6 Tips to Design an Impressive Website That Drives Traffic

So you are a new entrepreneur who wants to reach out to his clients spread across the globe? If you answered YES, the first step will be to deign an engaging and innovative website to catch your audiences’ interest. If you know the right way to design your business site, it is not a difficult task. In today’s online industry, a website is regarded as a powerful tool that help startups and mid-ranged businesses to make a mark in the industry. A website is the most important aspect of your online business as it will help your customers to reach out to your services.

Times are changing fast and so should the solutions to attract your customers change. Strategically planned website will help you to attract the online visitors easily to your business. In this post toady, I list out several designing tactics that will help you to design an impressive website to increase your conversion rates. So let’s get started.

Keep the Design Simple

Simple Website DesignWhen designing a website for a startup business, remember less is more. Simplify the user interface, clickable buttons, include search bars and remove all the unnecessary elements. Write an impressive headline followed by equally engaging subheading.

Pick up different colors that go well together. Do not use a single color throughout the website rather use contrasting colors to highlight different aspects of the website. Make sure that some parts of the site are more prominent than the rest of the website so that people are easily attracted toward them.

Use Minimal of Fonts

When designing a website, you may be tempted to make the site a bit more creative by adding a variety of fonts. This is the biggest mistake committed by new entrepreneurs. Use 2 types of fonts at the maximum to make a good impression on your online visitors. Too many typefaces on your website will make everything look and feel too chaotic for a reader who may leave your page without even knowing about your services. Remember that your website design must look clean to impress the visitors.

Improved Readability

An online user comes to your website looking for an answer and if it is difficult for a viewer to read the content, he will easily move on to another website. Remember, 95% of the website is typography, thus it is important to have increased readability. So while designing the website, remember to:

  • Use a dark color for the text to make it stand out from the background

  • Keep enough space between the lines so that the text comes across as clear and easy to read

  • Systematize the content as most of the people only scan through the content and do not read the full copy

Make The Website Responsive

Responsive Website DesignAs compared to the past few years, an increase has been observed in the number of mobile users. Targeting the mobile audience is important to increase your business conversions. Therefore, while designing your website, do not forget to make it responsive. Make sure that it is easy for your mobile audience to reach out to your services by visiting your website. Include easy to access and large call to action buttons that can be clicked upon easily for the convenience of your clients.

Use Relevant Images

To make your website more interesting and engaging, choose to add some relevant and stunning images. “A picture is worth a thousand words” so make sure that you spread your message across with the help of beautiful images. Choose an image depending on your targeted audience to engage them in your online business. Do some research before selecting a particular image.

Think From the Users Point-of-view

While designing a business website, take out some time and think about your customer’s point of view Focus on bringing value to your audience and design a website with an amazing user interface. Offers benefits over features to your customers. Choose an interesting approach to reach out to your audience.

Finally, add some fun to your website and make sure that your customers get what they are searching for. Use different quotes to present your services in a humorous and unique manner. Small businesses require more publicity than well-established enterprises to leave an impression in the industry. So ensure that your website has been designed to offer maximum benefits to the users.

These were some of the tips that must be followed by small business owners while designing their website to gain maximum traffic toward it. The next time you plan to design a website for your business, remember to include these tips in your site design to differentiate it from your competitors.