Enhances the outlook of the app by adding amazing artwork. 


PHP: Has a huge collection of open source add-ons with extensive flexibility and scalability.

.Net: Open source framework for Linux, windows, and macOS that is responsible for amplifying the performance of the development process.

Laravel: Provides a futuristic platform that enables multi-language web/app creation to accelerate the market presence for a larger section of people.

Node.js: Fantastic javascript runtime environment which executes javascript code for building highly scalable apps.

Python: A high-level language that focuses more on code readability and supports dynamic programming paradigms.

Advantages Of Web3 eLearning App Development

Enhanced art of teaching

The lessons are made more riveting and student-centric. The students need not look on the web to find the content. It is readily available to the users. Thus, the teachers will smoothly proceed further with their teaching. The studying environment is more lively and engaging. The facility of voice recognition is also provided to the learners to make them understand the topic more effectively.

Distinctive Learning

The fundamental objective of web 3 in education is to counsel students virtually for their future career paths. The app gives suggestions to the students as per their liking and, depending upon the location, where they could give an easy recommendation to them. The app acts as the path setter that takes the relevant information and guides the students accordingly. Hence depending upon the factors, the decision is most precise and accurate.

Efficient and Affordable Learning

The traditional education model made loads of expenses like setting up the infrastructure and providing resources and study material. All these things lead to major costing. But web3 has successfully transformed this extra cost. web3 eLearning app development has connected everything virtually. The level of learning is controlled and maintained systematically without worrying about expenses.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions For Web3 eLearning App Development?

We have years of experience building education apps like this with modern technologies. We have 6+ years of experience in Web3 and focus on offering stupendous e-learning apps, websites, and more.


We are known to use agile methodology for all platforms to fulfill the client's needs. Whatever customization is required, top-notch tech solutions are implemented to meet their demands.

Swift Engagement

An excellent team of developers is well versed in managing complicated projects. The outcome of every project is positively result-oriented.

Improved Code Quality

we are known to provide top-quality code to amplify productivity at every stage. Our highly skilled programmers and developers have up-to-the-mark knowledge about web3 eLearning app development.

Dedicated team

Our team of experts is familiar with the client's requirements. We have complete knowledge of their demands; our committed blockchain team offers outstanding blockchain development services.

On-time delivery

We have a record of delivering our projects on time. Our team is sufficient to deliver whatever the requirement is much before the deadline. This has contributed towards the positive image of our company.

Transparent Charges

Our business analysts know everything from tip to toe about the learning process. the budget is shown to clients to avoid confusion. This leads to the smooth functioning of the system, and the customer's trust is gained.

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