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Learn To Earn App Development: Start NFT Powered Learning Business

By Suffescom Solutions

February 25, 2024

Learn To Earn App Development: Start NFT Powered Learning Business

The world of crypto is revolutionizing with the development of new ways of earning cryptocurrency while doing what you love the most. That’s how play-to-earn platform and move-to-earn platforms have gained so much popularity, giving the opportunity to users to earn cryptocurrency by playing games.

Similarly, a new field in the crypto industry has emerged called learn to earn platform that combines DeFi, NFT, and crypto over the Web3 network. This platform is designed on blockchain technology to create a win-win situation for both entrepreneurs and users. Wondering how?

Users can earn crypto by learning about specific crypto-related topics, and businesses can get huge ROI and increased brand value. Moreover, businesses can stay ahead of the competition by developing a learn to earn platform for users.

If you plan to build learn to earn platform and grow your business, we are one of the best leading businesses in the IT industry. We have designed and developed many blockchain-based projects for crypto, NFT, gaming, and other industries.

Now, let’s learn more about learn-to-earn platforms and why entrepreneurs should invest in such platforms in terms of revenue generation.

Learn To Earn Platform Development: Earn While Watching Short Web3 Courses

Suffescom is an emerging blockchain development company leveraging its potential to deliver clients customized learn to earn development solutions. Contact our experts today to know more about learn to earn platforms.

What Are Learn To Earn Platforms?

The learn to earn platforms are an innovative way of user interaction with the cryptocurrency world. You must have heard about play-to-earn platforms where users can earn crypto for their in-game achievements or in move-to-earn platforms where movement acts as a condition of earning crypto.

Similarly, in learn-to-earn platforms, users can earn crypto for learning about various crypto projects and blockchain-related topics. Users just have to watch videos, read articles, and then take quizzes. If the user passes the quiz, they will earn significant crypto assets as a reward.

It’s a win-win game for users and entrepreneurs who develop such platforms. Users can earn crypto, and owners can promote their tokens and reach more people using such programs.

The potential benefits of these learn-to-earn platforms are immeasurable, and with the rapidly changing landscape of the digital world, they are worth exploring. For businesses, it’s time to leverage the benefits of learn-to-earn platforms to increase engagement and build their brand value.

Key Features Of Learn To Earn Platform

Learn to Earn Platform is an idea of rewarding users with tokens for learning about crypto. In this way, the companies behind the platform can engage with the users more and drive more traffic. Users who learn about crypto can also become your investors even in small amounts. Let’s have a look at some key features of Learn to Earn platform development:

Earn Crypto

This is one of the most prominent features of the learn to earn platform, allowing learners to earn revenue in cryptocurrency. Learners can watch videos, read articles, and complete quizzes to earn crypto, or users can mint their program certification as an NFT, and there are many other ways to earn crypto on such platforms.

Organizations can launch their own learn to earn platforms where they can engage with larger audiences and increase their ROI.


Blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of such platforms. These platforms allow users to learn about crypto and, in exchange, earn the same crypto. Blockchain technology stores these values and lets users sell and trade their leanings.

Smart Contracts

The development of smart contract is revolutionizing the decentralized finance space, and blockchain technology is at the core of it all. In the learn-to-earn model, blockchain enables secure automation; the rewards can be instantly provided for certain activities based on an immutable code established by smart contract protocols.


With traditional learning platforms, your data can be wiped away instantly if the server fails. However, the learn-to-earn platform leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology that securely stores your educational resources and cryptocurrency assets for continual access no matter what happens.

How To Earn Crypto By Using Learn To Earn Platform?

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and it's not too late to get in on the action. With the learn-to-earn platform, users can earn crypto in a variety of ways. The platform offers various courses on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, and trading, allowing users to acquire valuable knowledge and earn tokens as they learn. Aside from learning, users can contribute to the platform's community by creating and sharing valuable content.

But it's not just a one-way street - as users build knowledge and understanding, owners also benefit when users provide valuable feedback and engagement. Let’s look at some of the ways users can earn crypto from such platforms:

Crypto Training Campaign

Learn to earn platforms offer crypto training campaigns where users can watch the video materials provided by the platform itself. After learning the concept from the video materials, users have to perform a test or a quiz to test the knowledge gained. If passed successfully, users will receive a crypto token as a reward. The number of tokens will depend on the platform.

Mentored Program

Some platforms offer an exclusive mentored program on topics like web3 development. The time of the program depends on the platform; it can be a 2, 4, or 8-week mentored program. Users must complete the program, perform a test, and pass it to earn cryptocurrency.

