Fascinating Blockchain Project Ideas To Generate High Revenue

By Suffescom Solutions

July 06, 2022

Fascinating Blockchain Project Ideas To Generate High Revenue

For the last few years, the word “blockchain ” has been consistently in the talk world. The first ever reason behind blockchain being the buzzword is cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger technology. It stores the information on different blocks present on the network. The transactions are verified and recorded on the network. Blockchain offers high security. Therefore, altering the information is impossible without hacking all the blocks carrying the information.

Considering blockchain technology's advantages to a wide range of business domains, most entrepreneurs are ready to adopt blockchain technology. Most of the sectors working successfully are based on blockchain technology support cryptocurrency. You can also grab the blockchain business opportunities by starting your own venture. In this blog, we will discuss the latest blockchain project ideas and the frameworks required to implement your idea. Let’s move ahead!!

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Blockchain Project Ideas

Blockchain promises to use digitization to address inventory network problems. It regards products as being tagged and classified with unique characters, which are then transferred to an unchangeable, straightforward, and secure blockchain.

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Blockchain Use Cases

Supply Chain Management

The issues with the existing system:

  • Lack of transparency 
  • Legitimacy Issues to get fake merchandise

Blockchain promises to find a solution for inventory network issues through digitization. It considers goods to be labeled and categorized with one-of-a-kind characters, which are subsequently transferred to an immutable, simple, and secure blockchain. Blockchain aids in the tracking of essential data such as the item's condition, usability period, time, and location.

Blockchain Use Cases

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A blockchain-enabled supply chain allows consumers to verify the legitimacy of acquired goods. Products can be tracked accurately across multiple locations and stages in the supply chain.


With the current system, there are various issues like:

  • Medical professionals are not thoroughly aware of a patient's medical history. This makes it difficult to provide effective healthcare solutions.
  • Within the medical supply chain, counterfeit or fake drugs are also a serious problem.

Blockchain will act as a tamper-proof and secure database to solve the healthcare industry challenges. A blockchain can be used to store patient medical records.

Medical practitioners can better grasp a patient's medical history due to this. At every point of the supply chain, blockchain may be used to tag and track medications. It will serve as a conduit for ensuring the drugs' validity.

Patients will also get the required control over the information stored on the network. They can view their information when they want, and others can also see if the patients allow them the same.


Paper structure makes up a significant portion of possession resources. This allows for the records to be tampered with or exposed to deception. Authentication is a fraud deterrent technique that assures exchange gatherings that a record can be trusted and is genuine. The value of the legal approval process will rise due to blockchain innovation.

The blockchain can show the record's existence since it was created and identify changes. By hashing the archive, it should be feasible to determine whether or not a record has been altered.

Trade Finance

The current trading processes are inefficient and slow as there is no trustworthy third party. So, the chances of fraud are also high in this case. To enhance the trading system, blockchain has a major part to play.It can digitize the trade finance  and offers:

  • Transparent governance
  • Decrease the complexity and the role of a one central entity
  • Quick operations
  • fewer capital needs
  • Reduced chances of human error fraud and counterparty


The next blockchain application can be surprising for you. But yes, blockchain has the potential to revamp the sports and gaming industry. It is opening up new opportunities for the business people in the sports sector to generate high revenue innovatively. 

From fan tokens to digital collectibles and fan loyalty, many ideas can offer you money-earning ways. This way, the brands can enhance their online presence and popularity. It also offers a bright long-term future as youngsters are fans of digital things.

List Of Blockchain Project Ideas

  1. Crypto Crowdfunding

If you're familiar with the cryptocurrency world, you've probably heard of the term "crowdfunding." The concept of crypto crowdfunding is similar to that of traditional crowdfunding. There will be certain rules and local government engagement in traditional crowdfunding methods, such as an IPO (initial public offering). The main distinction between crowdfunding and crypto crowdfunding is that in crowdfunding, funds are raised in fiat currency.

List Of Blockchain Project Ideas

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Crypto crowdfunding, on the other hand, will raise funds using cryptocurrencies. There is no investment range with crypto crowdfunding. The majority of new businesses are turning to cryptocurrency crowdfunding to raise financing.

In the crypto market, there are several sorts of crypto crowdfunding. There are ICOs, IEOs, STOs, and a slew of others. All of the crowdfunding methods can be used to create crypto tokens. ICO is a better fundraising method than IEO and STO among the options mentioned above. Crypto tokens will be offered in exchange for the funds provided by the investor in an initial coin offering.

  1. Crypto Exchange Platform

A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace where buyers and sellers may swap digital assets. A hundred dollars, for example, can be swapped for a bitcoin of equal worth. The bitcoin purchased can be exchanged for a variety of cryptocurrencies. It functions as a go-between for buyers and sellers, allowing them to conduct business without trouble. Centralized crypto exchanges, decentralized crypto exchanges, and hybrid exchanges are the three types of crypto exchanges. Let's have a look at those sorts in more detail.

