Crypto Wallet Development Cost | Cost To Build Cryptocurrency Wallet in 2024

Crypto Wallet Development Cost | Ultimate Guide On Building Cryptocurrency Wallet Cost

By Suffescom Solutions

March 28, 2023

Crypto Wallet Development Cost | Ultimate Guide On Building Cryptocurrency Wallet Cost

With the emergence of blockchain technology-based platforms, Cryptocurrency also becomes an overnight sensation. Cryptocurrency or digital currency is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms. It is used to exchange goods and services on various web3 platforms, NFT marketplace and other similar platforms. But, it cannot be traded without using a Crypto wallet.

A cryptocurrency wallet is an application that stores cryptocurrencies that allow investors to loan, buy, sell, or keep logs of cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. If you are also planning to build a similar platform with the feature of a customized wallet, you are on the right track to offer a secured platform to users and build their trust. Then what is troubling you? Cost…

Generally, developing a crypto wallet solution cost can vary between $15k to $80K. To know how? You need to read this blog, defining various factors affecting platform development costs.

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Before understanding the cost of crypto wallet development, let’s understand a few facts.

As the demand for Cryptocurrency wallets has grown by leaps and bounds, various businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide have adopted them. A report by Statista revealed that Blockchain wallets reached over 81 million users in 2022, and the trend is continually growing.

Country% Adoption Report

The trend and demand for multi-currency wallet development are still growing.

The cost of developing cryptocurrency is based on numerous factors, such as;

  • Your industry
  • Type of crypto wallet
  • The crypto wallet development process
  • Type of key storage
  • Wallet features
  • Tech stacks and more,

Read all these in detail here.

Launching a Cryptocurrency Wallet: The Cost of Development

Developing a cryptocurrency wallet's cost varies.Such as mobile crypto wallet can range from $15,000 to $50,000, while more complex wallets with features like multi-currency support may cost $45,000 to $80,000 or more. Expenses also depend on factors like security and platform compatibility. Precise estimates require a detailed project analysis.

Types of Industry Reflect Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Solutions Cost

Your industry has a direct relation to crypto wallet development and its cost. For instance, banking, healthcare, real estate or similar platforms involve huge funds transfers in a single payment. On the other hand, platforms like food, dating, entertainment or retail involving large transactions volume can be of less amount. Therefore the cost of developing these wallets could be less. So, find out which is your industry. And which blockchain technology will suit you the most?

Here we have a list of a few blockchain industries.

  • Food
  • Education & E-learning
  • Logistics
  • Real-Estate
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Dating
  • Gaming
  • Blockchain BFSI & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • ECommerce
  • Travel & Tourism

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Types of Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

On the board of crypto wallet solution development, it is essential to understand the different types of solutions you want to develop. Let’s discuss some of them;

Web Wallet Development

A secured and robust web wallet application designed to buy, sell, store and exchange cryptos, tokens and stablecoins without any hassle. The wallet is crafted to enhance the financial experience, specifically using the browser. Web wallet provides multi-currency support & helps users trade seamlessly.

Web3 Wallet Development

Web3 wallets solutions are supported by secured and interoperable Blockchain platforms. It enables digital currency transfer and tokenization without hassle. The wallet is also known as an online wallet that benefits both start-ups and established enterprises.

Mobile Wallet Development

An easy-to-download and install the crypto wallet on mobile phones. The platform allows buying/selling crypto with a QR code and NFC (Near Field Communication). The mobile wallet can be encrypted with a password and private keys with a safety backup.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

As the name defines, Multi-Currency Wallet holds multiple currencies in one place instead of storing them in separate wallets. The platform provides real-time information on all your investments.

White Label Wallet Development

White label crypto wallet is a pre-built application that can be developed under your brand. It's a less time-consuming and secure platform that costs less compared to other wallet developments.

Centralized Wallet Development

If you choose to build a centralized crypto wallet where funds are under the control of a third party and can be easily accessed with their permission. The wallet development is faster to build and ensures quick, safer transactions.

Tron Wallet Development

A personalized blockchain-based wallet consists of a wallet like TRON that stores TRX and other valuable assets. The platform never stopped improving its features and performance to provide a better user experience.

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi wallet development gives your customers a gateway to a non-custodial wallet that comes with enhanced security, private keys and complete control of cryptocurrencies. The platform guarantees the protection of crypto assets and coins.

Desktop Wallet Development

The blockchain technology-based wallet gives complete control over keys and funds. A desktop wallet is followed by basic security measures such as antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware software. Examples of Desktop Wallet Development are Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin, Armory, Knots, MultiBit, and Electrum.

Paper Wallets Development

This type of crypto wallet address and its private key are on paper in QR codes. Users can scan the codes to execute cryptocurrency transactions.

Hardware Wallets Development

The perfect wallet for users who do not wish to buy or sell crypto actively. This type of wallet protects private keys from viruses and hackers' online attacks, as everything is stored in a pen drive or hard drive. When the users connect it to the computer, they can operate the key.

Crypto wallet development cost varies because of security and other defined features. Some of them are complex on the basis of functionality, so consult with our experts to know which cryptocurrency wallet development suits your platform.

Explore The Cost of Your Own Cryptocurrency Wallets

Discover the real price of creating your own crypto wallet and taking it to market.

