White label TrustSwap Launchpad | Providing DeFi Solutions With TrustSwap Clone Script

White label TrustSwap Launchpad | Providing DeFi Solutions With TrustSwap Clone Script

By Suffescom Solutions

July 04, 2022

White label TrustSwap Launchpad | Providing DeFi Solutions With TrustSwap Clone Script

Furnish your business with secure transactions, customized handling, and low transaction fees with our TrustSwap Clone script. TrustSwap clone app development offers the business a secure, customizable transaction with a minimal fee to help users to exchange money with ease and reliability. Suffescom's TrustSwap clone script provides simple, fast, and cheap Crypto Swaps and Escrow services. In addition, the TrustSwap clone is giving rewards such as long-term staking pools and hourly staking returns.

Launch A DeFi Protocol App Like TrustSwap

TrustSwap clone platform allows users to perform simple and speedy crypto transactions. TrustSwap is the most desirable DeFi protocol amongst other protocols available in the crypto world providing all kinds of DeFi development services. Moreover, with TrustSwap, investors can swap ERC-20 tokens with anyone worldwide with low escrow fees. TrustSwap facilitates users with multiple services like yield farming and staking with no role of intermediaries.

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TrustSwap Clone Script: Assorted DeFi Ecosystem


Top-rated NFTs can be made, purchased, and traded with unique drops from well-known musicians and celebrities.

For Token Holders (B2C)

Early access to DeFi startups, SWAP stakes for prizes, and secure transactions using our escrow services.

For Business (B2B)

Free creation of pre-audited tokens. To increase your credibility with investors, lock liquidity and vest tokens.

The Bitcoin App

The Crypto App powered by the TrustSwap clone allows you to purchase, trade, and track your preferred cryptocurrency on any mobile device.

Create a Secure and Reliable Platform with TrustSwap Clone Script

We offer trustSwap clone script to help you create a secure and reliable platform for your token swapping needs. Our script ensures the safety and confidentiality of your transactions, making it the perfect solution for any decentralized finance business.

Trade & Track Cryptos With An App Like TrustSwap


Investors can easily build a custom list and can monitor unique coins from more than 100 exchanges.


The widget section on the home screen allows investors to personalize the market summary and other notifications.

Push Notifications

Get the market edge and all other important updates by activating alerts for quick push notifications.

News Updates

Investors can filter their news and other searches by personalizing filters and updates in the news feeds.

Launchpad Pillars Of Our White-label TrustSwap Clone Script

Token Creation

Users can use the token generation feature on a TrustSwap clone platform. Further, they are not required to make any investment in coding.

Liquidity Lock

Founders and early team members can lock liquidity with ease through the liquidity lock mechanism. Users can click the Token Lock button on the platform that resembles Trustswap.


It is usually very difficult to launch a new token on the blockchain. TrustSwap clone has mint, a token-generating solution to easily launch a new token without any experience or technical knowledge.


Investors can easily buy SWAP tokens on a TrustSwap clone by clicking the "Buy Swap" button. They can link their MetaMask wallet to other platforms like Uniswap, 1Inch, and QuickSwap to purchase cryptocurrency assets.

Liquidity Locks

The liquidity lock feature prevents various scam schemes by locking the liquidity tokens that are presented when people stake their tokens for liquidity enhancement. It is an essential feature as it provides the necessary liquidity.

Multiple Wallet Support

By connecting their crypto wallets, investors may conveniently manage their money. They have access to options like MetaMask, Conflux, and Coinbase Wallet.

Updated Graphs

Institutional and retail investors can use the analytical area to make the best judgments. They can choose the platform and view further information regarding the annual percentage yield.

Token Parameters

Custom token parameters can be created by businesses by selecting the SmartSwap option. After selecting the currency they want to exchange with, they can do this.

Trade NFTs

Users can easily buy crypto collectibles on a platform that is a copy of TrustSwap. Furthermore, they get the benefits of trading P2P ERC-20 tokens, trading discounts, fewer gas fees, and staking rewards.

Alerts & Notifications

Users are informed in real-time when various developments occur in the market. They can tap the Notifications panel to access data on cryptocurrency pricing, market capitalization, and other topics.

Token List

Currently, there are more than 16k crypto exchanges operating worldwide. Investors can also keep track of how many coins perform over time and create a list of digital assets.

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Staking $SWAP On TrustSwap Clone Platform

Crypto holders can earn returns and confirm new transactions by committing digital tokens to a blockchain network through the staking method. Crypto holders can earn a passive income with this method in our app like TrustSwap. With crypto staking, the investors can validate new transaction blocks by Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies.

With the flexible APY by Swap token, investors can use 80% of fees on white-label TrustSwap as staking rewards. This attracts stakers to the TrustSwap clone ecosystem.

Typically, launchpad services operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, with bots filling open whitelist slots. This means that a lot of participants are excluded because they didn't line up at a certain time or because they didn't pay enough for gas fees to be among the fastest responders.

With guaranteed allocation, stakers can have the benefit to participate in DeFi projects as an early participant, before listing the token on crypto exchanges. After vesting ends, each launchpad project conducts a so-called SwapDrop in which top stakeholders receive tokens. The total sum represents a portion of the total supplies for the project.

  • Hold the Swap token in your wallet. Follow any way to buy $SWAP. There is only an ERC20 version for launchpad staking currently.
  • Stakes must hold $ETH in the wallet. A staking transaction fee is required.
  • Use metamask to connect your wallet on the TrustSwap clone platform by navigating to the staking portal.
  • Complete the steps and confirm the process by signing your wallet transaction.

