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Clubbing The Blockchain With Mobile App Development Is The Rising Trend

By Suffescom Solutions

July 05, 2022

Clubbing The Blockchain With Mobile App Development Is The  Rising Trend

The potential of emerging technologies like IoT, AR, VR, and blockchain have disrupted the digital world and its economy. The revolution brought by next-generation technologies is at its peak without question. But there is always the best one that got the remarkable transformation in the industry-And it is "BLOCKCHAIN." It is no surprise that the blockchain in mobile app development for wide business domains like healthcare, real estate, and finance has set a benchmark. And its global market is expected to reach approximately $24 billion in the coming 5 years.

Here we will discuss the role of blockchain in mobile app development, how it improved it, and all the related facts about a blockchain mobile app. And yes, most importantly, we will guide you on How to Choose the Right Blockchain Developer? To make it easy to start your blockchain app.

Blockchain Technology For Mobile Apps – Stats & Trends!

Around 90% of European & North American Banks are financing in  Blockchain.

  • Japan is the  first country to accept the bitcoin payments
  • The blockchain market will be near $3 Trillion by 2024, as per the studies.
  • 75% of Bitcoin ATMs are in the US, and some overseas Bitcoin ATMs distribute only US dollars.
  • The banks can save approximately $8 to 12 billion yearly with blockchain technology.
  • The FBI owes a total of 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoins.

Why Do App Developers Go For Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is making inroads in mobile app development to offer an enhanced experience to the users and take the businesses to the next level breaking the previous records in terms of revenue generation. Blockchain integrates the concept of Decentralized mobile applications. Enterprises are leveraging the potential of their decentralized architecture, eliminating the need for central authorities.

Originally, blockchain technology was utilized to ensure safe cryptocurrency operations. And if we talk about a mobile application it includes managing a huge database. With blockchain, the decentralized ledger maintains transparency which increases the security of the mobile app and restricts unauthorized transactions as no transaction is allowed without the stakeholder's consent. So, the chances of fraudulent transactions are very less.

Blockchain technology is feasible to use for multiple businesses while making the online transactions effortless, Above all, it is the best technology for p2p  mobile transactions. Blockchain has the power to handle the transaction records of all types depending on the mobile app requirements.

The existing business models are threatened by the blockchain technology by offering less expensive mobile solutions. The blockchain has better protocols for executing digital transactions. The transactions are easy to automate the time-consuming and traditional processes. That is the reason that developers adopted this innovative technology for creating mobile apps for different sectors like healthcare, finance, and others for securely tracking the transactions and related data.

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Features of Blockchain Mobile App Development

Better Security: 

One of the key advantages of blockchain mobile app development is the high level of security provided by the fact that all information is spread across interconnected blocks. Each block contains all transaction-related information, which is then passed on to the following block.

All of the data is encoded and kept in the cryptographic hash, making it extremely difficult for hackers to change the blocks. Mobile applications are now safer and more secure thanks to high-level encryption and cryptography. As a result, developers and consumers need not be concerned about security and encryption.


Blockchain offers a high level of transparency by providing a tamper-proof solution. Even if tampering occurs in one site, it has no effect on the reliability and security of data stored in other locations.

All of these qualities make blockchain technology suited for a wide range of mobile apps, whether for financial transactions, document storage, or any other data. This technology has the potential to greatly boost data storage apps.

High Transparency:

Transparency is the primary reason that consumers of decentralized applications trust blockchain. Every transaction is recorded in the ledger, allowing anyone to track them. This eliminates the chance of any fraudulent activity.

Return on investment (ROI):

Despite the fact that decentralized apps (Dapps) are new, industries are discovering innovative methods to incorporate them into their systems. The ROI remains good, and integrating blockchain will not cost you a lot of money when compared to alternative development approaches.

As a result, when compared to traditional apps, blockchain appears to be the ideal answer for organizations in terms of ROI.

Integration with IoT:

As you know, mobile apps are the best illustration of how they combine with IoT. (Internet of Things). You may now operate your Smart goods, such as security systems, interior heating, and lighting, with the touch of a button.

Consider incorporating blockchain elements into your home or business equipment that is controlled by Dapps to safeguard information and assist businesses in providing authentic products to clients, saving money and avoidable difficulties for businesses and customers.

