With the rapid digitization of the economy, conventional business is almost a matter of bygone days. Every businessman, budding, or experienced one is adapting to such technological advancements and reaping the benefits. One such drastic change is the commencement and growth of online business apps. Food, grocery, jewelry, home decor accessories, taxi service are just […]

As we all are well aware that the recent situations are not good and every individual is struggling to survive. If we talk about conventional businesses, we see that many of them are shut down and some are making low profits. The whole nation is suffering in some or the other way. On the other […]

E-commerce marketplace is usually known as a multivendor platform where vendors from all over the world sell their products and earn money out of it. Multiple products are showcased under a single platform. The marketplace owner is solely responsible for all the transactions and for attracting customers. Many businesses can shift their process online and […]

Online doctor appointments, telemedicine, online consultation are being demanded by every individual of the world keeping in mind, the present scenario. Recently, healthcare is one of the industries that is benefitting the most. Many new entrepreneurs and established platforms have shifted their business online to earn some extra revenue. Research shows that health spending in […]

In the post COVID world, every industry will take precautionary measures to ensure the security of customers and employees. The major impact of the current situation will be on restaurants and offices where many people gather together for work. This pandemic has left everyone in shock because businesses have to adopt new technology-based marketing tools […]

As we know that the whole world is grappling with the effects of pandemic and almost every business is struggling. Restaurant industry and other food and grocery delivery industry will experience a drastic change once this lockdown period ends. Every restaurant is adopting safety measures and social distancing norms in order to keep people safe. […]

Today, in this world of latest technologies and doorstep services, almost everything is delivered at home. The medicine industry is also in a growing stage and many entrepreneurs are entering the industry. Medicine delivery apps aimed at bringing more convenience into the lives of people by delivering medications at their doorsteps. Some people are suffering […]