TrustSwap Clone: The Future of Decentralized Finance

TrustSwap clone script is the future of decentralized finance. We offer this cutting-edge technology to help you build a secure and reliable platform for your token swapping needs, ensuring the success of your DeFi business.

Swaps & Escrow Service: TrustSwap Clone P2P Crypto Swapping Solution

The Swaps & Escrow service in TrustSwap clone app development allows anyone to swap tokens without a third party involvement. This P2P crypto exchange solution enables users to trade any ERC-20 token with anyone worldwide. As all the tokens are locked, both the trading parties need to complete their agreement to withdraw or trade any token.

  • Connect your Metamask-like wallet and navigate to Swaps & Escrow. Click Start.
  • Select the tokens you want to buy or sell. This service supports all ERC-20 tokens.
  • Click continue after entering the recipient's ETH address and a token amount for the parties.
  • Use your wallet to sign the transaction. Token swap will be executed after the parties sign the transaction with their wallet.

TrustSwap Clone’s Swapping Use Case

  1. Carl and Maria decided to trade #SWAP and ETH tokens against a fixed price.
  2. Carl used a web3 wallet like Metamask to sign in to the Swaps & Escrow service.
  3. Carl enters the token swap information at a given price after logging in with Metamask and exchanging his SWAP tokens for ETH tokens. He first inputs the token and amounts to send, and then he enters the recipient's token and amount.
  4. Carl inputs the payment information.
  5. By logging in and accepting the terms of the swap, Maria commits to exchanging her ETH tokens for Carl's SWAP tokens at the specified price that Carl has set.
  6. Both parties agree to the swap agreement that they will accept the transaction at the specified rate and the swap is carried out via a smart contract. There are no middlemen like banks, attorneys, or exchangers!

White label TrustSwap Wallets For Staking

A reliable crypto wallet is used to store Swap tokens safely. It is necessary to find the best wallet option, as many wallets support this token.


This wallet is a reliable browser extension that facilitates users to manage their tokens more efficiently. MetaMask supports all Ethereum blockchain coins. It is a hot wallet that is used for temporary storage.


It is a popular and secure hot wallet that allows users to store their tokens. YOu can also swap your tokens efficiently with the Coinbase Exchange. You can find this wallet as an app for IOS and Android.


It is the safest option with cold crypto characteristics. This supports over 1k tokens and around 100 cryptos. It is more accessible in terms of price as compared to other cold wallets. You can store private keys in complete privacy as it is not connected to the Internet.

TrustSwap Clone Services: Providing Robust Solutions For The Businesses

Crypto Subscriptions

TrustSwap clone provides a reliable way for retailers to accept crypto payments for any subscriptions offered directly through the user's website.

Wrapping as a Service

This service provides interoperability with other blockchain networks in a crypto ecosystem to wrap any crypto token onto the Ethereum network. This helps businesses accept non-ERC20 crypto payments using less time, money, and development resources.

Escrow services

This service removes the need for third parties and saves a lot of money as a fee to confirm capital payments investing in crypto firms. TrustSwap clone's Escrow service reduces the time required for transaction confirmation.

Tokensale Launchpad

These launches provide a great success to the TrustSwap clone with DeFi tokens that help to gain the necessary exposure. It provides many smart contract solutions and a 'Gold Standard' for a new token.

Launch Your Own TrustSwap Clone With Us and Rule the DeFi World

Transform your DeFi business with our trustSwap clone script and stay ahead of the competition. Our advanced technology ensures the security and reliability of your platform, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Suffescom Solutions - Providing Robust TrustSwap Clone Solutions

Suffescom Solutions, a DeFi development company, provides a provide clone development services to have your own DeFi exchange protocol with all the features and services. You can customize all TrustSwap clone features and smart contracts based on your business needs.

Technical Advisory

We offer expertise and technical help to communities and organizations, as well as keep them informed about planned offerings.

Market Surveillance

We provide market monitoring and continual market surveillance. We also keep an eye on analytics and market structure.

Adoption on a Large Scale

We have a talented team of developers and designers who are all focused on the same goal during the development process.

Ecosystem Expansion

We provide the increasing ecosystem with innovations that enterprises need to diversify their market strategy.

Supported by the Community

We offer community-backed solutions via influencers and marketing partners to assist our clients' projects reach investors.

Centric Influencer

We offer solutions based on a tokenized and influencer-centric ecosystem, allowing influencers to connect with a new audience.

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What is a TrustSwap Clone?

TrustSwap clone offers Defi solutions with a convenient digital currency transaction with low fees and no third-party involvement. The main goal is to have to facilitate crypto transactions between business owners and the users using DeFi Solutions

How Does The TrustSwap Clone Launchpad Work?

This project is to launch new crypto projects on Ethereum, binance, etc. The White-label TrustSwap project allows crypto stakers to stake SWAP tokens. Digital currency evaluation is done before adding to the platform to provide project reliability and security to all the stakers.

Which Cryptocurrencies TrustSwap Clone Support?

TrustSwap clone supports cryptocurrencies that can be traded on Ethereum as ERC-20 tokens. Its goal is to support many cryptocurrencies that are not on Ethereum.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop App like TrustSwap Crypto Launchpad?

The TrustSwap-like app development cost is approx. $25000

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