5 Best Ways to Generate Traffic Through StumbleUpon

Among the top social media sites, StumbleUpon ranks as the best traffic generator. So the question that arises here is that, do you use this social media site to attract internet traffic to your website? If you are wondering how to generate traffic through StumbleUpon, read on till the end to get an answer to your query.

Great Content

stumbleuponWell written and relevant content is your secret to success. Visitors would readily give a thumb down to content that has been poorly written. Therefore write articles or blog posts that have relevant and popularly used keywords. You can even post tutorials, informative and entertaining videos and infographics.

Get Organic Stumble

According to a study, entertaining content is stumbled the most. Therefore, if you want to increase the chances of your content of getting stumbled, add a StumbleUpon badge to the site’s content. In addition, the page also includes integration tips for feedburners, WordPress integration and bloggers. Therefore, to generate traffic through StumbleUpon keep in mind that, “Easier the content is more will be the chances that it will be stumbled.”

Content Sharing

StumbleUpon has made content sharing easier. The article or blog post can be directly shared on different social media sites which makes it easier for your website to get traffic from the sites. After the readers click on the link, they are directed to your website making it easier for them to like or share your content.

Increased Followers

Increase-Blog-TrafficAn added advantage that is offered by StumbleUpon is that you can directly share your articles with the followers. Therefore, it is essential to find users and follow them with a hope that they will follow you back. You can start by finding users that share similar interests and follow them. Eventually you will be able to increase your followers.

Use Paid Discoveries

Are you not satisfied with the results? Are your customers not able to find you through natural discoveries? If the answer is yes, you can use StumbleUpon paid discoveries. Visitors who are interested in your topics will be directed to your website. So choose a plan that suits your budget and sign up for the account.

As a social media network, StumbleUpon is slowly but steadily gaining popularity. If you do it right, StumbleUpon can help you to generate traffic for your website. Tell us whether StumbleUpon helped you to bring in the target audience? Share your opinions or other useful tips by commenting below!