You can reach out to an experienced Enterprise blockchain consulting firm that can guide you to get started with your journey in blockchain mobile app development.

How Do Blockchain Trends   Effects Small to Medium-sized Enterprises?

As we all know, the pandemic has had a significant impact on SMBs. According to a report, digital ledger technology can provide long-term answers to a variety of SMB concerns. It will make greater use of the data collected in the SMB ecosystem. Blockchain enables such companies to make quick international payments by utilizing central bank digital currencies and stable coins to cut settlement periods.

  • Improve data transparency and reduce the risk for banks, lowering the cost of insurance and financing for SMBs.
  •  Eliminate the error repair time for transactions so that SMBs can continue to do business without worrying about finance, liquidity, or losing supplier discounts.
  • Rise the loan approval rates by incorporating high-quality informational data into credit decision-making processes.

Steps To  Integrate Blockchain In Your Next Mobile App

After knowing the benefits of blockchain in mobile app development, here is the list of the steps for your blockchain-backed mobile application development.

Step 1- Apps That Are Best Fit For Blockchain

There are a variety of blockchain-based apps available on the market. Still, your app may not require blockchain, such as essential content-driven apps that do not require transaction functionality.

However, blockchain will be ideal if you are developing an app with features like payment gateways, transaction interfaces, or anything similar and require the active backing of a decentralized and secure database system.

Step 2- Considering Critical Technologies

Assume you wish to incorporate Blockchain Technology in your mobile app. In that case, your blockchain developers should be well-versed in the technology and its various components, such as programming languages, networks, blockchain platforms, and other procedures such as front-end, back-end, and QA for various mobile platforms.

Step 3- Implementing Blockchain

As discussed above, blockchain technology has various benefits in creating a mobile app that can help you take your business ahead. Here is how you can develop the blockchain-powered app.

Pick A Suitable Method

If you're familiar with blockchain technology, you're probably aware that a mutual consensus mechanism protects the blockchain's security and unconditional accessibility. Now, choose the best consensus method for your app's requirements advised by your blockchain development team members.

Architecture Design

Now you must select the best setup for your design model. You should now host blockchain using a hybrid, cloud-based, or in-house strategy. Fortunately, you have several options for this. You must ensure that the design architecture for the app is based on the mobile OS platform and tech stack your mobile development partner advises.

Admin Panel UI Plus

Finally, you should create your blockchain application's user interface and administration panel. This is simple to accomplish with defined app servers, a front-end programming language, and an external database.

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Top Blockchain Platforms For App Development


Tezos is an autonomous decentralized blockchain technology that has matured into a true digital commonwealth. This platform is tied to the Tez or Tezzie digital coin. Rather than extracting Tez, the platform compensates token holders for participating in the proof-of-stake consensus technique.

Tezos, like Neo and other platforms, is a platform for dApps and smart contracts. One aspect, however, sets it apart from the others: its self-amending cryptographic process.


Tron is a blockchain-based decentralized digital platform that uses the TRX or Tronix coin. It intends to host a global entertainment system for the cost-effective distribution of digital material. In terms of market capitalization, it is ranked 31st among cryptocurrencies.

Tron combines the advantages of P2P networks and blockchain technology to cut out the middlemen and allow content creators to sell their work directly to customers.

Hyperledger Fabric

Another Hyperledger project, Hyperledger Fabric, aids in the development of blockchain-based solutions or apps through the use of a modular design. The versatility of the architecture allows network designers to plug in their preferred components.

The Hyperledger Fabric framework is designed for permissioned networks and allows known identities to engage within a system. To participate in the blockchain, they must be approved and have the necessary credit.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an enterprise-grade and modular platform designed for creating, implementing, and executing distributed ledgers that allow for the maintenance of digital records with no central authority.

Hyperledger's open-source blockchain infrastructure combines with an enterprise-ready 1.0 version.

Wrapping up!

Blockchain technology is always improving and will address mobile app difficulties so you can better serve your clients. Given all of the benefits, you should consider adopting blockchain in app development to better customer service. Blockchain can provide firms with digital transparency, consumer trust, and liability. Everyone, from freelance developers to sizeable mobile app development organizations, realizes blockchain's promise as a decentralized database. Blockchain-based apps will continue to grow in popularity as mobile transactions gain traction in the coming years. All you need to do is consult the leading Blockchain development company  & start your journey now!

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