EV Charging App Development: Its Features And Development Cost

EV Charging App Development Company

Suffescom is the top app development company implementing the finest EV charging app solutions while developing an awesome EV charging app. Be a part of this booming business and take guidance from the best EV charging app development company.

Launch Your EV Charging Application

Ready To Launch Your EV Charging Application?

If you are planning to build customized EV charging app solutions, congratulations as you are stepping toward future leading apps in the automotive sector. Before developing solutions, we understand your business, market conditions, and users' needs. We offer EV charging app creation with ultra-secured data security and reliable features to stay ahead of the pack. Share your business details with our experts NOW, and get a solution quickly!!

EV Charging App Development Solutions

With our EV charging app solutions, you can provide a seamless experience to users, ease your business operations and earn huge ROIs. Get in touch with us today.

  • EV Charging Station Finder

    EV Charging Station Finder

    The customized white label EV charging station management solutions that we create incorporate the most cutting-edge technology. They can easily find any EV charging station using GPS.

  • EV CRM Management

    EV CRM Management

    We develop CRM solutions to manage charging stations and obtain useful, data-based insights. enhancing user experience and brand loyalty by creating charging apps for electric vehicles.

  • EV Battery Management System

    EV Battery Management System

    While reducing potential risks, continuously monitor and manage the performance of EV batteries. By precisely estimating the available battery capacity, efficiently maximize the range of electric vehicles.

  • EV Parking Space Locator

    EV Parking Space Locator

    Using next-generation IoT sensors, digital apps, and reservations, we create smart parking systems to facilitate effective management and monitoring of the parking bays designated for EV charging.

  • EV Fleet Management

    EV Fleet Management

    With our cloud-based software, you can keep your EV fleet fully charged, optimize energy management, lower OPEX and CAPEX, and give your EV fleet drivers a hassle-free charging experience.

  • EV Trip Planner

    EV Trip Planner

    EV owners are provided with applications that help them manage their trips efficiently. Using integrated EV charging station data, planning trips for an unmatched travelling experience is simple.

  • E-Vehicle Rental

    E-Vehicle Rental

    Our electric vehicle car rental app will help your company expand quickly, bringing in more clients and boosting sales. EV charging app lets users plan and reserve a car from nearby rental agencies.

  • EV Charging Back Office

    EV Charging Back Office

    We create EV charging apps that enhance EV charging service providers' back-end operations. This enables management and optimization of back-office operations for utilities, automakers, and EV owners.

  • E-Vehicle Ride-Sharing

    E-Vehicle Ride-Sharing

    You can grow your carpooling and ridesharing business using our specialized E-vehicle ride-sharing app development solution. To create an EV ride-sharing application, contact our expert.

Features Of Advanced Readymade EV Charging Applications

The EV charging app helps businesses handle the charging infrastructure and lead the electric vehicle fleets. There are several features that EV charging software exhibits. But they tend to vary regarding the user and the admin panel.

  • EV Charging App Real-Time Monitoring Icon
    Real-Time Monitoring

    The app owners will get real-time insights into the performance and the efficacy of the business operation in actual time.

  • EV Charging App Billing And Invoices Icon
    Billing And Invoices

    Managing invoices forms the ultimate part of EV charging app development that provides details to accept payments.

  • EV Charging App Energy Administration Icon
    Energy Administration

    This feature helps detect how much energy is consumed, i.e., voltage, charging loads, charging time, and type of vehicle.

  • EV Charging App Finding Stations Icon
    Finding Stations

    This feature allows drivers to find EV charging stations nearby to manage their time appropriately without any obstruction.

  • EV Charging App User Management Icon
    User Management

    The users can check on their analytics board how much power is left in their vehicle and how many miles they can cover.

  • EV Charging App Tariffs And Plans Icon
    Tariffs And Plans

    EV charging app allows users to choose their favourite tariff and plans. It provides them with access to premium services.

Benefits Of EV Charging App Development

Our EV charging app creation handles the charging points and transactions easily. All the business operations are smooth and seamless. Building an EV charging app helps up-scaling businesses by optimizing every detail and preparing reports on almost every outlook of the EV infrastructure and fleet management.

  • Charging Management
  • Easy Payments
  • Gaining Insights
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Seamless Monitoring
  • Amplified Revenue
EV Charging App Development Benefits

Buy Whitelabel EV Charging Application

Discuss your project idea with our team of experts and get started with your white label EV charging app development journey. Our consultants will tell you about the attributes and characteristics to include and the overall budget.

Technological Stacks Used In EV Charging App Development

Suffescom’s reputation as the best EV charging app development company comes from its adherence to following the latest technologies to deliver innovative solutions.

