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White Label Audio eBook App Development

Launch your own audio eBook platform with our Whitelabel audio eBook app development solutions enriched with easy-to-navigate search filters, book options, and multilingual and car play support. Contact our experts at Suffescom and start earning millions with our audio eBook app solutions.

White Label Audio eBook App Development
How Does Our White Label Audio eBook App Work?

How Does Our White Label Audio eBook App Work

Audio eBooks are the digital representation of digital books, allowing readers to listen to books narrated by famous artists or cast of voice actors. From thriller, horror, educational, fiction, and sports books, our white label audio eBooks development solutions involve access to a vast collection of actual books.

Launch an audio eBook platform with multiple audio supports such as WMV, MP3, WMA, and AAC, making the app compatible with various devices, including smart watches, mobile phones, laptops, and more. Consult our experts at Suffescom and develop an eBook platform with high-quality content, visually stunning graphics, and a user-friendly interface.

Audio eBook App Development For Android and iOS

Our team of developers excels at developing audio eBook platforms for both Android and iOS users. We create a platform allowing users to listen to eBooks anywhere.

  • Audio eBook App For Android

    With expertise in Kotlin, PHP, Java, C++, and more, we create scalable android apps compatible with Android devices.

  • Audio eBook App For iOS

    We offer audio eBook app development services for iOS platforms that involve creating feature-rich, user-friendly, attractive app designs and functionalities.

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Whitelabel Audio eBook App Development: Key Facts & Statistics

The audio eBook app is a one-of-a-kind digital solution that has been gaining popularity among readers and publishers. With the market size expected to reach USD 12,600.34 million by 2031, the market of audio eBooks is rich and diverse. In 2022, the audio-book industry took in annual revenues of 1.8 billion in the US.

45% of Americans prefer listening to audio eBooks rather than reading the book. With a market share of 44%, smartphones dominate the audio-book industry. People prefer having access to audiobooks on their smartphones.

  • Listen to eBooks anywhere, anytime
  • Instant launch
  • Live audio streaming
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Social media integration
  • Gamification features

Exemplary Features Of Our White Label Audio eBook App

Our audio eBook platform facilitates innovative and unique features that give you a competitive edge in the market. We create separate apps for book listeners, authors, and admins to ensure a seamless experience.

The listener app comes with remarkable features that give unmatched audio-book listening experiences. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Easy Registration

Easy Registration

Register via mail, phone numbers, or social media accounts on the audio eBook platform.

Search Filters

Search Filters

Easy-to-navigate search filters allow users to search books by genre, keywords, latest books, popular books, or the book name itself.

Listen To Books

Listen To Books

Listen to your favorite books when you are on the move. Opt for text-to-speech or human voice options to listen to the book stories.

Personalized Library

Personalized Library

Like Audible, it offers a personal library dashboard where users can access books they bought or borrowed.

Audio eBook Streaming

Audio eBook Streaming

Live audio stream eBooks within the app; no need to download and fill phone space with audio books.

Background Playing

Background Playing

Turn off the screen and listen to the book, or do something else with your smartphone while listening to the book.

The authors can publish their work on the platform, or voice artists who want to give their voice to the book have some features for seamless interface and experiences:

Ready-Made Templates

Ready-Made Templates

Upload books within the platform with ready-made eBook themes, templates, and audio options.

Reviews & Feedback

Reviews & Feedback

Get reviews on what booking enthusiasts say about specific books and what they liked about them the most.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Embed social media profiles to promote other books and help listeners to know authors better.

Record Audio

Record Audio

Authors have the option to either record their books in their own voices, pay a voice artist to create an audio eBook, or choose a text-to-speech automated option.

File Conversion

File Conversion

From doc, PDF, and Open XML to PRC, any file format can be converted to audio eBooks seamlessly.

Insights And Analysis

Insights And Analysis

Get real-time analytics and insights on the audio eBook app, including viewers, buyers, earnings, and more.

An advanced admin panel with a well-structured interface enables control of every aspect of listeners and authors from one dashboard. Check the overall growth of your eBook app with detailed analysis.

Removing Author/Listener

Removing Author/Listener

Admins have the authority to remove any author or listener from the platform if they are violating platform rules.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Update users of new book and podcast additions, rewards, discounts, and promo codes offered on the platform.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Manage each and every transaction made on the platform and block any fraud or risky transactions.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Insights into user engagement, popular eBooks, listening duration, and more, helping to make informed decisions about content curation and app improvements.

Content Updates

Content Updates

Easily update and replace existing eBooks with newer versions. This ensures that users always have access to the latest content.

User Management

User Management

Manage user accounts, create and delete accounts, reset passwords, and edit user profiles, ensuring only authorized users can access the app's content.

