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Transform Your eCommerce Business With Virtual Try-On App Development

By Suffescom Solutions

April 28, 2023

Transform Your  eCommerce Business With Virtual Try-On App Development

The virtual try-on solutions have seen immersive growth in the past few years among customers as it has solved their number one shopping problem - ‘Will it fit me’? The market value of virtual try-on solutions is even expected to grow at a CAGR value of 25.5% by 2026.

Implementing such virtual try-on solutions to your business will draw customers’ attention and positively affect your brand’s image, taking your business to new heights. As it is a growing technology, you can stay ahead of the competition by developing such applications for your audience.

If you are planning to transform your business with virtual try-on solutions, Suffescom is the place for you. We are a leading blockchain and web3 development company that works on AR/VR and metaverse-related projects. We develop futuristic applications embedded with features and ultimate functionality to uncover the potential of revenue generation

This article will discuss all virtual try-on applications and how they can transform your business to reach new heights.

Tailor Made Virtual Try-On App Development Solutions

Give your customers an immersive shopping experience with our virtual try-on app development solutions. We are an experienced team of developers with expertise in the latest technologies and frameworks. Get in touch with our experts today.

How Do Virtual Try-On Applications Work?

Virtual try-on solutions are based on augmented and virtual reality technologies. These applications enable consumers to try on clothes without physically wearing or touching the items. In this way, customers can examine the product, check out the size and understand its functions just by sitting at home.

Virtual try-on is not limited to wearable but also product categories such as home appliances, furniture, home decor, etc. Big giants such as IKEA have already started implementing such technology to provide their customers with product visualization and demonstration at any place.

You can get mobile app development services that can help you build the best virtual try-on application to take your business to new heights. It is possible to integrate the AR/VR tech into the app and make your services or products available for a test or try on virtually.

Why Should Your Brand Go For Virtual Try-On App Development?

In the rat race of business empowerment, every brand looks for an opportunity to showcase its product in the best possible way. And what’s better than virtual space development solutions? It offers many benefits to businesses in terms of revenue generation and brand image. Let’s look at some of them:

Increased Brand Visibility

The use of AR/VR and metaverse technologies is a great way to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. With virtual try-on solutions, businesses can be innovative in their interactions with their customers, opening a channel for immediate feedback.

Increased Conversations

The conversion goals of the business can be met by opting for virtual try-on solutions. It makes sense as customers have the freedom to explore more options and try on a variety of clothing in less time and customization. This increases conversion and spending. They can reach out to brands regarding their concerns about appearance, fit, and size.

Reduced Returns

The advent of e-commerce has resulted in higher product returns than ever before. Recently, a study showed that brands that have virtual try-on applications have 64% fewer returns compared to those that don't have such applications.

Increased Online Sales

As online shopping remains the first choice of consumers for shopping, virtual try-on solutions increase the likelihood of more sales and fewer returns. 61% of online shoppers prefer to shop from stores that offer virtual showrooms.

Build Your Brand Image With Virtual Try-On Solutions

Elevate your brand’s sales and awareness with personalized virtual try-on solutions. We will build a virtual try-on application enriched with features and functionalities according to your business needs.

Key Features Of Virtual Try-On App Development Services

Virtual try-on app development is a technology-driven solution that enables customers to visualize and try on different products virtually before making a purchase. Here are some key features that should be included in a virtual try-on app:

3D Replicas

Virtual try-on app development should use 3D modeling and metaverse technology to create a realistic representation of the product. Users can create virtual and 3D avatars and try on items they like to see how they will look on them. They can check the size, fit, and appearance more clearly and immersively in the virtual world.

User-Friendly Interface

The app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customers should be able to access the app without any hassle and easily find the product they want to try on.


The virtual try-on app should be compatible with multiple devices and platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This ensures that customers can access the app from any device they prefer.


The app should allow customers to customize the product by changing its color, size, and other features to see how it will look before making a purchase.

Integration With E-commerce

The virtual try-on app should be integrated with the e-commerce platform so that customers can easily make a purchase after trying on the product. This makes the buying process more streamlined and convenient for the customers.

By including these key features, virtual try-on app development can help businesses to increase customer engagement, reduce product returns, and boost sales.