  •      Centralized crypto exchange

The centralized crypto exchange works as a mediator or third party between crypto buyers and sellers. Because their own organization handles them, centralized exchanges are more reliable. Approximately 90% of crypto transactions take place on controlled exchanges. Transactions that take place in centralized exchanges offer several advantages, including the fact that they are user-friendly and trustworthy.

  •       Decentralized crypto exchange

Peer-to-peer transactions without third parties are carried out on decentralized crypto exchanges. You can handle your transactions discreetly by creating a decentralized crypto exchange. Many traders and investors are attracted to it because it eliminates third parties.

3. Crypto Wallet Development 

A Crypto wallet is an application that is a safe place that allows storing and trading of multiple cryptocurrencies. There is a pair of keys (private and public) to access the wallet assigned to the users to access the wallet. The crypto wallet crypto holders can send, receive and trade different cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Wallet Development 

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There is an increased need for crypto wallet development services as more and more people enter the crypto trading world. There are different types of wallets meeting the different needs of the users. They can choose the wallet that suits them the most. The owner of the wallet can earn a profit through the gas fee. Also, the profits can vary depending on the facilities offered by the wallet. Seeing the trend and the craze for the crypto wallet, it is an excellent idea to start a digital business.

Crypto Token Development

Another prominent area in the blockchain business industry is crypto tokens. Many people currently focus on crypto token development worldwide. The crypto tokens are meant for various purposes such as trading, payments, raising funds, and investing to earn huge profits. 

Crypto token creation is possible using the token standards of different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, Tron, etc. Among these mentioned blockchains, Ethereum is the most popular one. The different token standards for Ethereum are ERC20, ERC777,ERC721, ERC1155, etc.,

Tokens can be classified under two categories Fungible and Non-fungible, depending on their characteristics. The nonfungible one is the trending type of Crypto tokens. These are the future of investment in the digital world.

  • Non-fungible Tokens(NFTs)

The NFTs have made enough room in the crypto ecosystem as it is the safest and most legitimate way to digitally prove your art's ownership. The artists can earn massive profits by converting their art into NFTs.Crypto token development is beneficial for crypto business owners. They can make hefty returns through this blockchain-based project idea.

 Different Platforms and Tools For Blockchain Project Development

It is the latest blockchain platform for developing different DeFi applications. It helps build fast and accurate decentralized applications that complete the operations in less time than traditional processes. It also offers high-level security to prevent the applications from threats and malicious actors.

Many international companies have already adopted the stellar platform to launch cutting-edge DeFi applications for trading /exchanging worldwide.


EOSIO blockchain platform was introduced in 2017 as an open-source project. The blockchain platform is famous for building smart contracts and decentralized applications.EOSIO works based on the POS consensus algorithm, which is far better than the old mechanism followed in the Ethereum blockchain. The framework also offers a voting option under the governance feature on changes to the platform.

The key properties of the framework are fast speed and advanced permission features for deploying applications. Many business domains have used this framework like gaming, SCM, identity management, etc. EOSIO community also provides various tools to design the customization blockchain applications.


Launched in the year 2014, TeZon is an old platform with the potential to support decentralized softwares, smart contracts, etc. Tezors supports dynamically upgradable protocols and modular application clients that allow it to adapt to the new users.

There are frequent updates by the Tezos community to enhance the performance. The Tezos platform also has tools that aid the automatic weaving of NFTs into the enterprise supply chains.

R3 Corda

It uses a new consensus procedure that entails cryptographically linked transactions. One of the most significant benefits of this method is that all transactions are processed in real time, which can improve performance over other blockchains.

The R3 consortium has a considerable following in the financial industry, and Corda provides an appealing solution for financial transactions and smart contracts with great security. Bank of America, HSBC, Intel, and Microsoft are among the most ardent backers. It makes it easier to use tools that automate business logic and make it available across company boundaries. Corda Payments, whose technical preview was just launched, makes incorporating distributed payment features into apps much more effortless.

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is another open-source blockchain project that Hyperledger and The Linux Foundation co-founded. It employs a novel consensus mechanism known as proof of elapsed time, which can be combined with hardware-based security technologies to permit"trusted execution environments" to run the code securely, which are secure areas of computer memory. 

Sawtooth is also implementing Splinter for networking, which will authorize the dynamic private circuits (groups of nodes); Hyperledger Transact for transaction processing, which will enhance smart contract abilities; and Augrim for consensus, which will grow the number of supported algorithms.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric is a group of tools for creating blockchain applications. According to The Linux Foundation, it was developed with the foundation of enterprise distributed ledger applications in mind. It has a diverse ecosystem of components that can be connected to a modular design. It functions competently in closed blockchain implementations, improving security and quickness. It also has an open smart contract paradigm that can accommodate a combination of data formats, including account and unspent transaction output (UTXO) models.

Creating Blockchain Applications

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Final Say!!!

Blockchain technology has revolutionized every business domain digitally. The business operations are now quick and transparent with blockchain technology. The decentralized ecosystem of the applications increases business efficiency. The entrepreneurs now focus on launching scalable solutions based on the blockchain environment. So, if you also want to stay ahead of your competitors, then dont delay anymore. Take a step ahead and consult with the blockchain project development Company to start your project.

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