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Elevate Your Crypto Business With Whitelabel Crypto Wallet App and Software Development Services

By Suffescom Solutions

June 29, 2023

Elevate Your Crypto Business With Whitelabel Crypto Wallet App and Software Development Services

Technology has resulted in some wonderful inventions. With emerging technologies such as web3 and blockchain, the traditional form of performing transactions has become obsolete. Crypto wallets are entirely different from physical wallets. Physical wallets store fiat currencies, whereas crypto wallets store “private keys” holding important credentials to access the blockchain network.

The cryptocurrency market is huge, which can be verified while looking at the current statistics. The global market size is estimated to be around USD 13.18 billion by 2030, which is quite massive. Along with that, the CAGR for the period of 2023-2030 is predicted to be around 12.5%.

White label cryptocurrency wallet possesses pre-built features and is ready to deploy. There is a scope for customization which includes magnificent UI/UX designs, top-notch security elements, flawless interface, multi-currency support, and more.

Elevate Your Business With Our Whitelabel Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

We are the best in providing personalized crypto wallet solutions compatible with every platform. Develop a crypto wallet that is built with amazing features and functionalities with top-class security elements.

White Label Crypto Wallet Development - Understanding The Concept

Crypto world has seen an up rise in usage and popularity among enterprises and the common people. There are vast opportunities associated with it, and in the upcoming times, it will definitely transform the way in which transactions take place. Crypto wallets allow users to engage in the web3 economy. These are responsible for managing the crypto assets.

Looking at the popularity, businesses want to explore this opportunity. The only difference lies in how to go about the process. White label is the perfect choice if you want the product in less time with pre-built functionalities. Cryptocurrency wallet development is a sequential process that starts from the ideation and is followed by design/development. The crypto wallet is tested numerous times for debugging to see the performance of the wallet and its capability to control it.

White Label Crypto Wallet - Key Features We Offer

Our white label crypto wallet platform has exceptional features; here we have mentioned a few of them:

Multi-Chain Support

Our white label crypto wallet allows the inclusion of different chains in a similar network. Every chain encompasses a different set of rules. The decentralized cross-chain protocol allows the smooth interchange of cryptocurrencies on diverse blockchains. The transactions taking place are safe due to the multi-factor authentication system.

Multi-Crypto Support

With our peculiar multi-crypto support, our wallet supports different types of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Our white label crypto wallet provides a strong holding of a variety of cryptocurrencies at a particular place.

Multi-Device Integration

Our developed crypto wallet is compatible with devices like desktop, mobile, and web wallets. Our white label crypto wallet solutions are applicable to all sorts of businesses. This widens the horizon and caters to various business needs.


An intuitive dashboard tells all the insights regarding the cryptocurrency workflow. Precise and perfectly illustrated details in the form of graphs, whether line /tabular, provide information in the most effective way. It even provides information about automated conversion rates from fiat to crypto and vice versa.

Interactive Interface

Our white label crypto wallet comes with an engaging interface. The UI/UX design used is awesome and captures the user's attention. Such a great feature helps fetch new users while retaining the previous ones to gain a significant edge in the crypto realm.

Ultra-High Security

Our white label crypto platform provides top-level security with superb encryption techniques. The security protocols help safeguard the assets and prevent any malicious activity while transactions occur. There is absolutely no way of losing the currencies or coins.

White Label Crypto Wallet Development Process

We follow a step-by-step process when it comes to developing a white label crypto wallet. Our company provides white-label solutions and even develops a crypto wallet from scratch. It's up to the businesses as to which option to use. But here in this article, we discuss the development journey of the white label crypto wallets.

Project Ideation

The development process starts with project ideation. We have a team of specialists that will have a proper discussion with you. Our think tanks will hold a conversation regarding the project. A lot of brainstorming takes place, and efforts are put into making the dream come into reality. During this phase, innovative ideas are generated that can be either modified or filtered.

Research And Analysis

When it's decided that the crypto wallet product is to be built, then, our developer performs high-level research. It is important as nowadays, there are a lot of businesses that are venturing into the crypto market. Also, there are some who have already ventured into this domain. So, our job is to develop a white-label cryptocurrency wallet that provides better functionalities than the existing ones.

To help businesses in developing something extraordinary, analysis is extremely important. As the world is moving towards Web 3.0 technology, it's pivotal to understand the scope and user requirements. All things are taken into consideration that makes the white crypto wallet development a massive hit.

Creating A Strategy

To start a project, it's necessary to create a strategy aligned with the development process. The strategy usually comprises predefined goals and objectives according to which the actions and steps are taken. Our team has knowledgeable strategists that frame a solid plan for moving forward in the crypto wallet development procedure.


Much emphasis is put on the design part, including the design elements to entice the users. Also, it should be easy to navigate so that the users don’t find it difficult to navigate the application. Afterward, steps are taken to develop an amazing white label crypto wallet.

During the development process, the features are included in the wallet. These unique points accentuate the app's working. Some of the characteristics are a user-friendly interface, API integration, personalized design, adding color themes according to the brand's needs, and more. There are also security elements like two-factor and multi-factor authentication, bio-metric authentication, etc.


