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Give your customers a seamless, immersive, and integrating AR experience with augmented reality testing services. Suffescom is a highly-experienced AR testing company that conducts test scenarios, test automation, and test devices on your AR applications to ensure your projects reach the highest potential. Get in touch with our experts today.

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Types Of Augmented Reality Testing

In order to deliver highly engaging and scalable AR applications, they should be tested properly by experts. Suffescom’s auditors cater to every scenario with advanced testing techniques to leave no bugs or performance issues unnoticed.

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    Performance Testing

    QA engineers conduct performance tests to check how the AR application perform under a real workload. The process includes testing for app speed, camera use, battery consumption, etc. It detects flaws and bottlenecks that affect the overall quality of the applications.

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    Manual Testing

    Auditors execute test cases on your AR application manually. It involves in person studies of the app to observe performance from a human perspective. It ensures all features like camera tracking work cohesively and offer low latency for a seamless gameplay.

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    Usability Testing

    Usability testing in AR involves assessing how intuitive and user-friendly the application is. Testers evaluate factors like interface design, navigation, and user interactions and aspects such as the clarity of instructions, ease of object manipulation, and overall user satisfaction.

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    Compatibility Testing

    AR testing also involves compatibility testing to ensure the application’s responsiveness across different devices, platforms, consoles and operating systems. Compatibility testing ensures delivery of equal visual and sensory experience different environments.

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    Security Testing

    AR application functionality involves access to personal data. Therefore, we conduct multiple tests to identify the security level of the AR application. All tests and optimization ensure compliance with cybersecurity guidelines and elimination of vulnerabilities.

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    Integration Testing

    AR applications are constructed in multiple modules. Integration testing phase targets each individual component within the software and tests it to deliver seamless and in sync interaction of components and proper processing of data.

Our Augmented Reality Test Scenarios

AR testing involves various test cases and scenarios that need to be addressed in order to conduct a proper testing process. Our AR and VR testing services include using the following test scenarios to make sure that your application is completely flawless.

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    Testing User Interaction

    Our testers evaluate the AR app's responsiveness to user interactions, such as tapping, swiping, or rotating objects in the augmented environment. We make sure that the application accurately registers and responds to user inputs.

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    Check Object Occlusion

    Occlusion occurs when virtual objects interact with real-world objects. Our test scenarios involve placing virtual objects behind real-world objects or moving the real-world object in front of a virtual one to assess the app's occlusion handling capabilities.

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    Integration With Real World

    Our AR testers evaluate how well the AR app integrates virtual objects into the real world. Test scenarios include adjusting the virtual objects' size, position, or orientation relative to the real-world objects to ensure proper blending and alignment.

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    Performance And Stability

    Our testers assess the AR app's performance and stability under various load conditions. Test scenarios include deploying multiple virtual objects simultaneously, testing on devices with different processing capabilities, or monitoring the app's behavior over extended periods to identify potential memory leaks or crashes.

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    Mobile Accessibility

    It is essential to build an AR app that caters to every type of audience. Mobile accessibility testing is a phase where testors conduct manual or automated augmented reality testing. It ensures proper natural navigation and ease of use for people with visual impairments, hearing and cognitive disabilities, etc.

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    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Our AR app testers test the AR app's compatibility across different platforms and devices, such as iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. We make sure to test and develop your cross-platform app that performs consistently and offers seamless gameplay across various devices and operating systems.

Augmented Reality Testing Services for Enterprise and Consumer Grade Solutions

AR solutions can be simple or complex based on the end user. Our QA team is equipped with the tools and technologies to provide augmented reality testing services for B2B and B2C grade AR solutions.

Full Cycle Augmented Reality Testing Services

Suffescom offers a 360 degree solution for your AR app.

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    AR App Testing Consultation

    Consult AR/VR experts and find the best action plan for your enterprise or customer grade AR application testing process.

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    Automation AR Testing

    We execute test cases using automated tools to reduce time for deployment, increase efficiency and deliver excellent product.

