White Label Multi Signature Wallet Development | How To Create A Multisig Wallet?

White Label Multi Signature Wallet Development | How To Create A Multisig Wallet?

By Suffescom Solutions

August 29, 2023

White Label Multi Signature Wallet Development | How To Create A Multisig Wallet?

Work with the top multi signature wallet development company, with years of experience providing cryptocurrency wallet development services. Develop a robust multisig wallet integrated with A1 features and top security standards with our white label multi signature wallet development solutions. Enjoy the advanced design, functionality, and manage effective asset management at cost-effective prices.

What Is Multisignature Wallets (Multisig) In Crypto?

Multisig wallets are important from the perspective of safeguarding the tokens and coins by removing the risk related to them. In the past, there have been cases where a single key authentication has jeopardized the security of the assets. To eliminate such situations and make the crypto transaction completely secure, the concept of multisig wallets came into existence.

A multisig wallet utilizes more than a single private key to authenticate the transactions These keys are kept at various locations, which ultimately amplifies the security by enabling numerous keys to sign a transaction. There are different types of multisignature wallets; the most commonly known are;

  • 2-of-2 MultiSig wallet: requires both keys to create a signature
  • 2-of-3 MultiSig wallet: requires 2 out of 3 keys to enable transactions
  • 1-of-2 Multisig wallet: requires 1 out of 2 keys to permit transactions

Depending upon the type of multisig wallet you want, we will help you develop one that meets your expectations.

Key Takeaways Of White Label Multi Signature Wallets Development

  • Boosts security and transparency
  • Eliminates single point of failure
  • Requires two or more private keys to perform tasks
  • Access to funds with the users
  • No chance of a frozen fund
  • Tracks transaction histories
  • Prevents funds misuse

How To Create Multisig Wallet For Your Business

Collaborate with our top talent and develop a reliable multisig wallet that helps generate massive revenue for your business. Connect with our experts and start your development journey now!

Top-Notch White Label Multi Signature Wallet Development Features We Offer

Suffescom, a prominent cryptocurrency wallet development company, has helped businesses to achieve their potential with solid mutlisig wallets that require multiple signatures for executing transactions. Our multisig wallets come with outstanding features to make the transaction process seamless without interruption.

Multiple Signatures

To make the system entirely secure, the most essential feature is to go through several confirmations. This eliminates the risk associated with holding private keys within one person. Back in time, there have been cases where the sole private key holder had misplaced the key and lost access to its funds, which is quite scary. So, this feature acts as the savior in such scenarios.


Our white label multi signature wallet is easily customizable as per the client’s requirement. The personalization is valid in a way where businesses can decide the number of persons whose approvals need to be taken.

Auto Logout

When the wallet stays inactive for some time, the session expires, and the user is automatically logged out of the crypto wallet. This feature is added to block fraudulent activities. To log in to the account, the user must sign again by entering the password.

Two Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication in our multi signature wallet allows two different forms of identification to take place. The first parameter is to sign in via a password, and in the next step, a code comes on the smart device. Only after following both steps the wallet will be functional.


Our white label multi signature wallet has an intuitive dashboard that keeps precise information about what’s happening on the platform. Every detail is represented in a graphical form to understand the metrics clearly. The meaningful insights help platform owners improve their sales and generate automatic conversion rates.

Transaction History

There is a complete record of transactions that takes place through multisig wallets. This feature is valuable when users want to fetch details about transactional data and gain wonderful insights.

Multi Crypto Currency Support

Our multisig wallets are compatible with all types of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge-coin, Litecoin, etc. This attribute makes it a favorite choice for all users, ultimately attracting more.

Push Notifications

This smart wallet is instilled with a top-notch push notification option. It is extremely necessary because it notifies about crypto transactions. This attribute alerts in real-time to check whether the transaction is being performed by them or somebody else. Such a great feature to get every detail related to your crypto wallet account and transactions related to it.

Interactive Interface

Our white-label multi signature wallet has an interactive interface, creating an engaging experience. The UI/UX design should be simple to captivate the user’s attention for longer. It helps in gaining more traffic by attracting new users and retaining the older ones.

Multi Signature Wallets Development - Alluring Benefits

The multi-signature wallet development has terrific benefits that allow people to hold their private keys linked to a specific wallet. So, to approve the transactions, several parties need to provide consent for their signatures. This acts as an additional protection layer that other wallets don’t have.

Enhanced Security

An added layer offers an extra security layer requiring several signatures before transaction completion. It results in negligible security-related issues, reducing hacking and other fraudulent activities.

