Zed Run Clone Script | NFT Based Digital Horse Racing Betting Platform

Zed Run Clone Script | NFT Based Digital Horse Racing Betting Platform

By Suffescom Solutions

July 01, 2022

Zed Run Clone Script | NFT Based Digital Horse Racing Betting Platform

Start a blockchain-powered app like Zed Run with our NFT-based Zed Run Clone Script. Build your own NFT gaming app with our 100% white-label Zed Run solutions to showcase your collectibles in the form of horses.

Suffescom, a top P2E NFT game development company, provides you with fractional ownership of digital racehorses. Zed Run clone script mainly focuses on the players willing to make money with racing platforms. Take physical horse race bidding to a digital platform with our NFT-based gaming platform.

Zed Run Clone - Virtual Horse Racing Platform

A ready-made NFT game clone script, Zed Run clone script, assists the digital horse racing platform development. Each horse you purchase on the platform is an NFT, and the platform lets you buy, sell or breed these digital racehorses, which have a unique DNA.

Make your NFT Gaming Business Profitable With Our Zed Run Like App Development

Launch your own Virtual Horse Racing NFT Game platform with our top-notch Zed Run Clone Script Development Services. Give us a call now!

This blockchain-based game is a digitized game similar to real-life horse racing where people bet on their horses and the winner gets the rewards. All the horses are unique with proper training and breeding to increase their racing performance. Later on, digital horse owners can hold or sell them on an NFT gaming apps to earn money.

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Zed Run Clone App Development - Promising Opportunity For Businesses

There is huge popularity among young gamers for this game, and people with horse riding hobbies are showing more interest in the game. Nowadays, people are enjoying bidding online with no location constraints. This popularity has created room for the NFT-based digital gaming business, White-label Zed Run Clone Script.

The NFT game clone script provides a unique identity for every horse with a different specific value. Blockchain technology provides horse ownership safety while maintaining full transparency. Zed Run app like development process offers a promising opportunity to explore this lucrative business opportunity in the digital space.

  • Less Capital Investment
  • Market Acceptance
  • User Gaining
  • High ROI

Make your NFT Gaming Business Profitable With Our Zed Run Like App Development

Working Process Of App Like Zed Run

Consider these steps to check the working process of the white-label Zed Run clone platform.

Stable Creation

The players need to connect their metamask to create a stable. Players can use their Email for the process. They just need to open the unique link to complete the process without giving the passwords. Also, users can create their wallets as Zed Run NFTs are compatible with the MetaMask wallet.

Horse Breeding

Breeding your horse improves the quality of your horse which helps you win the race. You can also send your horse for racing classes and the bloodlines can be carried forward with inheritance. You need to follow this step while creating a white-label NFT gaming platform.

Horse Racing Levels

You need to buy a new horse using your MetaMask wallet to join the race. Zed Run clone has different levels like beta format, racing format, etc. The platform offers advanced 3D assets that can speed up the race and provide a better racing experience.


To participate in the racing, you need to pay funds from your wallet. Your earning depends on the winning of your horse. If your horse wins the race, you'll have the winning amount in your wallet. In addition, you can also sell your horse further to any other user.

Zed Run Clone Script Is The Opportunity To Create Wonders On This Lucrative Market

Experience A Real-time Horse Racing With Zed Run Clone Components

Commercial Trading

The horses can be purchased in the external marketplace to make trade better. The horse demand depends on the number of races they won and how fastly they are growing.

Process Knowing

Before breeding a horse, players should know the information about the rarity and availability of the horses. The player must analyze the bloodline scarcity and purity of genotype.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the key component of the Zed Run clone platform. Using the owner's horses, they can compete in horse racing. The winning of a horse depends on the breeding type, maintenance, pro genie, and other factors.


A marketplace or a storefront is the core aspect where the players can buy "digital horses". The players can differentiate these horses by their uniqueness, rarity, and some other factors.

Breeding Of Horses

Horse breeding is a major part of the Zed Run clone ecosystem to facilitate users with a real-time digital racing experience. There is a chargeable fee for breeding the horses.

What's New,

It provides all the details of new updates on the platform. This section provides information about in-game advancement updates, availability of new attributes, upgrades, and other entities. This component provides data related to the drops, which are the new horses released on the platform.

Diversified Attributes Of White-label Zed Run Clone Platform


The horses genea in an app like Zed Run ranges from X1 to X2 68. Exordium horses' true blood is entitled from X1 to X10. The lower number of X depicts the horse with more pure blood. Pureblood horses are not counted as highly efficient. The breed horses are same in the terms of efficiency when two high genea horses are bred together.


Zed Run clone script solution has four stocks. Each horse in the stock has their own traits. Targaryen stock is rarest and the horses in this stock are known for their high stamina, personality, and purity. Starks are also rare stocks but more than the Targaryens and they are well-equipped for racing. Lannisters come to the position third but are as good racers as the above two. They are 20-25% of the total horses in the stock. Baratheons contributes 65% of the horse population with thick neck and broad chests. They are muscular and good racers.

Take Horse Racing Virtual With Our Zed Run Clone

Hire our developers to create your own NFT Horse Racing game Like Zed Run. Join the race with our outstanding NFT Gaming solutions!

Breed Types

Zed Run clone script consists of six breeds of horses with the names Exordium, Iconic, Elegant, Posh, Half-blood, and courser. Only Exordium breed is sold in the drops. They are counted as the purest blood with a fixed total number. Once the limit is reached, no other Exordium is sold.

