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Start Smart Parking Business With Our Advanced Parking App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

April 26, 2023

Start Smart Parking Business With Our Advanced Parking App Development

Innovation is at the top of its peak when the new age devices, equipment, and applications are concerned. The concept of newness is integrated into almost all the businesses available in the real world. Be it transportation, healthcare, education, ecommerce, etc. Now, if we look at the current scenario, the number of vehicles has tremendously increased. This has led to traffic jams, and also there is the absence of spaces in the parking lots. People don’t get space for car parking, which has made the whole parking experience of the customers distasteful.

The parking issue is something that everyone in the whole world is encountering. Moving around the roads and finding an empty space in the parking lot is not a good idea. To overcome this situation, a parking app development is the best solution. It has all the necessary features and functionalities that make it a convenient option to find parking space.

Smart Parking App Overview

Simply speaking, a parking app allows users to view if there is any vacant space in nearby areas. It enables the users to book the available slot for themselves via GPS. Now, the catch is that the app also shows that if there is more than one location, you can compare the prices and choose the one that suits you perfectly. The payment is made, and the parking area is allocated. This is the simple concept of a parking application.

With time, there have been lots of transformations seen in technology. Technology is evolving rapidly, as seen when integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into pre-existing applications. This concept is known as smart parking.

Let’s understand this more precisely!

Smart Parking Development

Smart Parking, also known as IoT-based parking, involves integrating the human element and technology. This ideal management system has made things easier and more efficient. The users can use a smartphone application to search for the parking lot and reserve a parking spot. This IoT-based smart parking app development saves massive fuel and space. The hardware attributes help identify the parking lot and transmit these details to every nearby driver. All the data is streamlined in real-time. Moreover, notifications are sent to the users about peak prices at extreme times. This is a superb feature that helps in saving money and limiting traffic. The other smart devices are fitted across the peripherals of the parking lot with sensors inserted on the gates, doors, etc.

Parking App Development - An Effective Way To Grow Your Business!

We develop A1 parking applications that are entirely streamlined and customized as per your requirements.

Architecture Design Elements of Smart Parking System

Sensors For Parking

The sensors' job is to keep tabs on available space in the lot. Vehicle presence is determined with the help of ultrasonic sensors.

Processing Unit

The processor-on-a-chip is a data transmission hub between the cloud platforms and the sensors.

Smartphone Application

The end users can engage with the smart parking system via a visual interface.


All information about parking places and system users is stored on the cloud.

Due to the growing parking problem and declining prices of smart parking system implementation, the utilization of these systems is anticipated to rise. The biggest breakthrough is optical character recognition which identifies a vehicle by capturing its license plate number via visual image processing. The technology then guides the driver to the right space while automatically opening the gate at the parking lot.

The future of smart parking systems appears to be quite bright. The technology used in the on-demand mobile app development is the Internet of Things, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. These innovative technologies will improve the effectiveness of parking systems through smart parking.

Best Car Parking Space Finder Apps In Smart Cities

  • ParkWhiz
  • Parkopedia Parking
  • BestParking
  • Parker
  • SpotAngels
  • SpotHero

Types Of Smart Parking Apps

Numerous parking apps are available in the market, and each one of them has its own benefit. Now, people all around have diverse needs, and to cater to those, various categories form a part of the parking app development.

Local Parking App

This type of app is for particular parking or if someone wants to build a parking spot from the beginning. Follow the important and necessary steps and make the demarcations. Develop a parking app that is built with all the essential features. Also, if you want to build certain parking areas, then be assured they are in close vicinity to each other for perfect application control.

Broad Parking App

As the name suggests, this parking app development is extended to vast regions, i.e., worldwide. These applications are extensive and therefore have more competition. So, an effective and functional application relevant to every user globally should be developed.

Sharing Parking App

This app is ideal for parking areas shared by offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes, etc. Such a category needs to include efficient software that manages data systematically. Data is pivotal as it tells when the parking area is empty, half-filled, or fully filled, and the alerts are sent to the drivers.

Parking Time App

This application is for the parking lot showing a specific time period while booking. This works best when the users plan to visit any other country/destination. So, with this app, they can cross-check the parking spots that are available at that time and, on that basis, clearly make the slot booking.

The features differ for these diverse app types, so the prices of the white-label parking app development vary.

Features Of Our Whitelabel Parking App Development

The white-label parking app development comprises the following features, and it differs for the driver and the admin. Some of them are illustrated as under;

User App:-

Sign up/Login

Users can sign up or log in by entering their basic information, such as name, email, contact information, profile photo, address, etc.

Finding Parking Space

The GPS tracker lets users determine their present location and estimate their arrival time.