Greater Transparency

The multi signature wallets' transparency is terrific compared to the others. All information available to the public, such as transaction policies, transaction history, etc. Hence, nothing is hidden from the people, inadvertently building trust in the system and enticing more investors.

Easily Up-gradable

Multisig wallets act as smart wallets that can be seamlessly upgraded as per the client’s requirements. Blockchain developers allow the creation of protocols that permit more complicated actions to take place, such as asset management and DAO voting.

Escrow Transactions

One of the biggest advantages of white label multisig wallet development is escrow. It is a financial agreement in which a third party holds the funds when specific conditions are met. This third-party participation works perfectly when two parties face some dispute. To resolve the issue, this third party makes the final decision after getting permission from either of the parties involved under 2-of-3 multisig wallets.

Smart Contract Based Wallets

Our white label multi signature wallet is based on smart contract. The wallet is programmed to carry out operations like fixing a time lock, transferring funds to different addresses, and multiple approvals before sending the funds.

Collective Decision Making

The biggest benefit of white label multi signature wallet development is the ability to perform collaborative decision-making, ensuring that every stakeholder plays a fair part while making financial decisions.

Want To Know About The White Label Multi Signature Wallet Development Cost?

Get a detailed cost estimation of multi signature wallets considering all the possible factors influencing the development process. Have a chat with our sales team and get the precise budget for your project.

How To Create A Multisig Wallet?

We follow a sequential process to develop a highly scalable multi signature wallet. Every company has its own project development criteria, and you can check out below;


Before initiating the multi signature wallet, our team of researchers performs extensive research so that there are no hurdles in the entire development journey. The main objective of the research is to comprehend the issues, get the latest insights, establish new ideas, and so on.

Strategy Formation

After researching and gathering requirements, it’s time to create a well-thought-out plan that will aid in the development process. An effective strategy comprises detecting the strategic alternatives to reach ladders of success without much difficulty.

Design And Development

The above two steps do not have any practical implementation. Everything from the software, API integration, features, storage, and user interface are handled at this phase. This step is crucial, and our talented pool of developers and designers has the prowess in developing a highly secure, easy-to-use, interactive, and efficient multisig wallet.

Testing And Launch

After being developed, the multisig wallets are subjected to multiple testing procedures. Our software testing team comprises test engineers who perform system, unit, acceptance, functional, API testing, and more. On the removal of the bugs and abnormalities, the multi signature wallet is then launched so that the public can use it.

Post Maintenance

When the wallet is launched and used by people, there are times when it suffers from unusual technical glitches. Upon receiving the feedback, our developers worked diligently to remove the irregularities present in the system. As a team, we always stand beside the clients whenever any issue occurs.

Factors Responsible For Multi Signature Wallet Development Cost

Our multi signature wallet development cost ranges between $25k to $200k. The cost depends upon the time taken in the development process, which is usually up to 6-9 months, depending upon the complexity of features and design.

Developing a multisig wallet is not easy; there are a lot of factors that affect the development cost.

  • Design and size of the multi signature wallet
  • Selection of the right tech-stacks
  • Top features to be included
  • Deep understanding of blockchain technology
  • Selecting the correct cloud technology
  • API integration
  • Crypto Wallet App Security
  • Geo location and size of the development firm

Hire Suffescom For White Label Multi Signature Wallet Development!

Suffescom is known for offering white label crypto wallet development services globally and has been in the business for over a decade. They have a separate team of in-house developers with tech prowess in developing various crypto wallets. The below-illustrated points will ensure why we are the best among our competitors.

Vetted Blockchain Developers

We have an awesome team of developers with adequate knowledge of blockchain technology and are ready to work on any complicated blockchain project.

Affordable Prices

We develop multisig wallets for our clients at affordable prices. Our team will explain the entire budget without compromising on the quality. Other than that, if you need some customizations, the prices will definitely vary accordingly.

Accurate Testing Practices

Our team of qualified software testers is highly experienced in performing testing through multiple testing types. We make sure that the platform developed by us is free from bugs so that it is suitable for the users.

User-Friendly Interface

Our multi signature wallet has a user-friendly interface so that users can comfortably navigate the product without much hassle. Our developers not only focus on uplifting the aesthetics but also elevating efficiency and responsiveness.

Convenient To Link With Several Exchange Platforms

Multisig wallets developed by us are easier to link with multiple exchange platforms. No issues or technical glitches are faced by wallets at any point.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a free consultation with our analysts to develop the best white label multisig wallet for your business.

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