5 Key Considerations for creating a delivery app like Postmates

By Suffescom Solutions

July 29, 2019

Think of the consequences without an advanced app like Postmates. Instant and best delivery cannot be experienced within a few taps. One will have to visit shops and malls and fetch their favorite items. Many people even can’t think to enjoy their favorite food after hard work. Thanks to apps like Postmates providing instant solutions. Simply, open the app and order your favorite food from any restaurant. Food will get delivered at your doorsteps by the company. Besides, you can get deliver anything from anywhere including groceries, alcohol, and any personal item. App Structure Postmates provide on-demand delivery services. Based on customers’ requests, contract workers provide deliveries. Nearby carries will be notified, on every order request, and can accept orders accordingly. The structure will comprise two types of apps individually for customers and service providers. Customers can order through their apps while carriers can accept, deliver and get updates related to the app. Creating an efficient and advanced app only can give a competitive edge over existing competitors. Check out the following points for creating an app like Postmates. Prime Considerations for App Development Five key metrics have to be considered to create an advanced app like Postmates. Check out the following points to gain insight.

  • Intuitive Interface
The easy-to-use and organized interface is the foremost factor that should be considered while designing a user-friendly app. First, the design should clearly show things related to each specific service i.e. food images for food delivery, veggies, and fruits for groceries and soon. Adding compelling designs at the frontend will clearly show the message to customers. Besides the frontend, there will be order, payment, tracking, and menu screens. Now, you can start focusing on the backend.
  • API-integrated Platforms and Servers
APIs have become requisite for modern IT enterprise. A backend is required to showcase customized solutions to users or customers. Further, order processing, delivery, manage, controls, all can be easily done. API will help in future upgrades i.e. business owners can easily expand or add services to multiple platforms. Public APIs will let third-party developers add functions to the existing services.
  • Live Location Tracking
This is one of the most important features of this app. Users or customers can easily track the location of service providers. All can be easily done with the online mapping system. Developers need not formulate any system from scratch. Add functions to Google maps for the execution. Furthermore, sharing live location can easily help carriers to deliver food at the doorsteps. Users or customers can easily estimate the time and proceed accordingly.
  • Menu and Restaurant Set Up
The extraction of data is difficult while the implementation is easy. You need to find out the following information. 1. Information related to different restaurants. 2. Price Selection, and Title 3. Pictures of related items You can extract essential information of data from Google. You can contact restaurants for the price and photo selection. You will have to look into the future for price changes and adjustments. Store information in your database and work accordingly. Start from one city and gradually expand your business. An advanced search option will help users or customers to specific items as per the search. For example, users can filter dishes based on different factors like price, type, cost, restaurants, etc.
  • Integrated Payment Platform
Online payment systems will help users or customers to pay through their preferred options, allowing paperless payments. An integrated payment platform will let users access to different options. This is an important concern, as customers can’t pay and choose services in case of the unavailability of multiple options. Therefore, an integrated platform is playing an important role in customers’ retention rates. Payment facilities through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, cash-on-delivery can be added. There are other features to add, but the above-given points are the most important for creating an advanced app.

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