Testing is the most important step after development. When the crypto wallet is developed, there are a lot of abnormalities that exist. To rectify the issues and remove the errors, testing becomes significant. Our team of highly knowledgeable testers has vast experience in removing bugs and errors. Our testing process involves the alpha and beta phases.

In alpha testing, the software is tested by our section of people and see if the performance is up to the mark or not. After that, the software is again tested for irregularities, but this time with a group of people who are the actual users. This is the time for taking the feedback and making the changes accordingly. Our QA engineers take the suggestions very seriously and work on them. The modification is done without compromising the quality of the software.

Launch And Post-Maintenance Support

After getting tested through several testing procedures, the white label crypto wallet platform/app is ready to launch on the desired platform. Our job doesn’t end here; we also offer maintenance services post-launch. If there is any glitch, our skilled development team performs relevant updates, fixes the issues for the trouble-free functioning of the white label cryptocurrency wallet.

Build And Launch A White Label Crypto Wallet Platform

Our developers have built several white label wallets. We will help you through every phase of the development cycle, from project ideation to development and launch. Join your hands with us!

Our White Label Crypto Wallet Development Services

Our fantastic team of professionals provides exclusive wallet development services that are well-suited for every business. Take a look at a few of them below;

Blockchain Wallet Development

Our blockchain wallet enables users to handle diverse cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin. The transactions taking place are highly secure and are accessible via different devices. Here the main focus is on maintaining the privacy of the user. We use several blockchain tools and technologies that induce a safe and customer-friendly white label crypto wallet.

Multi-Sig Wallet Development

This type of wallet requires multiple signatures whenever any transaction takes place. These signatures are basically to validate the transactions. The main reason behind developing this type of wallet is to prevent any type of fraudulent activity, such as money laundering, from taking place.

Custom Crypto Wallet Development

Our white label crypto wallet development services also apply to developing wallets as per the client's wish. The features are added or deleted with their permission. Such services are provided especially to give a unique look to the product, and that too in a lesser time.

Centralized Wallet Development

Third parties completely handle white label centralized wallet development. The owners, therefore, get time to focus on other business operations. Also known as a custodial wallet, the custody of the private keys and crypto assets lies with the mediators.

Decentralized Wallet Development

We also provide decentralized wallet development services to our clients. In these kinds of wallets, no central entity governs the digital assets. Users have absolute control over the assets, thus eliminating any third-party interference.

Web3 Wallet Development

We, as a top-tier web3 wallet development company, provide world-class services. Our developed web3 wallet performs transactions and retrieves the data in actual time. These include multiple currencies like tokens, SBTs, crypto, and NFTs and provide users with access to the decentralized applications without any intermediary in case of asset trading.

White Label Crypto Wallet Platform Development - Unique Benefits

Our crypto-wallet comes with a variety of advantages; here, we have enlisted a few of them below;

High Security

Our white label crypto platform is instilled with high-security elements. The encryption techniques provide an extra security layer to the crypto wallets that provide protection against malicious activities. There are valid login passwords that help in the safe storage of crypto assets.

Reduced Transaction Fees

The time taken to complete a transaction in the crypto wallet is much faster. Even the transaction fees charged from the crypto wallets are lower as compared to the traditional ones. This is the biggest plus point that becomes the center of attraction for every user.

Convenient To Use

The white label crypto wallet is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The navigation is simpler, and the user can conveniently perform the required actions. Our developed crypto wallets are easily operable and do not require much instruction.

Staking Cryptos

One of the significant benefits of cryptocurrency wallets is to stake the cryptos. It will help in generating an additional passive income that is usually in the form of crypto rewards.

White Label Crypto Wallet Development Cost

There are a lot of factors that play a massive role in the whole development process. The crypto wallet development cost depends upon the following parameters;

  • The geographical location of the development company
  • Integrated features
  • Experienced /skilled developers
  • Charges per hour
  • Customization
  • Project requirements
  • Development process
  • Size of the company( startup, medium, large scale enterprises)
  • Project complexity

Considering the factors, the white label crypto wallet development cost ranges between $18,000-$200,000. Again, it's a rough estimation; our business experts will provide the exact cost estimation details. Have a free consultation with us and start your development journey now.

Get Relevant Advice From Our Experts! - Readymade Crypto Wallet Development

Discuss your ideas with our team; they will guide you in the right direction and provide you with all the necessary details, such as features, exact time, budget, and so on.

Choose Suffescom As Your Perfect Development Partner!

We have been in this field for a while now. We have helped several businesses transform their ideas into reality. Our talented pool of professionals are well versed in using advanced programming languages and futuristic technologies. We are a leading white-label development company that will help you develop a white-label crypto platform that is totally free from any bugs and errors. Here are some of the reasons that make us best than the rest of our adversaries;

  • Expert professionals
  • White label solutions
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Agile methodologies
  • Superb product quality
  • Efficient project management team
  • Affordable prices

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