Applications Of Virtual Try-On In Various Industries

Any brand that adopts virtual try-on solutions can be a game changer for their business. Virtual try-on applications empower consumers to make quicker choices without having to try on items physically. Let’s have a look at the industries that will benefit from virtual try-on applications:


Fashion is the first industry that probably comes to every mind when speaking of virtual try-on solutions. Just like physical showrooms, customers can try and buy clothes from these fashion store in metaverse. High-quality 3D avatars and 360-degree views of the clothes fascinate customers to buy products even more.

Home Decor And Interior Design

With Virtual try-on, home decor and interior design industries can showcase their furniture and other items in a metaverse virtual showroom. Customers can see their living spaces with furniture of different kinds before purchasing. In this way, customers are most likely to spend more on items they like in the virtual world.

Real Estate

With virtual try-on or metaverse real estate showrooms, the real estate industry benefits a lot. The design of 3D walkthroughs is quite engaging. Customers are given privacy to tour the property freely and, if necessary, ask inquiries. In addition to the balcony view, customers can see the natural lighting in the room, storage area, light fixtures, and much more. The customer is motivated to move forward with their home-buying process as a result. All this is enough to show that metaverse real estate development service is something businesses must consider for better sales.


With virtual try-on app development, jewelry stores can attract new customers, lower return rates, and boost conversions. Customers can visualize how they will look after getting pierced, and it would help them make decisions faster and more confidently.

Top Brands Using Virtual Try-On Solutions To Boost Sales

With the growing popularity of virtual try-on, many brands are planning to launch their own virtual try-on applications. Let’s have a look at some of the brands that have already launched their virtual try-on solutions:


Consumers have difficulty choosing eye-wear when they are shopping online. To cater to its consumer needs, Ray-ban launched a high-quality virtual try-on tool. This tool uses face-mapping technology to create a precise model of the consumer’s face. With this model, customers can try on as many eyeglasses as they want before they choose the one they wish to buy. This tool resulted in more sales, and consumers stopped making as many returns.


Nike recently launched the Nike Fit application that lets buyers measure and try on shoes with AR. This application enables consumers to find the right shoe size and visualize how they will look on them. They can check the size, fit, and appearance of the shoes with this application. This solution has gained a lot of popularity these days, and more and more customers are attracted to buy Nike shoes through the Nike Fit application.


Consumers often face the challenge when buying makeup as they are not able to try it on. Even with offline testers, most consumers end up unsatisfied with the product. So, Sephora launched a virtual try-on mirror that scans the consumer's face in selfie mode. Then, consumers can try on eye-shadow colors, eyelashes, highlighter, or lipstick and see which suits them the best. Virtual mirror enabled Sephora to boost sales and lower returns, resulting in higher ROI.


Amazon launched a virtual try-on for shoes, enabling consumers to visualize how a pair of shoes will look on them from multiple angles. All this can be done with the help of a mobile phone camera. Customers have to point their camper at their feet, and the AR shoes will appear. They can use the included carousel to change the colors of the same shoes without having to exit the experience.


Farfetch has partnered with Snapchat to introduce virtual try-on for its customers. It uses a technology known as 3D Body Mesh. This technology maps the cloth and body simulation that seems like clothes are responding to gravity in a realistic way. Moreover, customers can switch outfits using their voice commands and purchase the product directly from Snapchat.

Virtual try-on app development is a great way to increase awareness and sales. It’s certainly worth something looking for your brand.

Virtual Try-On App Development Services

Explore The virtual business world with our Try-On app development services. We at Suffescom have the right set of expertise and experience to create compelling UI/UX designs for our clients. Contact our experts today to learn more about virtual try-on app development solutions.

Why Choose Suffescom To Develop Your Virtual Try-On Application?

Giving customers the ability to try on products virtually before making a purchase decision is becoming extremely important in this digital world. It provides an immersive experience to customers that boost sales and customer engagement.

To build an immersive and interactive virtual try-on application, you will need help from developers who have expertise in AR, AI, and metaverse technology. Suffescom is a top-rated AR/VR app development company with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. Our team of developers leverages the latest technologies to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

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White-label Virtual Try-On App Development Solutions

We offer White-label virtual try-on app development solutions to customized your platforms for eCommerce businesses seeking virtual fitting room capabilities, great user experiences.

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