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Web3 OnlyFans Like Platform Development - OnlyFans Business Model In Metaverse

By Suffescom Solutions

June 23, 2023

Web3 OnlyFans Like Platform Development - OnlyFans Business Model In Metaverse

As the world of the metaverse and online communities continue to expand, companies are exploring new opportunities for monetization.

One model that has gained traction in recent years is the subscription-based social platform OnlyFans. The company is taking its business model to the next level by incorporating it into the metaverse with the platform named Zoop.

With the potential for new revenue streams and a more immersive experience for users, the OnlyFans metaverse could become a game-changer for the adult entertainment industry. The creators can create their own 3D avatars and NFTs and engage with their fans in a metaverse space.

You can also build an OnlyFans business model in the metaverse and earn huge ROIs from creators, musicians, artists, actors, and more. At Suffescom, we offer a seamless solution where creators can engage with their fans in the metaverse. They can entertain their fans anywhere, anytime and in a more secure and immersive way. With our user-friendly Web3 OnlyFans solution, you can launch your own platform in no time and start a profitable venture.

Let’s discuss the OnlyFans business model in the blockchain and why you should build one.

Redefine Adult Entertainment With Web3 OnlyFans Platform

With our OnlyFans-like platform development in the metaverse, you can empower creators to engage with their fans virtually. It will be a perfect venture for you to earn huge revenues and attract a large audience. Get in touch with us today and get started.

Introduction To Web3 OnlyFans

OnlyFans has revolutionized the adult entertainment industry by providing a platform for content creators to monetize their work. The introduction of web3 and blockchain technology takes this innovation even further by creating a more transparent and secure system for content creators and subscribers.

With the use of blockchain, subscribers will be able to pay for content while protecting their personal data securely, and content creators will be able to track their earnings while owning their content. This new partnership will undoubtedly push the boundaries of the adult entertainment industry and bring new levels of trust and transparency to the platform.

Moreover, it offers a platform for creators and fans to engage in an immersive space. Using technologies like blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrency, and more, users can create their own 3D avatars and meet with their favorite entertainers in the metaverse.

Ways To Make Money With OnlyFans-Like Business Model In The Metaverse

It is no doubt that metaverse and cryptocurrency are the next best thing in the market. More and more consumers are excited to be a part of this technology, whether it is for gaming, meetings, and more. Now, it is taking a space in the entertainment industry also.

Onlyfans already have more than 50+ million users, and now it is revolutionizing its offering in the metaverse, where creators can sell their NFTs and build 3D avatars of their own to sell to their fans. Recently, Elsa Jean- a top OnlyFans creator, sold $30,000 worth of NFTs in just one month.

Well, now you must be thinking about what’s in it for you regarding revenue and ROIs. Look at the following points and know how you can benefit from selling, trading, and purchasing NFTs and 3D avatars in the metaverse.

Premium Plans

Implement a subscription-based service that grants access to exclusive content, immersive experiences, or benefits within the metaverse. Fans can pay a recurring fee to access premium features or engage with creators.

NFT Marketplace

Whenever a creator sells or trade its NFTs to their fans, you can earn revenue from transaction fee, gas fee, minting fee, listing fee, and bidding fees.

Creator Marketplace

Enable creators to showcase their skills, talents, or artistic work within the metaverse. Provide them with tools to monetize their content, such as selling virtual goods, experiences, or customizations. You can charge a fee for providing access to such tools to the creators.

Virtual Goods

Offer a wide range of virtual goods at a price that users can purchase to enhance their experiences or express themselves. These can include digital assets, avatar customizations, unique in-world items, or even virtual events like concerts or shows.

Partnerships and Brand Collaborations

Forge partnerships with brands and organizations to offer sponsored content or exclusive collaborations within the metaverse. This can involve product placements, virtual pop-up stores, or branded experiences.

Creator Monetization Options

Provide additional revenue streams for creators, such as tips, donations, or commissions on sales made through their content. This incentivizes creators to produce high-quality content and engage with their audience.

Launch Your Own OnlyFans-Like Model In The Metaverse

With the rising popularity of OnlyFans, creating a similar app but in the metaverse is a lucrative business idea. Our experts offer you the best solution with the latest technologies and features.

Must-Have Features Of Your Web3 OnlyFans Platform

When you are ready to build your OnlyFans model in the metaverse, you cannot forget to add the following features:

3D Avatars

Creators like musicians, actors, artists, and more can create customized metaverse avatars to sell to their fans. Fans can buy these avatars as a form of digital asset and sell them in other marketplaces. Also, fans and creators can engage with avatars in the metaverse space.