Create Visually Appealing Audio eBook App With Us

Launch an audio eBook platform that catches the user's attention with visually stunning designs, attractive graphics, and interesting audio voice. For more valuable insights, connect with our experts today.

Create Visually Appealing Audio eBook App With Us

Advanced Features Of Our Audio eBook App

Along with white label solutions, we add customized and advanced features to your app to make it stand out. Talk to our professionals and make personalizations to your app.

  • Design Customization
    Design Customization

    Change themes, app design, graphics, audio formats, and eBook updates as per your preferences and requirements.

  • Metaverse Integration
    Metaverse Integration

    Our experts are well-versed in metaverse development and can integrate metaverse capabilities like 3D avatars, immersive graphics, and hyper-realistic environments.

  • Crypto Wallet
    Crypto Wallet

    Users can pay in crypto with crypto wallet development within the platform such as Meta-mask, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, as per the client’s needs.

  • User-Friendly Interface
    User-Friendly Interface

    Simple, easy-to-navigate interface with visually appealing designs, sounds, and graphics, giving users a hassle-free app experience.

  • Gamification

    Sparking users' interest to listen to audio eBooks by adding games or game-like elements within the platform.

  • Car Play
    Car Play

    Like music, play audio eBooks while on the road, and enjoy the journey by listening to favorite authors' books and famous podcasts.

Benefits Of Our White Label Audio eBook Platform Development Solutions

Our white label solutions offer numerous benefits to owners regarding cost reduction, scalability, and more. Let’s look at some of the benefits you will get from our white label solutions.

  • Efficiency

    Save time and resources since our white label solutions are pre-built platforms that can be customized quickly.

  • Speed To Market

    With a white label solution, you can launch your audio eBook platform faster, using existing technology and infrastructure.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Our white label audio eBook app solutions offer a more budget-friendly option, often involving lower upfront costs and reduced development expenses.

  • Customization

    While the base platform is pre-built, you can customize the solution to match your branding and specific requirements.

  • Scalability

    White label solutions are designed to handle various levels of user demand. As your audience grows, the platform can easily accommodate increased traffic and usage.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Increased productivity, top-class customer engagement, and effective loyalty programs pave the way for boosted customer loyalty.

White Label Audio eBook App: Revenue Models

Developing an audio eBook app opens up great revenue-generation opportunities for business owners. Let’s look at how you can earn profits:

  • Licensing Fee Model
    Licensing Fee Model

    Content creators or publishers pay a licensing fee to the platform to create and distribute audio versions of their eBooks.

  • Revenue Share Model
    Revenue Share Model

    Share revenue with the content creator/publisher generated from the sales or subscriptions of the audio eBooks.

  • Subscription Model
    Subscription Model

    Offer subscriptions where users pay a monthly fee to access a library of audioBooks. Or sell each audio eBook for a separate price.

  • Advertising or Sponsorship Model
    Advertising or Sponsorship Model

    Advertisers or sponsors could pay to have their content featured within the audio eBooks or during breaks, generating revenue for both the provider and the content creators.

Hire The Best Audio eBook App Development Company

At Suffescom, we have prowess in emerging technologies and built scalable solutions for our clients to help them take their businesses to new heights. Reach out to us and get your audio eBook app within a few days.

Hire Suffescom As Your Trusted Technology Partner!

Suffescom is a leading white label audio eBook app development company with years of experience in pioneering such applications. Our team of developers excels at providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients by leveraging the latest tools and technologies.

  • Technical Expertise

    We have more than a decade of experience developing Android and iOS applications with the latest features and futuristic solutions.

  • No Hidden Charges

    We only charge what we have discussed with you during the consultation. There will be no hidden costs, and you will not be asked to pay extra.

  • On-Time Delivery

    Our team is capable of working with respect to time. We always deliver your project before the deadline.

  • Expert Developers

    Our developers are well-versed in the latest technologies, such as blockchain, crypto, and metaverse. With such expertise, we can take your platform to the next level.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    Our technical team is available 24/7 to answer your queries related to development projects and provide instant solutions.

  • Post-Launch Support

    We continuously monitor and upgrade your platform after its launch. We stay up-to-date with the advancements in technology and the market.

FAQs Related To Whitelabel Audio eBook App Development

Here are some frequently asked questions based on Whitelabel Audio eBook App Development.

  • How much does it cost to develop a white label audio eBook app?

    The white label audio eBook app development cost ranges from $30k- $60k. Talk to our experts for a detailed cost breakdown.

    How can I develop a white label audio eBook app?

    Suffescom’s team of professionals will help develop an innovative app integrated with incredible features.

  • How long does it take to develop a white label audio eBook app?

    The development time is usually around 2-5 weeks, based on the level of customization.

    Can you customize the app according to my requirements?

    Yes. Our whitelabel audio eBook solutions are fully customizable as per your business needs.

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