Polkastarter Clone | Launch Your Decentralized IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter

Polkastarter Clone | Launch Your Decentralized IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter

By Suffescom Solutions

July 05, 2022

Polkastarter Clone | Launch Your Decentralized IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter

Are you keeping your eyes on booming technologies? Yes, then you would be aware of modern fundraising platforms, too, that are reshaping the entire economy. These platforms are grasping major users' attention, especially those investing in cryptocurrency through IDO launchpads.

In the world of IDO Launchpads, Polkastarter is taking special space by giving early access to the ideas of tomorrow. A cross-chain network-based platform provides funds to 109 unique ideas from 35423 unique participants and raised $48.7M capital (actual data at the time of writing).

Suffescom Solutions is a tech leader in developing a diverse range of blockchain technology projects. We have developed metaverse-like technologies, Play to Earn Development Platforms, NFT marketplace, and many decentralized platforms. To empower budding entrepreneurs, we have formed a body of business technical advisors that guides you all the way. We also offered special rewards for startups to support their business.

Are you curious to explore more about the crypto-verse-based platform? If yes, then getting along with IDO launchpad Polkastarter Clone will be a worthy choice. We tried to enlighten all the components of a website & App like Polkastarter. And you can venture into similar platforms easily.

What is a Polkastarter Clone?

Just like Polkastarter, the Polkastarter clone is a crowdfunding platform built on the foundation of Polkadot Blockchain technology. A ready-to-build platform is exclusively designed to encounter emerging entrepreneurs’ needs. A budget-friendly option implanted with advanced features and functionalities. The friction-free platform offers robust transaction speed and an option of choosing any blockchain technology.

Polkastarter clone Script provides a solution to entrepreneurs who are not willing to build a website or app like Polkastarter from scratch. A fully blockchain-abetted platform builds users’ trust and your brand value in the market. Want to explore more about the platform? Keep scrolling.

Find out your reasons, if unable to get an answer, click here to connect with our experts.

Build Your Own Decentralized Fundraising Platform Like Polkastarter

Create a DEX platform that can empower upcoming crypto-based projects with our Polkastarter Clone now.Talk to our team of blockchain experts and start building a IDO launchpad to uplift brilliant ideas.

Benefits of Choosing Polkastarter Clone

There are numerous compelling reasons for choosing the Polkastarter clone. Here, we have highlighted a few:

Quick Trading

A robust platform enables faster transaction completion speed with a reduced costing option. It leads to buying tokens at minimum cost.


The platform only allows verified tokens to trade on the platform. That builds users’ and project managers' trust in the platform.


A decentralized platform like Polkastarter clone is a cost-effective approach to conducting transactions successfully.

Immediate Liquidity

One can transfer funds from a crypto wallet to token or vice versa with a few taps only. Therefore an immediate fund-raising platform is highly appreciated by users.

A Fair Trade

Polkastarter clone offers a complete fair trading option for users where everyone gets an equal chance of buying and investing tokens without FIFS (First-in-first-serve) options.

Polkastarter Clone App Development: Various Categories Of Fund Raising

Polkastarter Clone App or website not only offers limited options to list on the platform. But the project owners can list various trending options to raise funds. Some of them are:


You can launch your platform for crowd fundraising, where project owners approach with the intention of raising funds for their new projects. Interested investors buy tokens in exchange for crypto and help businesses to raise funds. The process helps more businesses to raise and share profits among users.


Over-the-counter, commonly abbreviated as OTC platform to provide security for crypto exchange. The platform is highly used for financial platforms that involve stock, equities, debt, and more instruments. These platforms are traded on OTC crypto exchange platforms that drive value.

White-listing- White-listing projects are a super amazing thing in the crypto world that helps users to enjoy upcoming projects at discounted prices. Applying the project on the white list, users will be eligible to participate in liking-based projects.

Several Categories Of Projects Listing on Polkastarter clone

To boost your platform sales and users’ expectations, you can list projects under various categories:


The category will define the top trending projects on the platform with other growth rates. It helps users to make wise decisions and invest in your platform.

Recently Added

Recently added categories define fresh listed projects on the platform. It enables users to keep updated with new additions, so they don’t miss a chance to invest in any token.


To enlighten the spark of users in your platform, you can set up upcoming project lists.

Most Viewed

Highly seen content can be categorized in different segments to inform users about which content is in high search by users.


The projects with the highest token can be indexed below in this category.


The minimum price project can be easy to detect by users if these will be categories in the lowest cost category.

Launch Your Crypto Startup With Polkastarter Clone App Development

Our Polkastarter Clone App Development Services enable you to build a decentralized fundraising platform that leverages blockchain for enhanced security and transparency. Talk to our experts to get a comprehensive solution for your Polkastarter Clone App Development needs.

Features Of Our White Label Polkastarter Platform


You can list all the projects on the platform with complete detailed information such as description (including the product, problem, business model, market, investors, team, and other details), a token sold out, Contract Metrics, etc.

Multi-wallet Feature

Install multi wallet features on your platform and get the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of customers and project owners. You can also check our customized crypto-wallet development services to design your desired platform.

KYC Feature

Interested users who want to participate in trading or fundraising activities have to register with the platform by submitting all the essential proofs. Once the platform approves KYC verification, users can easily proceed with the platform.

