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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Smart Parking App?

By Suffescom Solutions

September 26, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Smart Parking App?

In today's times, the role of technology has become bigger than ever. Their relevance is seen across different industry verticals, and parking infrastructure is one of them. People across the globe suffer from massive parking mismanagement. To overcome scenarios like these, there is a huge demand for smart parking apps. Such apps provide real-time information to the drivers regarding the available and occupied parking lots. This saves a lot of time as the drivers need not to waste their time looking for a parking spot.

Smart parking software solutions have helped entrepreneurs come into the mainstream and, in no time, have gained stupendous popularity. Leveraging advanced programming languages, tools, and technologies optimizes business productivity to the next level.

The average smart parking app development cost usually ranges between $30k-$250k. It is just a cost estimate; the actual price depends upon the level of customization.

Suffescom is a top IoT-based smart parking mobile app development company that has helped entrepreneurs develop smart parking software at affordable prices. Talk to our experts and get a detailed smart parking software cost breakdown. But before that, take a glimpse at the key stats:.

Key Statistics Related To Smart Parking App Development

  • It is estimated that by 2030, the global smart parking market will be around $23.56 billion.
  • From 2022-2030, the global smart parking market size is expected to reach a CAGR of 19.8%.
  • Key players in the smart parking market are Klaus multiparking system, Smart Parking Ltd., Amano McGann Inc., etc.
  • By 2032, the smart parking market is predicted to reach $33.5Bn.

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(1) Development Process

The development process is the most essential step, involving several phases. Every phase involves definite manpower playing a key role in the overall development cost.

Development Process
Cost Estimation
Planning And Research$4500-$5500
Launch And Maintenance$4000-$6000

(2) Company’s Size

The smart parking app development cost also depends on the company’s size. The more employees, the more they have to pay out for their salaries.

Size Of The CompanyNo. of employeesDevelopment Cost
Small scale/StartupsAround 50$15000-$25,000
Medium scale50-250$30000-$40000
Large scale>250>$ 40000

(3) Integrated Features

The features heavily influence the smart parking solution cost. So, the smart parking software cost depends on the choice of the feature level.

Real-Time Parking Availability

The presence of sensors in the parking lot shows real-time parking status, i.e., vacant or occupied.


To avoid last-minute hassle, the pre-booking feature helps in reserving the place for the vehicle before reaching the destination

Security and Monitoring

The availability of the remote parking service allows users to make a request for parking and the retrieval of the vehicle remotely without steering through congested spaces.

Data Analytics and Insights

All the historical data collected, including the traffic trends max and min traffic movement, helps the admins improve the overall parking infrastructure and experience.

Intuitive Dashboard

Acts as an interactive management tool providing all the details related to the app performance with solid sales and revenue reports.

(4) Geographical Location

The area/region, country, and city decide the development cost. Certain countries have already become technical hubs, and some are on the route to becoming one. So, based on that, the pricing policy will definitely vary. See for yourself;

Geographical LocationCharges Per Hour
USA$70- $90 per hour
India$30-$40 per hour
UK$50-$65 per hour
Europe$55-$80 per hour
UAE$45-$60 per hour

(5) Technological Stacks

Technological stacks are the building blocks of any application. These enhance the performance and working of the app making. To make the user experience amazing, top-notch frameworks, advanced programming languages, tools, and API integrations are used.

Technological StacksSmart Parking App Development Cost Estimation
Programming Languages$6000-$12000
Artificial Intelligence$6000- $15000
Internet Of Things (IoT)$5,000- $20000
Operating system$9000-$14000
Cloud storage$10000-$15000

(6) Category Of The Developers

There are two major categories of developers: one is a freelancer, and the other one works with a company's in-house team. Freelancers charge less, but there is no definite timeline. On the contrary, the in-house developers will charge more, but the project delivery is always on time because of the systematic project development.

Category Of DevelopersCost Estimation
In-house team>$40000

(7) White Label App Or App From Scratch

White label parking app development usually takes less time as the backend is already developed, such as the format and the appearance. These are ready to launch and have a comparatively low scope of personalization, and therefore, development cost is lower.

Smart parking apps that are built from scratch where features and integrations are made according to the requirements of the clients. It usually takes more time, due to which the prices are very high.

(8) Based On The Design

The design of the smart parking application should be well-defined because that’s the first thing that the customers notice. Depending upon the level of design, i.e., simple, mid-level, and complex, the designers put in the effort according to which the cost depends.

Design TypeSmart Parking App Development Cost 

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