Scheduling Parking Reservations

This feature is helpful when a person plans to visit the location; they must reserve parking in advance using the scheduled parking option.

Payment Option

The user has multiple payment options for car parking apps, like in-app wallet, cash, and credit/debit cards.

Parking History

The user can access their parking history and view information about their parking, such as the date, time, and cost.


Following completion of the services, the user can recommend and assess the parking app according to their own experience.

Parking Owner App:-


A parking owner can log in or register by giving their contact information, such as name, address, and email. After that, the account is ready for usage.

Handling Parking Space

Depending on the requirements, the parking lot owner can easily add and delete parking spaces. This is the best possible way to maneuver the parking lots.

Explore Booking

The parking owner can view a parking reservation with every information consisting of the user name, arrival and departure times, parking slot, and more.


A parking lot owner can examine their review and rating along with all the available user information. This attribute helps elevate the parking management solutions perfectly grounded on customer input.

Start Parking Business With White-Label Parking App Solutions!

We are the pioneers of developing white-label parking applications by transforming your ideas into incredible Parking Apps. White-Label Parking App provides users to get a smarter way to book your parking spots!

Our Leading Steps Involved In The Parking App Development


The idea must be validated to begin with, the parking app development process. For this, proper research goes. We at Suffescom have a team of strategists, analysts, and researchers that will listen to your business plan. Based on that, inputs will be provided to make your project an absolute hit among your competitors.

Competitors Analysis

The business plan will not work according to the standards if the pre-existing parking apps are not analyzed properly. These parking apps should be judged based on the disadvantages they serve. Our team of experts will take an observation of such apps and create an effective strategy based on that. Whatever inadequacies their parking app has, they should be resolved. A perfect solution should be provided to the customer that all comes with the development strategy. We will help you implement the attributes by delivering reliable parking management solutions to the users.

Hiring A Top App Development Company

The top mobile app development company plays a significant role in the development process. The parking app must look outstanding. And this goes for both the backend and the front end. The front end is mostly concerned with the outer looks of the application. The icons should be well-developed, and more emphasis should be paid to the app design. The app design includes styles, colors, tables, buttons, etc. All these things are used to entice the users.

The same goes for the backend, where top-class tech stacks put stress on data processing, synchronization, authentication, etc. The tech stacks consist of advanced programming languages, frameworks, data sharing on diverse platforms, and app management with relevant logic. These criteria should be met to have direct control over data.

The development process is incomplete without the software testing. This is done to remove the errors from the parking app. This amplifies the performance of the application. After that, the app is deployed and launched for customer usage. If any issues occur, we, as a leading android app development company, provide the post-maintenance facilities.

Building A Legal Business Entity

If you need to develop a parking lot and build a parking app dedicated to this, then it's time to create a legal business entity. For that, LLC is the topmost choice. It is because of the protection it serves your business.

Find A Site For Parking

After creating a parking lot, it's necessary to have a working space. So, it's better to contact the real estate agency in your region. One should consider a perfect space that has all the necessary commercial perks. Pick the places closer to the public railway stations, bus stations, or airports. These are busy places and have passengers in larger quantities, which is beneficial to the parking app owners.

Parking Lot Cost Calculator Development And It's Feature

Businesses will initiate the white-label parking app development process when they know whether it meets their budget criteria. The parking lot cost calculator is based on specific factors encompassing all the requirements for an ideal smart parking app development cost. The UI/UX design is the essential element that affects the budget in a broader way. Because the foremost thing that attracts the user is its interface. It should be truly customer friendly. Also, the navigation should be seamless. They should find it convenient to go through different features of the app.

Features are also significant; some clients want basic features, while some want advanced ones. The prices will differ accordingly. The important thing to note here is that the location of the software developer also impacts the cost. The hourly rates in the USA start from $90, in Europe, it begins from $50, and in India, it starts from $30. So, different regions have diverse pricing models, depending on how the budget is framed.

Another dominant element in the parking lot cost calculator is the level of the app development company, the tech stacks they are using, programming languages, frameworks, etc. The conventional prices range between $10,000-$60,000, but this is an estimated value, not an exact one.

To get accurate details, contact our team of analysts for a detailed budget in accordance with your project.

Bottom Line!!

Car parking is a definite problem that exists in the current scenario. Around one-third of the city’s traffic is looking for empty parking spaces. To overcome this situation, vehicle parking app development is a must.

Want to know what’s the average cost to develop an Android or iOS app? Discuss your idea with us if you want to develop such an app. We are the trusted white-label brand in the USA that will provide a stupendous app with outstanding features. We build apps for both Android and iOS platforms and give proper space for the customizations.

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