Back-End Languages

We create the internal system of your EV charging app using the most effective and advanced back end languages.

  • JAVA icon


  • Python icon


  • Ruby icon


  • PHP icon


  • C# icon


  • Golang icon


Front-End Languages

We utilize modern front end languages to create a seamless user interface for the best user experience.

  • React icon


  • Angular icon


  • jQuery icon


  • React Native icon

    React Native

  • TypeScript icon


  • HTML icon


Web Frameworks

With the pre-built components of web frameworks, we quicken the development process of building an EV charging app.

  • Django icon


  • Ruby on rails icon

    Ruby on rails

  • Laravel icon


  • Spring icon


  • Node.js icon


  • Vue.js icon


Payment Gateways

Facilitate seamless transactions by integrating multiple payment gateways for maximum accessibility.

  • Braintree icon


  • Razorpay icon


  • PayU icon


  • Stripe icon


  • PayPal icon


  • Authorize.net icon


Protocols and Standards

Ensure performance and smooth operation of every element with the right protocols and standards.

  • OCPP icon

    Open Charge Point Protocol(OCPP)

  • OCPI icon

    Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI)

  • OpenADR icon

    Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR)

  • OICP icon

    Open InterCharge ProtocoL (OICP)

  • MQTT icon

    MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT)

  • TCP icon

    Transport layer Protocols (TCP)

Time Is For Green EV Application Development

To lower the amount of carbon emissions produced by applications, Suffescom provides a sustainable method for creating applications that support green NFTs. We create environmentally friendly apps that positively affect the environment and are more cost-effective to run, resilient, and optimized. If you're looking for a growth partner to help accelerate the transition to a greener tomorrow, contact us NOW!

Green EV Application Development

Our EV Charging App Development Process

At Suffescom, a renowned EV charging app development company, we help you establish your EV charging station business with better visibility, enhanced business operations, and offerings by developing a robust and scalable EV charging station app.

  • 01
    Provide Your Brand Assets

    Send us your brand’s information and the necessary assets to begin development. We will create an EV charging app matching your brand reputation.

  • 02
    White Label App Development

    We define the best white label solution for your EV charging platform. The development phase caters to all the customizations in the app.

  • 03
    Payment Gateway Integration

    Our team keeps the billing system quick and seamless. We integrate all payment gateways into the software to cater to different EV drivers.

  • 04
    Testing & Deployment

    The cloud-based EV charging appl undergoes sequential testing for quality and performance and is deployed after the team clears all tests.

EV Charging App Development - Cost Estimation

Building an EV charging app is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors that come into play. Our experienced team of developers has expertise in developing parameters that affect the EV charging app development process.

  • Features Included
  • Software Complexity
  • UI/UX Design
  • Hourly Rates
  • Technological Stacks
  • Type Of Technology

How Suffescom Help You Become The Market Leader?

Suffescom has a committed team of developers who will help you develop an EV charging app to optimize EV operations. We help execute the EV charging app solutions to develop a customized product according to the client’s specifications.

  • Custom Solutions

    Our custom app development solutions help develop a platform to develop customized apps starting from project ideation to development and launch.

  • Deep Domain Experience

    We have been in this industry for more than a decade now. Our team has an extensive domain experience in modern technologies and programming languages.

  • DevOps

    We follow a sequential development process that provides swift integration among several departments that helps in the smooth development life-cycle process.

  • Result-Driven Approach

    Our experts work with a result-driven approach by setting goals, creating strategies, and then taking action to accomplish the tasks for better outcomes.

  • Post-Development Support

    We do not leave customers after developing and delivering the platform. We provide after-development services to keep the platform updated with norms.

  • Premium & Quality Services

    Whether it's about idea generation, features, functionalities, or security, we never ask clients to compromise. We offer premium quality services to our clients.

FAQs Related to EV Charging App Development

Answering the most commonly asked questions about EV charging app development services.

  • Do You Offer Custom EV Charging App?

    Following an app development process empowers our team to build custom EV charging app solutions as per the client’s business ideas and expectations.

    How Much Is EV Charging App Development Cost?

    The development cost of EV Charging app solutions ranges between $20000 - $1,00,000. The development cost fluctuates with different application factors.

  • What OS Does Your EV Charging App Support?

    At Suffescom Solutions, we deliver cutting-edge white label EV charging app solutions that run on Android, iOS, and Windows Operating System.

    How Long Does It Take For Developing EV Charging App?

    Developing EV charging software takes 1-2 months or more. EV charging app creation time depends on the app's complexity and other customizations.

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