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White Label EV Charging Spot Finder App | EV Charging Station Finder App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

June 28, 2023

White Label EV Charging Spot Finder App | EV Charging Station Finder App Development

Today the Electronic vehicles (EV) industry is assessed at over $250 billion, with the stats of above 10 million EVs running on the road. Another study revealed every year, 6 million plug-in EVs are sold, but users still find difficulty in searching for the right EV Charging spots and preparing their vehicles for the next ride immediately. To handle the EV manufacturing companies' and users' issues, building an EV Charging Finder App Development is a great opportunity! EV app helps owners to locate the nearest EV charging spot and business to reach a wider target customer range.

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If you are planning to build customized EV Charging Finder App Development, congratulations as you are stepping toward future leading apps in the automotive sector.

But if you are facing budget issues, wait. There is another solution for you - White Label EV Charging Spot Finder App. This is a budget-friendly way to build apps designed with top-notch features and superior functionality.

Want to know more about EV charging finder apps? The blog is completely designed for all your needs,

If you are looking for a quick solution, speak to our technical experts. Suffescom Solutions, a leading EV charging app development company, has a rich industry and is working with 750+ professionals globally. We understand your business, market conditions, and users' needs before developing solutions. We develop a white label EV charging solution with ultra-secured data security and reliable features to stay ahead of the pack. Share your business with our experts NOW, and get a solution in a short time!!

Why White Label EV Charging Spot Finder App?

White label EV apps are an ideal solution for businesses that have a clear idea of investing in faster growth and deeper engagement with native mobile apps. These apps are designed from already existing apps in the market but with a whole new approach to features and functionalities.

  • White Label EV Charging spot finding apps enhance business visibility.
  • The solution builds credibility and gives value to your organization in the market.
  • The cost of the white label is 1/10 compared to customized applications.
  • The platform allows you to scale your business at a faster pace without software development hassle.
  • EV charging apps save time and money and let you focus on your emerging business needs.
  • EV charging apps strengthen the loyalty of your EV customers.

White Label EV Charging Spot Finder App Services

We offer a wide range of White Label EV Charging Spot Finder App Development Services for various charging spot businesses.

  • EV charging app for Manufacturers
  • EV charging app for Network Companies (CPO)
  • EV charging app for Resellers/Installers
  • EV charging app for Service Centers, Garages

If your business is not listed above, share words with our experts. We feel glad to hear from you and provide you with a unique experience. Suffescom Solutions Inc. also provides exclusive offers on innovative business ideas. Time to share your fresh ideas and start with our dedicated team.

EV Charging Finder App Development Prominent Features

We offer a fully functional EV charging platform to cater to various users' needs independently.

For Users:

Search Nearby Public Charging Stations

A quick search option creates a list of all nearby public charging points. On selecting one, they can set navigation to reach their destination.

Book A Time Slot For The Charger

Users can book any time slot charging time to eliminate the last-minute hassle of peak hours. The options suit drivers the most.

Navigate To The Location

A robust navigation feature in the app enables users to reach their destination on time.

Authenticate Using OTP/RFID

All the payment processes authenticate OTP that enable users to proceed with the transaction.

Digital Payment Using Wallet, UPI, CC, DC, Netbanking

We integrate various payment options to eliminate cash payment hassle. Users can quickly choose their preferred mode of payment.

Start/End Charging Session

Users can track the record of start and end charging sessions, which helps them to plan tasks accordingly.

Live Charging Session Details

Live tracking features define real-time charging status. Users can check details anytime.

User Profile & EV Management

The simple interface of the app allows users to create and manage profiles easily. They can also various manage EV details from the app.

Charging & Transaction History

Users can also track previous charging details from the app along with their charging station detail and payment information.

View EV Charging Station Price

The feature allows users to book a schedule before understanding the pricing details of the charging station.

Receive Alerts And Notifications

Users can get various alerts from the charging station in connection with reviewed prices, offers, and rewards.

For Admin Panel:

Live Dashboard

A powerful dashboard allows the admin to track all the applications and maintain EV charging station details. Admin can also check vehicles at charging points.

Service Status Of The Charger

Admin has the authority to update charging stations status like all slots booked, and the station is not working, and with other details.

Charging Points Management

Admin can manage charging points details such as pricing, timings (open-close), and more from the application.

Add EV Charging Station Price

Admin can add revised charging station prices. For instance, some EV charging spots offer different prices during peak hours compared to normal hours.

Charging Data Monitoring

Admin can check real-time data of the changing points and their status to charge more cars.

Charging Operations

Admin has the authority to enable users and define various charging operations (like rapid, slow, or moderate) offered by stations to keep users updated.