Horse Gender

The horse gender is the same as in the real world: the male and the female. Male horses are classified as the Stallion and the Colt. Female horse categorizes as Filly and Mare. The colt horse is one that is bred once or twice. Mare female horse is the one that has given birth.

Skin Color

An app like Zed Run is having seven different skin colors. They are Earth, Neptune, Wild, Moon, Classic, Fiery, and Mystical. Further, these colors are divided into Super rare, rare, and common. If two horse breeds are of two colors, their skin color is termed super skin.

Consult with us now to launch your own Zed Run Clone And Start Your Own NFT Gaming Business!

Zed Run Clone Script’s Salient Features

Search Mechanism

Investors can easily purchase male and female horses on an app like Zed Run. By choosing the Filters option, they can select colts and stallions. Buyers can filter the option to select Recently Listed, Highest Price, Lowest Price, and Expiring Soon. Thus, they will get the information about the horse's types, stable name, bidding time left, and stud cost.

Horse Segregation

There are multiple categories in which male and female horses are divided that including their generation, bloodline, gender, horse breeds, etc. Selecting these, the users can become the owners of furious and strong horses.

Play Button

Using an app like Zed Run, the players can show their skills to other gamers by selecting the play option. Players can download browsers like chrome, firefox, brave, and edge to link their MetaMask clone wallet. No password is required to sync their magic link account to authenticate themselves.

Digital Wallet

An integrated digital software wallet is required for any racer to enter the competition on the Zed Run clone game platform. Players use the transfer funds to process transactions at high speed, balance checks, fund withdrawals, pending transactions, and winning claims without paying any gas fees. MATIC network is used to easily integrate an app like Zed Run.

Racing Section

This feature provides separate panels for events, results, standings, and winnings. This facilitates users with information about live and upcoming races, racing track locations, prize pool amount, winners' names, event time, and date. It also displays the list of all horses, their race positions, racing points, etc. As per their distance category position, the horses start the tournament process.

24*7 Support

Users just need to register their problems in Zed Run like app development process to get every solution. They will have the full support and can resolve any issues regarding payments, digital wallets, horse purchasing, listing and minting NFTs, trading platforms, etc. The player will be provided with the proper feedback from the staff.


The gamers need to follow rules and guidelines to take part in the racing platform. Data analytic dashboard gives them detailed information about the leaderboard, racing date and time, bloodlines, and horse performances. With this, players can easily access and analyze the weak or strong horse points and select them accordingly for the long run.

Manage Your Transactions With In-Built Zed Run Clone Wallet

Players can use Z-Wallet, the in-built white-label Zed Run clone wallet to make payments for the breeding, buying or selling, and racing of a horse.

  • The players sign in and select the Z-wallet.
  • They can deposit and transfer MetaMask ETH to Z-Wallet as WETH.
  • Withdraw process is also simple. The equal value of ETH is credited as the amount of WETH.
  • Price amount automatically credited as WETH in Z-Wallet
  • Zero gas fees with swift transactions

Development Process To Launch NFT Gaming App Like Zed Run


Creating a Zed Run clone script doesn't mean replicating the original game platform. In this process, we will listen to your ideas and will find ways to use these ideas to create a unique NFT platform.

Road Mapping

This step depicts the detailed plan of building your product at a particular time period. Our team members discuss all the plan details to submit the project with on-time delivery by sticking to our goals.


The next step is to create a design of the project that must attract all the players. Our creative designers provide huge scope to create a unique and exclusive user interface.


Our top-notch blockchain developers facilitate you with the algorithms to create a gaming platform for the users. Their innovative minds help you to add some more add-on features to the platform.


The testing process ensures you full project safety. Our dedicated project testers check the project performance by ensuring users with a bug and glitch-free platform that performs smoothly and seamlessly.


The final step is to deploy the Zed Run clone to the server of your choice. You can launch your gaming platform and take your business to new heights and generate high revenue.

Suffescom Solutions - Megastars In The Blockchain-Based NFT Gaming Industry

With a professional team of NFT game developers, Suffescom, a leading P2E NFT game development company, provides world-class Blockchain gaming solutions and services. We have got expertise in blockchain and clone app creation meeting all the market trends and customer expectations.

We're capable of implementing and creating various NFT marketplaces like SuperRare, Rarible, Binance NFT marketplace, Zed Run, etc in various blockchain platforms. Our team of expert designers, developers, and other talented souls provides top-class solutions in various sectors like real estate, e-commerce, finance, and many more.

Pre-tested Products

Zed Run Clone solution is deployed in the servers after passing different tests. We ensure the seamless performance of the final product.

Experience A Real-time Horse Racing With Zed Run Clone Components

Launch a new-fashioned NFT powered digital horse racing platform Zed Run Clone, with our Blockchain-Powered NFT Gaming services.

Adaptable Solutions

Our team works with full dedication to creating an NFT gaming platform that fulfills all requirements and is easily adaptable to the market.

Customized Product

Our product is fully customized so that there is easy updation for new ideas or innovations. Any new changes can be done perfectly.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We respect all the precious and unique ideas that are coming from your mind, so we promise to keep your ideas fully secure. We take full responsibility for the safety of your idea and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you.

On-time Project Delivery

Before starting any process, we plan your project and give you the estimated delivery date. We never run out of that delivery date and complete the project within time with full customer satisfaction.

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