5 essential features of on-demand grocery delivery app solution!

By Suffescom Solutions

December 09, 2021

The marketplace is the only place where buyers meet the sellers, customers with the service providers, etc. So, the question arises what exactly should an entrepreneur do to increase the number of buyers and overall sales? The grocery mobility solutions like Instacart and Grofers have made a huge impact on the industry and when we see a glimpse of the future, there is no denying the fact that grocery delivery businesses will continue to flourish. The era of on-demand grocery app development came after smartphones hit the market because it is very easy to order products and services and pay for them online.  Grocery delivery service business has the ability to benefit customers as well as owners in many different ways. Let us have a look at them:  Better inventory and order management: Through an online platform, the admin or the owner can easily add or remove inventory from the application. He also has an option to set notifications about stocks so that the customers can order them easily.  Convenient for customers: Customers always look for convenience whether the services are online or offline. When developing an app. One can integrate features like geolocation, In-app calling and messaging features, online payments, etc. to ease up the customer experience.  Delivering personalized offers: Studying the consumer’s interests, likes and dislikes is an important aspect while entering the industry. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, if you are working according to the interests of customers, you will never fail them in any field.  Offering discounts and loyalty programs: Everybody loves discounts and offers. New businesses should implement this marketing strategy in order to attract more customers to their business model. You can also provide your customers with various offers for being a loyal customers so that they can retain for a long time.  Order tracking: Every year, the online grocery market is growing at a tremendous rate. Real-time tracking options should be there in an application so that customers can easily track their order at any point in time.  These are some of the benefits of having a grocery delivery business. Entrepreneurs can gather all the requirements like features and functionalities to be added to the application. In addition, let us have a look at some facts:

  • Food and beverage revenues have increased significantly to $18.89 Billion in 2020. 
  • By 2021, at least 50% of all online shoppers can buy items online once a week in the Netherlands, UK, and France. 
  • Experts expect that Walmart will soon be a strong industry leader for door-to-door distribution. 
  • 15% of respondents are expected to use click and pick service while 85% of customers will prefer their order on their doorsteps. 
  • Online grocery sales were the US $6 billion and it became double in just 4 years. 
After looking at the above-mentioned facts, you can have a fair idea of how beneficial it would be to enter the industry now. This trend has already had an impact on many businesses and brick and mortar businesses are shifting their operations online. Pandemic has compelled people to buy groceries and food online. Let us now look at some features and functionalities of on demand grocery app and its panels: For customers: The buyer app should be integrated with such features that can give convenience to the customers. Customers can also view past orders and re-order them whenever they want to.  
  • Registration and login 
  • Social media integration 
  • Product catalogue 
  • Product search 
  • Items list 
  • Ongoing orders 
  • Online payment methods 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Push notifications 
  • Manage profile 
  • In-app calling and messaging 
For Grocery stores: There should be a separate app for grocery stores where they can make changes whenever it is required. They can easily download an application and use it in their own way. 
  • Update profile and registration 
  • Edit items 
  • Push notifications 
  • Add or remove items 
  • Accept or reject orders 
  • Customer information 
  • View past orders 
For delivery personnel: The delivery boy should have his own application where he can update things from time to time and view earnings. 
  • Manage profile 
  • Registration 
  • Social media integration 
  • Accept or reject requests 
  • View earnings 
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Change order status 
  • List of current and fulfilled orders 
  • Customer information 
  • In-app calling and messaging 
For admin: The admin or the controller can easily manage both buyers and shoppers through a single dashboard. He can also manage finances, fulfil orders, etc. 
  • Administrator login 
  • List of users and restaurants 
  • Review user profile 
  • Manage users 
  • List of shoppers 
  • Manage category list 
  • View payments and transactions 
  • Reports and analytics 
  • Content management
  • Manage personnel 
These are some of the basic features to be added to the on-demand grocery delivery app. You can add some advanced features to make the app more functional and interactive. At the beginning of this pandemic, it was really difficult to cope up with the situations but as time passes by, entrepreneurs have found the way out as they are now implementing unique marketing strategies to sustain the pandemic.  Let us have a look at 5 essential features without which a grocery delivery business model cannot work efficiently. Social media integration: Nowadays, many business models are integrating their applications with social media for a better reach. Customers can easily log in and select the option of social media to login into their account. This feature is being added by modern applications to make it more interactive and easy-to-use.  Reorder feature: This feature is also being integrated by modern applications where customers can reorder their dishes anytime as they are saved on one separate side of the app. Not only in groceries, but this feature is being added in the food delivery business as well.  Live tracking feature: Real-time tracking feature is important in every business model nowadays. It gives an option to customers to track their package after ordering it through an application itself. To make an application interactive and easy-to-use, a live tracking option should be there.  Customer reviews and feedback: Feedback of customers is really important to analyze the overall working of the business and through the customer’s experience, owners can make necessary changes.  Safe payment procedure: Customers always look for safe and secure payment options. Owners should include multiple options like stripe, apple pay, PayPal, etc. so that customers don’t need to carry cash with them all the time. Don’t forget to include cash on delivery options.  These are some of the essential features of grocery delivery applications. Adding these features will get you more customers and a feature-enriched application will be loved by all.  Gone are the days when people need to list down all the groceries and then drive to the departmental stores to get them. Nowadays, they just need to download an application, select the required items, order them after updating your current address and let them deliver at your doorsteps at an estimated time. With the advent of technology, it has become really easy to place orders.  Cost to develop an on-demand grocery app The overall cost lies somewhere between $7k to $20k depending upon various factors like complexity of an application, location of the company, number of developers working, it is built from scratch or built a clone app, etc. Let us have a look at them in detail: (Note: Price to develop an application fluctuates from time to time according to the on-going offers and discounts. Contact us to know the best possible cost for building a feature-enriched app.) The geographical location of the company: If a company or the developers are located in affordable places like India or China, the cost will be less and if the developers are residing in California, automatically the cost will be high because their market rate is high.  Several developers: The number of developers also plays an important role in deciding the cost of developing an application. If the number is high, the cost will be high and vice-versa. You can hand over your project to a company or to some freelancers. The rate of freelancers depends upon their hourly rate and the company’s rate is almost fixed which can be estimated after talking to their project manager.  Way of development: Normally, there are two ways of developing an application. You can either develop it from scratch by integrating the basic and advanced features from the beginning or you can just purchase the clone application available in the market and customize it according to your business needs and requirements. Customizing a clone app is cheap because it doesn’t need any development from scratch.  The complexity of application: Usually, there are basic and advanced features to be added to an application. If you are integrating only basic features, the cost will be less and if you would like to integrate advanced features, the cost will be high according to the number of features.  UI/UX design: Designing and selecting various templates is very important for the landing pages of the application. When you have some attractive designs, it will attract more customers. So, it is advised to decorate your applications with such designs that can benefit you for a long time.  These are some of the factors involved in deciding the cost of an application. It is advised to build an application from scratch if your budget is not tight because building an application from scratch can give you an edge over all other applications.  on-demand grocery app Conclusion:  More and more people are getting comfortable in ordering groceries online and getting them delivered at their doorsteps. During this pandemic, people who don’t like to order online, are compelled to do so. Now, they have become habitual and have started ordering food online as well. Due to this, many new entrepreneurs have entered the industry and are now earning a good amount. If you also want to contribute to the grocery delivery market, come up with new business ideas and great marketing strategies. 

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