More Grounds For Your Cryptocurrency Wallets

By The Method of Storage

  • Hot (software) wallets
  • Cold (hardware) wallets

By The Type Of Key Storage

  • Custodial wallets
  • Non-custodial wallets

By The Number of Cryptocurrencies Supported

  • Coin-specific wallets (e.g., only Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple)
  • Multi-currency wallets

By The Number of Wallet Users

  • Single-signature (singles) wallets for personal use
  • Multi-signature (multisig, shared) wallets for business needs

How Features Impact The Cost Of Crypto Wallet Development?

The following are some Crypto wallet solution features. Adding or removing them has a direct impact on crypto wallet development costs.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication features are defined to enhance the security of your wallet. The wallet consists of public and private keys that promote end-to-end encrypted transactions.

Multi-Crypto Support

As the name defines, the platform supports multi currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins. It helps to boost customer reach but adds cost at the time of development.

Transaction History

The other cost-defining factor stores the number of peer-to-peer transactions performed by users on the platform. The transactions can be checked by using a single currency or multiple currencies using the filter option.

Real-Time Conversion Rates Updates

To understand the automatic exchange rates of the solution, the platform provides automatic exchange rate information. Users can check charts and graphs to make informed decisions.

Wallet Backup

To protect wallets from unseen situations like attacks and hacks, wallet development-backed features are integrated. Depending on the storage requirement, the cost of the backup feature is charged by experts.

Automated Session Logout

The wallet session logs out on its own for a specific period when it stays idle. It also helps in preventing fraudulent activities on the wallets. Others need a password to access wallet content.

QR Code Scanner

Enables all the payments through a single click via a QR code scanner. Users can send or receive cryptocurrency with their wallets.

Cost Estimation For Building a Cryptocurrency Wallet from Scratch

Estimating the cost of building a cryptocurrency wallet from scratch involves various factors such as development team size, complexity of features, security requirements, and platform compatibility. A basic mobile wallet may cost around $15,000 to $50,000, while a more complex, multi-platform wallet could range from $15,000 to several hundred thousand dollars. These figures can vary significantly based on specific project requirements and market conditions.

Factors That Add Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Cost

The list of factors that add Cost to Cryptocurrency wallet Development is not ended here. We have curated a few more. The cost of cryptocurrency wallet development is influenced by several factors. Complex features like multi-currency support, Integration with blockchain networks, standard libraries, APIs, security enhancements, and developers team can increase costs. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and updates contribute to the overall development cost.

Blockchain and Cryptos

A blockchain is a chain of blocks where the blocks contain digital information (data), and the chain is the cryptographic principle that is used to connect the data blocks.

Crypto wallet development revolves around blockchain technology that allows sharing of digital assets in a secure way. To integrate blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, polkadot, EOS, Binance etc., you need to bear some costs. And it can start from $1500 (the price applicable at the time of writing and subject to change) and increase according to your platform.

Use of Standard Open-Source Libraries

Most cryptocurrency wallets are open source. Therefore, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can use free libraries and tools that are already available such as BitcoinJ SDK or Coinbase SDK.

If you want a cross-platform solution, Coinbase SDK could be a perfect choice. It helps developers to build a cryptocurrency wallet for both iOS and Android platforms. Also, it supports popular languages like Python, Java, Ruby, etc.

BitcoinJ SDK is an easy-to-use library and has detailed documentation available on the internet. Moreover, BitcoinJ is JVM-compatible and allows working with its languages like C ++, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, etc.

API Integration

Using an API is a great way to enrich your platform with advanced features. Also, integrating an API allows you to synchronize your crypto wallet with the blockchain ecosystem easily. Coinbase, Bitcore, SimpleSwap, and Factom are the names of a few highly popular APIs.

Using ready-to-use API can boost your wallet development speed but add cost to your platform development. And the cost will depend on your API type.

Select the Right Technology Stack

The selection of the right technology stacks can help you to build a platform faster and cut costs.

Web appNode.js or Angular.js, along with HTML5 and CSS3.
Native Android appJava or Kotlin.
iOS appsSwift or Objective-C

Development Team Size

Crypto wallet cost also depends on the team size going to build your platform. Generally a standard team for cryptocurrency wallet app development will include;

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 Backend Developers
  • 2 iOS/Android Developers
  • 1 Designer
  • 1-2 Quality Analysts


Security is paramount when you build a cryptocurrency wallet app. Therefore, you should ensure that your cryptocurrency app has top-notch security. You can also look for an additional layer of security with 2FA — fingerprint, face ID, and hardware authentication.

Another essential factor is its continuous update and identifying bugs all the time. It’s an ongoing cost factor and has a huge role in platform development.

Cost-Breakdown of a Crypto Wallet App

Understanding all the features, functionalities, tech stacks and more of the crypto wallet solution development, we crafted a chart defining the cost of cryptocurrency wallet development. Let’s check out the estimated fingers that you may app for your secured crypto wallet solution development.

ProcessEstimated Cost
Backend Development$12,000 – $16,000
Android$25,000- $30,000
iOS$21,000- $28,000
Web/Desktop$12,000- $11,000
Design$9,000- $12,000
QA/PM$5,000- $8,000
Total$84,000- $105,000

Choose Us For Cost Effective Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

We navigate your crypto wallet development journey while ensuring meaningful outcomes that help your business to achieve tangible results. Some reasons to choose our platform are;

  • Budget-friendly solution availability
  • Rigorous testing & audit process
  • Accelerated transactions
  • Highly secure & scalable infrastructure
  • Manage cryptos effortlessly
  • Cross-platform compatible solutions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to link with various crypto exchange
  • Used as a standalone application
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Launched in the least turnaround time

To know more about us, schedule a call with our expert. We provide you with a complete guide to assist you!!

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