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    Manual AR Testing

    Our team of testers pay attention to every detail and incur smooth functioning of each app component via manual testing.

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    Quality Assurance

    QA team is designated to monitor every aspect of app development and ensure it falls within the defined standards of the app.

Custom Augmented Reality Testing Solutions

Our testers utilize the latest tools to conduct tests on your AR applications. We can test your application compatibility, usability, functionality, and others as per your company’s needs and requirements.

Reasons To Test Augmented Reality Applications Or Software

Augmented reality testing plays a vital role in enhancing AR applications' quality, functionality, and user satisfaction. By identifying and resolving issues early in the development cycle, AR testing ensures a seamless and immersive AR experience for users. Whether you are developing an Oculus game, creating an AR application for education or working any other AR-based project, AR testing ensures that your AR software and application does not get interpreted by any UI elements and provide a seamless end-user immersive experience.

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    Immersive User Experience

    Providing an immersive experience to the user is the ultimate goal. Testing AR applications ensures that your augmented reality space feels natural and no UI elements disrupt the immersive experience.

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    Positive User Experience

    Testing AR softwares and hardware is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the applications across various platforms. In this way, your users can have a positive experience with your AR applications.

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    Discover New Opportunities

    AR testing helps find the limits of AR applications and new growth opportunities for the next project. In this way, you can create new features and provide a more enhanced immersive experience to users that will keep you ahead of the competition.

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    Speed And Performance

    AR testing helps in ensuring that there aren’t any performance issues during users’ immersive experiences. Testers will check the speed of the application and device and whether they are performing smoothly by doing sequential testing.

Hire The Best AR Testing Company

Suffescom is your one-stop solution for your AR testing needs. We will check your AR applications and ensure it is running smoothly without any disruptions from UI elements. Get in touch with us today and get a free evaluation.

Why Choose Suffescom As Your AR Testing Company?

The advent of augmented reality holds immense potential for companies of all sizes. Now, customers are more influenced and integrated towards AR-based applications. To provide an undisrupted immersive experience to users, it is becoming more than necessary to conduct AR tests. AR testing helps in finding out bugs and flaws before the user uses the application.

Suffescom is an award-winning AR/VR development company that offers high-end AR testing services and web3 testing services to clients globally. With our AR testing services, you can ensure that your application is bug-free, visuals are working as intended, and your application provides a smooth and seamless immersive experience. Here’s what you can expect from our AR testing services:

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Better Performance

Our AR testing experts prevent performance hiccups by conducting thorough testing with different test scenarios, methods, and evaluations.

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Reached Objectives

Our AR testers thoroughly understand your objectives, and expectations before conducting multiple tests and ensure you achieve those objectives.

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High-Quality Visuals

Our testers ensure that the visuals are rendered as intended so that you can offer users a high-end immersive, engaging experience.

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Consumer Grade AR Solutions

We test augmented reality applications to ensure it runs smoothly, flawlessly, and without disruptions for a high-quality AR experience.

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Positive First Impression

We ensure your application is 100% ready to be released without any flaws or bugs and optimize your application to deliver under every workload.

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AR/VR Consultants

We have a qualified team of more than 40 AR/VR consultants with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and leading businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top-rated Web3 Testing-related questions we have been asked countless times:

  • What are the Challenges in Web3 testing solutions?

    The challenges in web3 testing solutions are providing extremely optimized performance and load testing in the decentralized apps.

    What are the tips to hire web3 testing services provider company?

    The web3 testing company should have a dedicated development team with QA testers with enough knowledge of the programming languages and experience working on hardware/software.

  • How to create end-to-end tests for web3 applications?

    The end-to-end tests for web3 apps are created by describing the test coverage, defining logical toolsets, and configuring the tests.

    How to structure E2E tests?

    The E2E tests are structured by generally analyzing the requirements, then setting the test environment, illustrating the system process, and eventually allocating the roles for all systems.

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