Launch A Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad For Your Business | IDO Launchpad Development On Multi-Chain

Launch A Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad For Your Business | IDO Launchpad Development On Multi-Chain

By Suffescom Solutions

July 06, 2022

Launch A Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad For Your Business | IDO Launchpad Development On Multi-Chain

Talking about the future, the most eminent word that captures the interest of the people is interoperability. Today, it might sound strange but coordination, compatibility, and inter activeness will be in great demand in the subsequent years. This comes as a much larger relief for the developers. This concept is known as multi-chain development where multiple technologies are merged with each other to offer better services in a much larger spectrum.

Now talking about the launchpad, it has a vast connection with the crypto industry. With its rise, the majority of the projects are based on the decentralized format to generate huge profits. Such platforms allow the blockchain-built projects by obtaining access to the early stage token sales.DEX Offering (IDO) is a type of crowdfunding used by cryptocurrency initiatives and startups.

So, IDO launchpad development when implemented in its truest sense will capture the entire attention of the market investors and the people who are going to avail of their services. It utilizes the crowdfunding phenomenon to raise enormous funds.

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What is an IDO Token Launchpad?

Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is a type of crowdfunding used by cryptocurrency initiatives and startups. The funds are raised by the issuance of an IDO token or coin on the Decentralized liquidity exchange platform (DEX). These IDO tokens represent any assets with a clear price in crypto or fiat cash.

It helps the investors in finding apt projects, funding them, and performing trading of the cryptocurrency projects. These projects are bought at an exceptional pre-sale price before getting launched into the market.

Other crowdfunding models exist, such as the Initial Coin Offering, the Initial Exchange Offering, the Security Token Offering, the Initial Farming Offering, and others. However, Initial DEX Offering is one of the most popular formats for liquidating tokens in a decentralized setting.

Working Of IDO Launchpad

When the owner of any crypto project wants to list their project, then they can do it by listing them on the IDO launchpad. The job of the platform owner is to check and verify the intricate details of the project. On proper examination, the project is listed. There is an assurance among the user, platform owner, and project owner.

It is advisable for the users to look for valid platforms and invest in credible projects. This will help them in gaining a massive return on their investment. Though it enables the timely release of tokens to the investors, there are some limitations in the IDO token launchpad development. This is solved by the decentralized IDO launchpad.

The fundamental basis of this launchpad is to provide excellent customization and flexibility to the users. The reason behind its development is to make the IDOs secure, transparent and sustainable. Besides this, there is absolutely no regulation on the number of projects launched. The unique part is that it simplifies the overall IDO process. The conditions such as sale pricing, plug-in frameworks, liquidity locks, etc are all personalized as per the user requirement.

Steps Involved in Multi-Chain IDO Token Launchpad Development

The IDO launchpads can be developed by two techniques. The first one corresponds to developing everything from scratch that consists of frontend and backend development. Another one is by using the Whitelabel solutions. They are nothing but duplicates of the IDO launchpad platforms. The clone script has the same attribute as that of the original platform. The additional benefit is that it can be customized with the latest characteristics. They are more in demand because of their affordability and get launched in the market.

  • The basic step in the IDO development is to have extensive planning and research about the project. The concepts surrounding the analysis part should be crystal clear. The necessary actions should be implemented corresponding to the exploration.
  • All the information and the objectives gathered in the primary phase are then drafted in the form of a whitepaper. The whitepaper is nothing but a collection of the technical illustration of the entire crypto project that is to be launched.
  • After that, the designing part comes into play. Here, the focus is on building great user inter activeness and experience. This is actually the part that is visible to the users, that’s why it's known as the front-end.
  • Then comes the back end part, where the parameters like robustness, scalability, security, and flexibility are taken into consideration. This step is required to enhance the performance of the platform.
  • There is an optional step for some users where they can create native tokens to achieve appreciable business.
  • Then comes the most significant part i.e testing. This is a very crucial step where the IDO Token Launchpad platform is put through a series of tests. This is done to check the durability and resilience of the system.
  • On proper validation, the platform is set out for alpha as well as beta testing. This makes the platform accessible to a certain pool of people to see if all the conditions are met or not. These people use the platform and provide feedback to the creators if any changes are required.
  • Thereafter, comes the phase where an adequate number of the native tokens are accessible to the users. This step is denoted as providing liquidity to the platform.
  • When all the requisite conditions (above mentioned) are met then it’s time to deploy and launch the platform for public usage. This is done by listing the projects and raising funds from the users.