Cross Chain Swapping

The platform is crafted with the interoperable ability that benefits users to trade in desired blockchain technology and contribute more.

Governance Model

The IDO Launchpad platform Polkastarter clone allows native token holders to vote in the platform and focus on the development and upgradation of the platform.

Anti-Scam Feature

Blockchain-based technology transfers end-to-end data with the ability of blocks that ensure no cyber criminals attack the platform.

Permissionless Listing

DEX-based platform Polkastarter offers permissionless listing that enables users to list and trade any crypto-related project on the platform.

Toggle between mode

Similar to the Polkastarter platform, the Polkastarter clone also provides an option to enjoy two modes in one place. Users can easily switch between darker or lighter modes that enhance users’ experience and your platform choice.


Polastarter clones serve users with quick to create auctions and raise capital for their projects instantly. Project owners can list their business and use either private or public auctions on the platform.

Project Updates

As listed above, users can find quick details about project updates on the platform, and users can check new, coming soon, and expired projects information on the platform.

Our Road Map To Build Your Polkastarter Clone

After understanding all the prominent features of the platform, now it's time to understand the roadmap to build your Polkastarter clone app and website.


Adequate planning is the foundation for any successful project. Same as the Polkastarter clone IDO launchpad. You must be prepared with what you want to see on your platform. It could be related to features, functionalities, or even your business goal.

We advise you to feel free while consulting with our experts.

White Paper Creation

Once we grab your business idea, our next step is to create a white paper creation where our experts lay a wireframe for your project. You will see how your White label Polkastarter clone will look. You can ask for changes or suggest new recommendations for your dream project.

Design And Development Stage

The design and development stage involves features and functionalities. Our experts divide these segments into two parts such as front-end Polkastarter like app development, defining users’ first-hand experience, and back-end development which involves programming for the functionality of the platform. You can choose the various technologies that you plan to seek in your platform.

Token Development

IDO launchpad development is incomplete without token development. As it is a crucial segment of your platform development and enables investors and project owners to share a common platform for buying and selling tokens. Some entrepreneurs choose custom token development services, whereas others choose to go with already available token standards. Think about your business requirement and discuss it with our blockchain experts.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contract development is a significant part of the development process and platform. The predefined codes in the platform define the rules once these are fulfilled, the platform will process the transactions. Therefore, our developers pay special attention to writing codes in blockchain technology for your platform. We also welcome your suggestion to update or amend any element.

Marketing Solution

We not only provide Polkastarter Clone App Development solution, but we also provide marketing services to our clients.

Listing Process

To enable a smooth listing process on your platform, our development team helps clients to find how they can list their native tokens on other platforms and raise funds from there.

Product Launch

Once you're done with the product development process, the next step is to launch your platform in the market and obtain business opportunities.

Fill out our form right now, and you can enjoy one month of free marketing services. You can find more attractive options by consulting with our professionals.

Blockchain Technologies Used To Build Polkastarter Clone Script

Polastarter is developed on Polkadot blockchain technology and runs on various cross-blockchain technologies for trade functionalities. Project owners have the option to choose desired technology offering faster transaction speed at discounted prices. Here we have listed some blockchain technologies, you can choose anyone to build or integrate Polkastarter clone script platform functionalities.


The most trustworthy technology since 2013 enables users to trade in cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a mature ecosystem for supporting and writing smart contracts. Currently, the technology is supporting prominent NFT marketplaces.

Binance Smart Chain or BNB

The robust platform is designed to fulfill finance transaction needs at increased speed but at a low cost.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is known as a well-renowned blockchain technology that offers great functionality and the fastest transaction speed of 65,000 per second. The technology offers multichain architecture for better scalability.


A tool designed to improve the security and speed of a platform. The platform also supports smart contract models such as accounts, unsent transactions, and more. Choosing it lets you enjoy features related to consensus algorithms, additional privacy options, and operational improvements.


A great competitor to Ethereum, named Solana, is known to process around 50,000 to 65,000 transactions every second. Therefore, developers consider it a most scalable application that saves cost and time.

Choose Suffescom For A Polkastarter Like IDO Platform Development

It's time to develop your own decentralized IDO Launchpad Like Polkastarter! Our developers will help you in building a Decentralized IDO Launchpad that enables efficient transaction of multi-chain tokens.

Why Choose Suffescom Solutions for Polkastarter Clone App Development?

We are leading the blockchain and crypto industry with our innovative solutions. Our blockchain industry passionate team is ready to take the initiative to develop complex projects with the ability of advanced technology. This is why we can deliver 2D, 3D, AR, VR, and other technologies projects.

Master Of Blockchain Technologies

Our experts have extensive industry and technology knowledge. We use updated tools to design and build platforms that can lead the cutting edge technology.

100% Platform Security

Launching the White label Polastarter clone with us will enjoy high-end features framed with 100% data and platform security.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

We develop multi-chain IDO launchpad to fulfill different transactions successfully. Your users will get the opportunity to look for their desired chain based on speed, fees, and other factors.

Meticulous Testing Process

We have a separate team for quality testing that ensures 100% secure and bug-free solutions. Our team leaves no loophole in your project that can invite malware or cyber-criminals attacks.

Long Time Support

Suffescom Solutions provides long-term support to its clients. We provide maintenance and update services to our clients.

If you have something else to discuss, do not hesitate to schedule a call with our experts.

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