Watch Animated Videos

Users can watch a brief clip or animated videos on a selected cryptocurrency, and then they have to take a quick quiz or assignment to evaluate their understanding. After passing the quiz, the user will receive $3-$6 in crypto in their crypto wallet.

As users need crypto wallets to store their cryptocurrency, owners can develop cryptocurrency wallets to boost business growth.

Sell Certification As An NFT

When a user completes platform modules, they will be able to mint their program completion certification as an NFT. Once the user completes each section, they will be rewarded with NFTs that they can sell to earn real-world value.

L2E Marketplace Business Model

We have extensive experience developing learn to earn platforms and can create an innovative and feature-rich L2E marketplace for you. Reach out to us today and start your development journey.

L2E Marketplace Business Model

Learn to earn platform owners can earn huge revenue through transaction fees. This is the major revenue stream for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. As the platform also involves minting NFTs, businesses can earn fees when users buy, sell, or trade their NFTs on such platforms.

Let’s look in detail at the business revenue models:

Marketplace Transaction Fees

When a user trades an NFT between peers on the NFT marketplace, owners can charge a transaction fee in addition to the blockchain gas costs. It is charged as a proportion of the trading costs.

Marketplace Listing Fees

Platform owners can charge a fee for the moderation process when the users put their program completion NFTs for sale in the marketplace application.

NFT Minting Fees

It is possible for owners to charge fees to sellers in order to mint NFTs so that they can register their goods on the blockchain. Owners can even create NFT minting websites to flourish digital assets with the power of blockchain technology.

Bidding Fees

Each bidder may be assessed a set amount during an NFT auction in order to prevent unintended bidders from participating in the auction. Owners can obtain bidding fees from the users.

Top Learn To Earn Crypto Platforms

The learn to earn platforms are built on blockchain technology and operate on a smart contract. This setup allows users to own and store their data in the form of NFTs that they can further sell to earn real-world money.

Some of the companies have already taken advantage of such opportunities to earn revenue and increase brand value. Moreover, this can teach users about the crypto tokens that companies have recently introduced in the market. Let’s look at some of the top learn to earn platforms that have been gaining a lot of popularity among users:


CoinMarketCap is the most popular platform for tracking digital asset prices. Recently, it has introduced a learn to earn campaign for its users. Users have to create an account on this platform and click on [learn] to view videos, and then complete the test after viewing the videos. Users have to provide their Binance wallet address in order to collect coins as they earn them. Only people from a few countries can take part in the learn-to-earn campaign offered by CoinMarketCap.


Metacademy is a learn to earn platform where users who finish the website’s 14 modules can mint their program certification as an NFT. Users will be rewarded with NFTs and badges with each completed section. These NFTs can be redeemed for real-world value. All users need to participate in the program to sign up on the official website and earn crypto and NFTs.


KuCoin also has recently introduced learn and earn function. Users can browse an article or watch a video; a timer will start for roughly 20-30 seconds; after its completion, the user will be paid with USDT tokens. The rewards area has two new tabs: deposit USDT to receive a welcome gift and earn bonuses when users reach certain milestones for specific currency pairings. Once users finish the tasks using a mobile device or internet browser, their rewards will be delivered right to their KuCoin wallet.

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is the second-best crypto exchange after Binance, where users can buy or sell cryptocurrency. For users to become a member of the learn-to-earn campaign, they need to be a resident of the country and register their accounts. If the platform verifies the account, users can select the crypto project they are interested in. Crypto campaigns are only available for a brief period of time. However, the fundamental concept is the same as in the projects previously mentioned: an eligible user chooses an active campaign, watches instructional materials, passes a test, and is awarded tokens for the project they have been studying. The amount of compensation varies depending on the campaign.

Cake DeFi

CakeDefi offers users two types of crypto to its users- one is Bitcoin, and the other is DeFiChain. Users have to finish the videos and pass the test just like other platforms. Recently, two videos have been available in exchange for $5 in the form of BTC and DFI tokens.

Hire Suffescom For Learn To Earn Platform Development

Let your users earn cryptocurrency by learning about crypto with our custom learn to earn platform development solutions. Contact our experts and get a free consultation today.

Why Choose Suffescom For L2E Marketplace Development?

For building any reward-earning platform, you will need help from development experts, smart contract developers, standard token experts, and many more. All of the designers, developers, and blockchain experts can be found at Suffescom.

We are a well-established blockchain development company that designs, develops, and deploy solutions to boost business growth. Our pool of developers holds expertise in NFT development and other skills to build learn-to-earn platforms with prominent features.

When choosing us to develop a learn to earn platform, you can ensure that we will deliver your project in the stipulated time frame while meeting all your needs and requirements. Moreover, we focus on designing and developing a modern user interface that can catch users' attention.

If you have any further queries, we are just one call away from you!

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