All That You Want To Know About Google SEO Updates

Every year Google does the alteration of its search algorithm method, and it has become some kind of trend for them, as they do it around 500 to 600 times. Such kind of changes are of utmost importance to search marketers, as these deeply affect the rank and traffic of the website. Besides this, they also leave their impact on search engine optimization. Some of the most common and pivotal Google SEO updates include the Link Warnings, Panda 3.9, Penguin 1.1, Panda 3.8, and Knowledge Graph, etc. All the updates are named according to place, or a recognized Google engineer.

Reasons For The Change

SEO UpdatesGoogle engineers, who are the most proficient individuals today have pointed out that all the changes are being done to target the web-spam. These changes aim at reducing those websites, which are not following the Google’s present guidelines regarding quality. In addition to this, they also encourage high quality content, which will offer the search engine users an enhanced and satisfactory experience. Besides engaging in unproductive web-spam tactics, these changes also focus on white hat SEO methods. The key job of their latest update was to minimize over optimized websites that might have reputation of automated content, numerous violent links, high keyword density, etc. It was also to decrease the number of various add-ons, which are found on websites in order to make the user reach the content at once.

The Work Process Of The Updates

The Google revealed that SEO can be positively effective for individuals and they can actually get this done by using an improved white hat search engine optimization that includes an impressive marketing of websites and even more powerful material to the users.

Many researchers believe that the Google SEO updates were not to favor others as these updates got unpleasant disapproval from some online market services websites, but to have stability and make the search engines offer an unforgettable as well as satisfactory experience to the users. Those websites, which had exploited the usage of keywords, used the word SEO, or web designing websites got struck bad resulting in reduced rankings. Among these were pharmaceutical websites, money online websites, entertainment guide, office space industry, etc.

Points Essential For The Improvement of A Website Ranking

  • Regular posting of content

  • No spinning of content

  • use freshly written content

  • Addition of Google+1 button on website

  • Posting news content constantly

  • Usage of video marketing

  • Uploading of original images

  • Various sources to make your backings

  • Stay updated about Google SEO updates to avoid risk of low ranking.