User Management

Admin can manage various users on the platform and remove fake account holders' details.

Payment & Billings

Admin adds various payment options and has the authority to introduce new features for users. Also, a released invoice with a complete set of taxation is released in the user's panel.

Real-Time Fault Notification

In case of a fault in a battery or EV station, the admin can immediately inform the nearest EV owners using the app.

Security Features:

To keep the platform secured and protect users' information, we floor bleeding edge security protocols. Some of them are;

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Automated KYC & AML
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Data Encryption
  • Anti-whale Feature
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Biometric Authentication

EV Charging Stations Finder App and Software System

Our experienced app and software developers has integrated and working for electric vehicle companies. Our EV charging station finder app indicate about the charging capacity and exact location of the stations with pricing of the charging.

Ways To Generate Revenue From EV Charging Spot Finder App

Building an EV charging spot app means you are building a revenue-generating platform. Here are some of the ways to earn income from the EV charging application.


As the name indicated, you can offer some features free of charge to users, such as finding a nearby EV charging station. It helps you to register more users on the platform. Later you can charge money for using exclusive features such as booking a slot at a nearby charging station, monitoring their pricing, etc.

Subscription Plan

It generates huge revenue as you offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans for users to register on your platform. They can avail advantage of all the available features and functionalities.


If there are more charging stations at a particular location, take advantage of the competitive marketing strategies. Provide them the opportunity to run ads on your platform and promote their charging station to generate more leads.

Fee From Charging Stations

Fees from charging stations can also be levied to register on your platform. It helps them to reach more audiences and you to cover your app development cost.

Tech Stacks Used To Develop EV Charging Station App

The technology stack for the EV Charging Station App varies depending on the app's complexity level and desired features. The technology stack we use is as follows:

Front-end development: Angular, CakePHP, ReactJS

Back-end development & database: Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL

Android - Java, iOS - Swift

Payment modes: Braintree, PayPal, Stripe

Push notifications:, Twilio

Project Messaging Tools: Trello, Slack, Jira

Cloud environment: Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

Our EV Charging Spot Finding App Development Process

To frame your idea into a features-packed app, we follow a simple process. Let’s understand how we develop.

Planning & Consulting

The first step when we embark on your EV charging spot-finding app development journey is to understand your business plan. Our experienced team will consult with you and discuss competitors, look for answers on how and why you want to build an app, what exclusive services you want to offer, and more. It helps us to define your project work on various details such as features, functionalities, technologies, time-frame to develop, and budgets.


Once we are clear with your idea, we proceed with designing the segment. We create a prototype of a business plan and discuss the scope for improvement with clients. After receiving the feedback, our design team starts functioning to give your dream a reality shape.


The development stage is packed with coding and enabling every feature defined in the designing function. The stage also integrates various third-party apps such as GPS, payment gateways, digital wallets, social media, messaging features, and more. The stage is crucial as you will enjoy a complete set of apps here.


The next step in the app development involves deployment. Our experts deploy your app from the company server to the client-server to launch on Play stores. We hold your hand throughout the journey of deployment to find and fix errors on the platform.


To keep your platform stay ahead of the crowd, we offer maintenance and support services. We help clients to stay in touch with their users and understand their demands.

Power Up Your EV Charging Business Ideas

Time to charge your business with emerging trends; whether you are looking for development, migration, or integration services, we are a one-stop destination for all your needs. Consult with our experts for EV charging stations finder app.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions As EV Charging Finder App Development Partner?

People look for all-in-one and intelligent EV charging stations finding apps to quickly find nearby EV Charging spots. We as a most reliable EV Charging Software Development Company offer a fully functional EV charging app backed by the latest technology to increase your business reach.

Customizable Software

We have an industry-experienced EV charging app developers team that offers customized solutions to clients' needs. From design to logo and other functionality, we embed tailor-made solutions for all your needs.

Premium & Quality Services

Whether it's about idea generation, features, functionalities, technology know-how, or security, we never ask clients to compromise. We are known for premium quality services in the industry and for maintaining confidentiality.

Post Development Support

We do not leave customers after developing and delivering their platform. But we provide after-development services to keep the platform updated with changing norms. We keep a bird's eye on what is happening in your industry and keep you updated on your demand.

Easy Integration & On-Boarding Process

We don’t believe in rocket science projects. Therefore follow a simple integration and on-boarding process for our new clients. Just share your idea, and you will get the best industry solution.

24*7 Development Support

We are ready with our complete set of services around the clock. So, if you feel any downtime, do not hesitate to consult with our experts. We are ready to share your responsibility anytime.

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