Digital Assets

Creators can make their content, such as videos or photos, and sell it to their fans as a digital asset or NFT. They can easily upload their content on the platform with blockchain-aided security.

Crypto Wallet Integration

Creators sell digital assets, and fans buy them; crypto wallet development is a must to let them store their digital assets and other transactions.

Virtual Events

In the post-pandemic world, celebrities do not want to have as many in-person events with their fans as they once did. Onlyfans business model in the metaverse allows celebrities to meet with their fans from the comfort of their homes. Through virtual space development, they can conduct virtual events with 3D avatars and converse with the fans.

Connecting Fans And Celebrities

The idea is to bring closer celebrities and fans. Fans can contact directly with celebrities through 3D avatars, messages, and in a virtual world. Creators can choose their pricing for engaging with the fans. Fans have to pay a significant amount of fee to meet with the creators.

Statistic Report

Creators can see how many people have liked or viewed their content on the platform, how many have participated in the bidding offers, and how many have paid to engage with them in the metaverse.

Social Media Integration

Creators can share their Onlyfans content on various social media platforms to increase their followers and rankings on the platform. Encourage creators to interact with their audience through live streams, virtual meetups, or interactive events.


The avatars or NFTs fans buy from the creators will be 3D collectibles. Fans can earn rewards when they engage with avatars and celebrities. Once these avatars gain a lot of traction, users will be able to trade or sell them across different marketplaces.

Our Web3 OnlyFans Platform Development Process

Explore how our highly-skilled developers will build your Onlyfans-like platform in the metaverse:

Understanding Your Business Vision

First, we listen to your business requirements, plan, and idea, whether you are planning to build a platform for celebrities, artists or an adult platform similar to OnlyFans.

Devise A Roadmap

After understanding your business idea, we start planning how to make it a reality. We start the development process by deciding which tech stack to use, what features must be added, and more to make it stand out. Or you can ask us for MVP- a feasible solution for owners who are low on budget and wants to cut costs from the development of their platform.

UI/UX Design

An interactive design must catch the attention of creators and fans on your platform. Our UI/UX designers create a compelling design from scratch using technologies like blockchain, metaverse, AR/VR, and more.

Front/Back End Development

OnlyFans web3 platform in the metaverse requires a high-security blockchain solution to ensure the data shared in the platform are secured and cannot be manipulated. We create a highly secured front/back end so that you can provide privacy and security to your creators and fans.

Testing Phase

Testing is essential to ensure the platform is working properly without any vulnerabilities. Our testers conduct various testing types to ensure the platform is flawless and bug-free.


Once you approve the application, we launch it across platforms like Play Store and Apple Store. Also, we ensure it is compatible across various devices such as iOS, Android, or the Web.

Post-Launch Support

We are not done after the launch of your platform. We will be with you 24/7 with our maintenance and support services. We keep upgrading your platform with the latest market trends and technologies.

Hire The Best OnlyFans- Like Platform Development Company

At Suffescom, our team offers a seamless solution for developing your OnlyFans-like platform with metaverse and blockchain capabilities. We customize the application as per your needs, requirements, and budget.

Hire - The Best Web3 OnlyFans Platform Development Company

OnlyFans is a popular platform, with creators earning $100,000 per month on average. With the advancement in technology, OnlyFans in the metaverse offers creators a platform to create avatars and interact with their fans in a virtual world. Also, sell their art or content as an NFT or digital asset to their fans. In contrast, fans can buy these digital assets and earn rewards or sell them to other fans across different marketplaces.

Grab the opportunity and build your own OnlyFans-like platform in the metaverse with web3 and blockchain-aided security. For that, Suffescom - a web3 development company, is here to help you out. We can launch fully customized Web3 OnlyFans that match perfectly with your business idea and requirements.

As such platforms need extra security measures and privacy, we use blockchain and web3 technologies to ensure that the content of the creators and fans is secure. Also, they have full ownership of their content.

We have experience in creating an NFT marketplace for OnlyFans and can build your OnlyFans metaverse platform with the latest features, tools, technologies, and functionalities. With our OnlyFans Clone, we help businesses to develop a similar platform in a matter of minutes.

Get a fully functional OnlyFans-like metaverse application by working with us. Get in touch with our web3 consulting services today.

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