Popular Multi-chain IDO Launchpads


It is a decentralized platform that convinces investors to raise funds. The Trustpad clone script is completely based on the binance blockchain technology. Based on the previous experiences, there was friction experienced with the present-day platforms. the goal is to enable the users with a completely integrated limit order. the users perform to earn that results in the development of a durable ecosystem.

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Here, the traders are able to learn about the operations that support the transactions. This platform assists startups,mid-sized companies, free users, etc. More users agree on using this platform as it provides ultimate security to the users.

DAO Maker

This is a notable retail-oriented launchpad platform that is completely safe to use. Following its launch, it has motivated several people and investors to be a part of the venture capital. The thing with DAO Maker is that it cannot be purchased straightaway for fiat money but the coins are attained by buying ethereum with the help of fiat currency exchanges.

This project creates business growth technology and funding structures to reduce the investment risk. This is an excellent choice for unnamed projects who want to perform conduct an IDO with numerous users. DAO Maker is compatible with MetaMask, Ronin, WalletConnect, etc.


This is a decentralized launchpad that is based on BSC (binance smart chain) network. the native token called “$SWAP” works on this platform and provides futuristic multi-chain swaps. Also, some additional solutions are provided to the already existing problems like subscriptions and split payments. The objective of white label TrustSwap launchpad is to create smart contracts and permit the user with customized transactions in the crypto space.

Features of Multi-Chain IDO Launchpad

The IDO token launchpad development is inbuilt with certain amazing features that smoothen the functioning of the user.

Multi Wallet Support:

There is an option of integrating more crypto wallets on the multi-chain. The users are allowed to acquire multiple tokens from numerous projects of their wish. The multi wallet acts as a non-custodial gate that allows interaction between DeFi products like trade mining, staking, yield farming, cross-chain swapping, and DEX profit sharing.

Project Listing Related to Cryptocurrency:

The IDO token launchpad development has a well-maintained section for the cryptocurrency listing. This listing helps the users in finding the latest tokens and investing them in the projects to raise funds.


This is the most essential attribute where the key blockchain technologies can be connected to each other. For example; EoS, Tron, and Polkadot are interoperable i.e the exchange of information is supported. Also, it assists in customer token creation.

Speedy Token Allocation:

Whenever there is the sale of tokens on the platform, there is a swift allocation of tokens. It all depends upon the investment made by the investor and the tokens are assigned only on that basis.

Investor Pool Management:

There is the creation of numerous investor pools that helps the administrator of the platform in supporting the size token allocation ratio. It prevents the overcrowding of the investor pool.


The biggest factor that is the main cause of concern for the users is security. There are numerous protocols and security scripts that are applied on this platform. It is also compliant with the KYC norms where the user identity is approved before allowing them to use the platform.

Advantages of the Multi-chain IDO launchpad

An IDO launchpad provides numerous advantages and potential. Because of the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it is an on-demand platform in the blockchain business. Users can benefit from early investment in their crypto project as well as passive revenue. IDO launchpad listing is one significant technique for a project to obtain financing for development.

Below is the list of some of the primary advantages:

Investment Opportunity

An IDO launchpad is one platform in the blockchain realm that opens the door to a variety of options. It sets up a stage and highlights future crypto projects. It assists them in obtaining the investments they deserve.


This is the primary reason why startups choose Initial DEX Offerings. The tokens are issued on a decentralized network with enhanced liquidity. The automated liquidity pools allow users to invest in these areas and produce returns.

Growth Opportunity

Funds are a crucial component of any cryptocurrency project. The IDO launchpad raises the project's visibility and popularity, allowing it to expand.

Building a Strong Community

The multi-chain IDO launchpad has the potential to capture audiences from different blockchain technologies. This will help in building powerful and secure connections and eventually communities.

Fair Fundraising Techniques

In the case of the traditional or previous models, there was a huge disparity in the fundraising event. But with this modern IDO, a large level of transparency is maintained. There is a swift token development and liquidity provided by IDO. It also authorizes the users to initially buy tokens at a lesser price and then its value is increased when dispensed out publicly.

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Final Thoughts:

The IDO token launchpad development is the best thing that happened in the crypto world. All the drawbacks that were a part of the existing prototype like ICO (Initial coin offering), IEO(Initial Exchange Offering), and STO(Security Token Offering). It serves as the best exchange platform because of its decentralized characteristics. There is no permission required to arrange a fundraising event. Though it is still in its nascent stages, it will require a substantial amount of time to reach that crazy level.

The time ahead of the IDO is brilliant as the blockchain developers are keen to incorporate the control mechanism into the already existing model. It will make them affordable, advanced, easy to use, and most importantly accessible to all.

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